Isolated Together

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
Horror Romance. Rated M.
Leah knows the rules for success as a vampire hunter. Live as a ghost beyond the reaches of human society and maintain laser focus on her targets. Never let a vampire get in her head and weaken her discipline.

Despite her training she finds herself drawn to the master of the coven she's pursuing. The master, also struggling to adhere to the rules, returns her affection. Their forbidden attraction leads to trouble from both her agency and his coven.

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Submitted: February 17, 2017

How it all started... Read Chapter


Submitted: February 05, 2017

I spent over a year hunting Coven Forty-Eight and I was farther away from my mission objective than I thought possible. It was all my own... Read Chapter


Submitted: February 05, 2017

I lay crushed against glass and measured all the angles I'd need to cover to win against the vampires. They circled me and the blood leak... Read Chapter


Submitted: February 09, 2017

The cavalry arrives. Read Chapter


Submitted: February 22, 2017

The agency's revealed they know about Leah's relationship with Coven Forty-Eight's vampire master. Read Chapter


Submitted: March 04, 2017

I cleared the doorway quickly and moved to the side of the hut, glancing back to make sure Marcus hadn't barreled after me to make things right. I waited, but there was no sign of him. All around my own hut were other identical huts which confirmed that I was in some kind of resort, most likely a quarantine center. I shielded my eyes with my hand and peered into the distance.

Ahead lay scattered patches of palm trees and beyond the trees was a stretch of perfect white sand. Rolling in the distance was a clear blue sea stretching from east to west along the horizon. Not a cloud in the sky and by the height of the sun I knew it was an hour or two past noon. Through the trees I saw a gathering of people frolicking on the beach as if nothing was wrong with our world. The frown deepened on my face. I took one final glance behind me and walked toward them, bracing for the harsh reactions I was sure to get.

The sand was silky like the bed sheets as it cushioned my tentative steps. The group stopped interacting when I entered the fray and spread apart, watching me as I made my way to a lone figure standing down by the shore. My grip on the lamp post tightened. I heard an inaudible comment from my left and an animal-like hiss from my right. The hunters were sizing up a new opponent and this time the target was me.

I kept my head high and placed one foot in front of the other, focusing on the one thing still important to me after my fall from grace. David.

A dark-skinned woman cradling a color-striped inflatable ball under her arm walked through my path ahead of me, a woman I'd thought of in friendly terms before today. She met my gaze with her own simmering missive of hate and smacked the ball toward my head. I ducked, and it hurtled over me instead. I stumbled and looked back at her, still walking, and she cupped her hands over her mouth to amplify her taunt.

"Dead bitch walking!"

Breathe in. Breathe out. Focus on the old man by the sea.

He wasn't surprised to see me and didn't bother to look when I approached his side. I watched the waves roll in and out, and the sparkle of the sunlight dancing on the crests of the water before me. When he spoke he sounded strained, as if he'd been stressed for a long time in a way that was dangerous for his age. He rested his hands on the head of his cane and seemed unperturbed by the heat despite wearing his black agency uniform.

"I saved your life," he rattled, pausing to clear a heavy cough. "Again."

I nodded. "And I appreciate it, Bones. You always take good care of me."

"I don't mean the cleanup. I don't mean your wounds." The therapist sighed and adjusted his dark glasses. "You've been marked as a liability and you know what that means."

"Liability?" I hurried from his side to his front, cool water splashing around my ankles as I braced the lamp post in front of me like it could help after that announcement. "I'm not a liability. I can hunt. I'm better than ever!"

"You were compromised."

"He was going to help us capture his coven!"

"Was he?" Bones lowered his face to look at her over his frames. "How do you know that?"

"He said--"

"He said."

"You don't understand. The way he looked at me when we met--"

"The way he spoke to you. The way he understood you. The way he made you feel like you were the only one in the world that ever meant anything to him." Bones voice blended with the roar of the ocean behind me. "Page 218, Section 12, Bullets 3-6. You had perfect scores in that segment, Leah. Really. This whole situation must be embarrassing for you."

I swallowed hard. It sounded so textbook when he spoke. I almost felt foolish. The way I felt was as real as the palm trees and the summer breeze. I was sure of it.

I was sure.

"He killed his own follower to save me. He showed you where Forty-Eight was hiding."

"Thank God we prepared for an ambush, because that's exactly what we found. We lost five C-levels and two B-levels that day. He was probably preparing for it since the first time you invited him over. Killing his own follower to maintain his ruse...sick, even for a vampire. Ruthless."

An ambush. I rested my hand on my belly, nauseous. A rumble of discomfort left me lightheaded. The word echoed in my mind. Ambush.

The way David detached from me after I asked him to turn on his tribe...I assumed he was upset in a human way but maybe I'd confirmed his suspicions on my motives.

I was an idiot. I let a vampire get in my head. I broke the first rule a hunter must swear to before they're supplied with a stake. David, a cunning man with knowledge built over countless human lifespans, had been two steps ahead of me the entire time. I waved to him gleefully as he maneuvered around my actions and I wished him luck in my demise. The love I thought I felt was a textbook ruse.

"You're not going to let them erase me, are you?" I said.

There it was, a kick of self-preservation. The hunter in me wanted to get back to work, to forget the drama from my silly desire for romance. David, a vampire coven master, wasn't there now. If I didn't look at his face then it might be possible to forget. As long as I never saw him again then maybe things could go back to normal. I was wrong for encouraging our connection. I was wrong for letting my weak heart affect the needs of the agency.

"The admiral wants you gone. He said you're the most dangerous type of victim to try and rehabilitate. Your interactions with the master and your defense of him to the bitter end are signs that you'll relapse and betray us. You won't be able to help yourself"

I grit my teeth again, making another show of control. "I am a hunter," I said. "Period."

"I hoped you'd say that."

"I never want to lay eyes on that bloodsucker again."

A smile crept on the old man's face and he looked up, shielding his eyes behind his dark lenses. "That's why I fought for you. I knew you'd never leave us. There's only one task you have to complete to rejoin the ranks. Full honors, full status. Everything you've built given back to you."

The gathering of S-Levels behind Bones lined up along the beach, watching us from a distance. Marcus had joined them now and I could see the dark shadows of his ink marks from where I stood. The hunters were ready to strike in case I gave Bones the wrong answer.

The back of my neck prickled as I put together the logic of the agency with the views of my colleagues. Marcus insinuated that David wasn't dead, not yet. But after an ambush there was little chance they'd trust anything David said. He was expendable, just like me.

"What's the task?"

I asked the question even though I already knew the answer.

"Terminate the master of Coven Forty-Eight and free yourself from the master's influence. Break his spell over you. You'll be our shining star like before."

My arm dropped to my side and the lamp post dangled from my grip. The ocean rippled behind me and the sun gleamed in the clear sky overhead, warming my loose hair and my bare shoulders. The sand was silk between my toes, the water lapped at my thirsty skin. A paradise by all accounts except mine.

I squinted against the light and peered over the head of the therapist who'd saved my life. The hunters, my colleagues, the stars of our agency, watched me like an enemy instead of one of their own. Read Chapter


Submitted: March 04, 2017

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Submitted: March 31, 2017

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