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Submitted: February 06, 2017

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Submitted: February 06, 2017



In the mist of the night,
The wolf is howling.
Its partner is gone;
His love is no more.

The echoing cry is heard by all,
All listening to its call.
Nothing can be changed now,
Nothing can be done to make it how it was before.
For some, its a threat no more,
For others, a grim goodbye,
To a friend, that won't come home anymore.

The cubs are young,
Their future unclear.
The lack of motherly love,
Will take its toll.
The father must carry on,
For the good of all;
But he is broken,
Willing no more.

A lifetime of memories is tormenting him, 
Sadness, sorrow, and a crushing loneliness,
Clinging to its very soul.
But then, a familiar voice is heard,
Telling him that its all gonna be okay.
"Things won't change if changes won't be made.
Live on! For me, for them, for you!
Cry of happiness, at this last sight of us,
As we now depart, but I'll be in your hearth,
Keeping you warm, in this cold world, that separated us."

The voice is calm, comforting;
He feels that she is still with him,
Locked inside, protected, from further harm.
Surging determination fills the air,
A spine-chilling howl,
Stronger than any other before,
Signals a new chapter, 
Their reign of dominion living on.


The pack is thriving,
Their power acknowledged.
At the core, an old soul,
That used love, 
To bind them all. 

"My purpose is achieved.
Now, you will wait no more;
Tonight my dear, I shall come,
And as of tomorrow, two shall be one, once more."

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