Secrets Kept

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I just remember seeing her and thinking that I couldn't tell her that I loved her... She was my best friend and this could ruin it

Submitted: February 05, 2017

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Submitted: February 05, 2017



Looking at her Hoping she didn't notice me Hoping she didnt see the emotions I had hidden, locked away some place no one could retrieve She sighed and kept swaying her hair from side to side I bit back the words I wanted to ask I held up a mask that read "I'm your friend..." No one could no my inner lust full disgust I had to conceal it Pretending to not feel it My knuckles white, my lips dry from wetting them, I could not say the words But my eyes wandered down and suddenly I had to stop myself Don't look there, I thought Before I could stop it I was examining her body fully with my gaze But she did not give my glances of guilt even a second thought She kept talking to me and believed I was hanging onto every word As she undressed by her bed Never suspecting her friend was peeping at her curves, longing to taste her breasts and getting all worked up at the thought of a kiss Passion... Sin... It was forbidden I kept my thoughts inside and felt my panties soaking This girl I had grown with and known was now my crush and I couldn't even confide it because she wouldn't accept these tinged butterflies Whirring around between my thighs Enough I said And I gave only a single note to her and walked away silently I didn't wait for reactions or taunting I just kept walking and dreaming of her body so close with mine making friction and sounds and loving her tenderly then violently her body to me was not insignificant... It was where I found her beauty and my love for her ran wild But to avoid the embarrassing things I had needed and wanted for so long I walked on and walked alone

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