Forget The Map

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

Lenny and Heather are off on a road trip but things aren't going quite as planned.

Forget The Map


You said, ‘Forget the map’. Remember?” Heather was getting fed up with listening to Lenny’s voice. He had done nothing but complain constantly for the last couple of hours.


I know I said to forget it, but honestly Heather, I never thought you’d take that seriously. Who ever heard of going on a road trip without a map!”


Now just you hang on, Lenny! Don’t you try to blame this mess on me!.” Heather paused, took a deep breath. “I’m not the one who took the wrong turning and carried on driving instead of admitting I’d made a mistake. I’m not the one who wouldn’t make a u-turn.”


Yeah, yeah, yeah,” Lenny muttered.


The camper carried on through the desert. There was nothing to see but road, sand, sky, sand, and more sand. It was hot. A dry, windless heat that even open windows did little to alleviate. There was a sign in the distance. A yellow sign with a strange black face-like image painted on it.


I’ve never seen that one before,” Heather said. It was nice to have something different to talk about, even if only for a moment.


Nah, can’t say I have either. We’ll have to look it up when we get back.” Lenny was frowning at the dashboard, chewing at his lip. “Did you check the gas like I asked you to, Heather?”


Of course! The tank was full to the top.” Heather tried to see what Lenny was frowning at but from where she sat the instrument panel was out of view. “Is something wrong?”


The camper sputtered, juddered, than came to a grinding halt. Lenny turned the key, the engine coughed a couple of times but nothing more than that. He scowled towards Heather then climbed out of the door and lifted the bonnet.


Heather sat there, trying to ignore the curses that were coming from in front of the vehicle. She jumped when there was a loud bang.


Shift over and try the ignition, Heather. Just make sure it’s out of gear, okay!”


Don’t tempt me,” Heather muttered under her breath as she shuffled over into the driver’s seat and turned the key. A tiny cough then silence. “It’s not working, Lenny,” she shouted, perhaps unnecessarily.


He slammed down the bonnet and stomped round towards the back of the camper. Heather couldn’t help noticing that he had got rather sunburnt, just from being outside for those few minutes.


Heather!” Lenny was shouting, sounding really mad. “Heather, get your sorry ass out here and explain this to me.”


Heather reluctantly opened the door, peered round hoping for a clue as to what she’d done wrong. The back door was open, shielding Lenny from view. She walked slowly towards the door and was shocked when a gas can hit her squarely on the shoulder.


Hey, Lenny! What the hell you do that for? That hurt.”


Hurt! Hurt!” Lenny was clearly seething. “I’ll tell you what will hurt! This....” and he pointed towards the five gas cans that were scattered on the road beside him. “You were supposed to check the gas!”


But I did check the gas, Lenny. The tank was full. To the top! So full I could not pump another drop in there.”


The tank might have been full but the spare cans, every single one of them, are empty. Because of you, you stupid bitch, we’re stuck, in the desert.”


Because of ME! I didn’t get us lost, Lenny. You managed to do that all on your own. You and your ‘forget the map’ attitude.” Heather could see that Lenny was angry but she was getting pretty mad too.


She didn’t expect him to lunge for her and was quite shocked when he grabbed her by the shoulders and started to shake her. Heather wasn’t sure how far he would go with his attack but a shadow in the sky made them both look up.


There was a large round disc floating above them. It made no sound and was dead still. The shadow it cast at least provided a momentary relief from the heat of the sun.


Suddenly there was a rushing sound, a flash of light, and Lenny was laying flat on his back about ten feet away from Heather. He looked stunned. His eyes went from the shape above them to Heather and back again. “How....?” he managed to stutter.


Heather couldn’t answer. She was almost as shocked as Lenny, but that was a shock that only increased when she found herself rapidly rising in the air, heading straight towards an opening in what had to be some kind of space craft.


Heather!” She could hear Lenny’s shouts. “Get back here, Heather! Don’t you dare leave me here.”


Even in her shock at finding herself aboard a space ship, Heather couldn’t help noticing that Lenny’s concerns were all for himself. She was standing in a curiously empty space, no seating, no visible instruments, just panels that flickered on the outer surfaces.


Heather moved closer to get a better look. Pictures of places, some she recognised, most she didn’t. But there! That was her town, surely! She leaned towards the picture, reached out her hand to touch it, and felt a very slight tremor. In a matter of seconds she found that she was drifting down through the sky to land on the ground. She blinked in disbelief. She was there.....the exact spot that the picture had been of. She was home.


Heather looked up into the sky. She thought she saw a vague shadow disappearing in the distance but she couldn’t be sure. It might just have been wishful thinking on her part.


Anyway, she was home and Lenny, it seemed, was still in the desert somewhere. She should send someone out to help him but without a map how could she know where to send them. Heather started to walk back home thinking how lucky it was that she had not taken much with her on the trip when a loud crash brought her up short.


Lenny, together with the camper, had been deposited on the ground, not far from where she had just been standing. Heather walked back, collected her bag, and without a word, walked off leaving Lenny dumbly staring up towards the sky.





Submitted: February 06, 2017

© Copyright 2021 hullabaloo22. All rights reserved.

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Mike S.

I've heard air travel is fast, but this is ridiculous, a fine story, Hully!

Mon, February 6th, 2017 10:41pm


Thank you, Mike!!

Mon, February 6th, 2017 2:43pm

Lionel Walfish


Your imagination knows no bounds..and so well written !

Tue, February 7th, 2017 2:03am


When I saw this picture, Lionel, I just had to do something with it. I'm glad you enjoyed it and thank you so much for commenting!

Tue, February 7th, 2017 8:49am

unmasked delusions

Haha, I like how she just walks off at the end. Funny. Awesome story that was fun to imagine. Road trips always make good stories :)

Tue, February 7th, 2017 2:04am


Thanks, unmasked! Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for taking the time to comment.

Tue, February 7th, 2017 8:49am

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