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Why some people are so attracted to crime and bad boys? Americans and Hong Kong crime comedy, drama and thriller on the big screen promoted the villains. They are feared as much as they fascinate the public. Bruce will tell you how it's like being a criminal in real life.

Submitted: February 05, 2017

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Submitted: February 05, 2017



Why some people are so attracted to crime and bad boys? Americans and Hong Kong crime comedy, drama and thriller on the big screen promoted the villains. They are feared as much as they fascinate the public. Being straight is boring, the bad boys never are. Movies give them fame and legitimacy, and it sometimes put them on the same level as heroes, which can be confusing and dangerous. When your sense of good and wrong is not clear, it may influence negatively an individual's actions.

Bruce was "The Last Boy Scout" to turn into a criminal after watching the movie "Pulp Fiction". "Bandits" have always fascinated him, but it took many crime movies to make him choose the wrong road. He saw himself as a "Grand Champion", and his distorted self-image was a real problem. He was so proud to consider himself as a Billy The Kid, an Al Capone, or a Pulp Fiction character, that he didn't even realize he was hurting society. He was so proud of himself for being the "Last Man Standing", when the police arrested all the members of his gang, except him, during an operation well-planned. There were "Four Rooms" in the house his gang was hiding in, but Bruce was blessed with "The Sixth Sense" and escaped in "The Fifth Element". The police never managed to find him despite looking "The Whole Nine Yards" around the block. He was just too much for the police, he was "Unbreakable". From now on he would be the "Alpha Dog" of the new gang he'd form, and living always "Over the Hedge".

As a criminal he liked to "Live Free or Die Hard", which meant he would rather die like Pablo Escobar, than spending the rest of his life behind bars. He did not like "The Cold Light of Day", he preferred the "Color of Night", the best moment to commit a crime. He was ambitious and wanted to form a "Moonrise Kingdom" just like the former Medellín Cartel, to become the new Escobar. For now, he was called "The Prince" by the members of his gang.

He had been a "Marauder" for years before joining his first gang. And there he got his "First Kill" in "Sin City" during a shooting with a rival gang over territory. "The Bombing" of the headquarter of the rival gang had to be put at his credit. As he likes to say, it was a "Good Day to Die Hard". He called gang war "Fire with Fire", and when the police was involved, "Water with Fire". But it went too far when he was accused of the "Assassination of a High School President" who was about to give him away to the police for drug trafficking.

The "Fast Food Nation", Bruce's country, is at war with terrorism. Since Cali and Medellín cartels were put away, the drug war ended temporarily. But like terrorism its fluid organization structure make it hard to eliminate for the authorities.

"The First Deadly Sin" is the crime that make you a full gang member. It's the initiation crime, and once you've passed it, you'll last cause you are bad and strong enough, and ready for a life of crimes. Bruce was ready to "Die Hard", even worst, he was ready to "Die Hard with a Vengeance". He had killed "12 Monkeys" (rival gang members) on his first year in the gang, that's quite a feat. "That's Adequate" for someone who ambitioned to become a gang leader. If you want to figure out the hierarchy in a gang you have to "Look Who's Talking" and then "Look Who's Talking Too". The boss talks, the members listen and execute the orders.

"The Jackal", Bruce first boss taught him to be always ahead of the police and rival gangs by a "Stricking Distance". Exactly like Pablo Escobar who tricked the police so many times, and was finally caught for calling his son with his cell phone for too long. Being too emotional is a weakness that proved to be the downfall for the most successful criminal of modern times. TV series and movies about his life will keep his legacy alive and promote him. Or when the movie industry is part of promoting the crime for its craving of money making. There might be a few steps more to consider them "morally suspicious" and lacking of ethics, knowing how much TV and movies influence people minds and actions. Money making has no ethic at all in the movie industry, and that's a truth people will not stop watching on their screens (big and small). What's Bruce opinion on the question?

"If you think anyone goes out and commits crimes because of some daffy film they've seen, then I question your judgment."

Criminals feed on these crime movies and series. Some are so realistic, it's like a tutorial. And they would promote what serve their interests at anytime, Bruce is no exception.

When he became a gang leader, Bruce had its own philosophy of the crime, and would taught his members about it.

"They look right. And you move left."

It's the best way to escape the police. And when they look left, you move right, obviously.

"You can't undo the past... but you can certainly not repeat it."

He would tell it to members who felt bad about their mistakes. In their world (Sin City), committing a big mistake could jeopardize the security of the whole gang. So Bruce made clear he didn't want gang members who hesitated and doubted. Shoot or escape before thinking and feeling fear when needed, would give the best chance to survive and stay away from jail.

"No one predicts the future. No one tries to."

Especially not in their world, as you don't even know if you'll be alive tomorrow.

"So, goodnight Bruce. If someday you want to change career and remain a star, ask the other Bruce (Springsteen) to show you how to turn your rifle into a guitar."

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