A letter to someone falling in love

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Submitted: February 06, 2017

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Submitted: February 06, 2017





Please love him extra hard. Do the cheesy things you see on TV even if you feel dumb. Grab his waist from behind to greet him, leave notes for him to find. Tell him how much and why you love him every single day.

Don’t let the little things bother you. He is so much more than the little things, than a long grumpy day at work, then something that made you mad and you took it out on him. Please don’t hurt him, always apologize when you mess up.

Hold him extra tight every chance you get. Kiss him before he leaves to go some place. Do this for me. Surprise him with tickets to see your favorite artist, cook him a nice meal, make him a scrapbook of all your favorite pictures together.

Do all this with no fear, no hesitation. Because once he leaves, you never can again. You miss him more than anyone. Once he leaves you can’t go back and change it. God knows you will want all the time in the world with him-but you can’t.

Leave him a sweet voicemail when you know he had a long day. Sit through his favorite movies, rub his back, let him be the small spoon.

Never let him go to bed upset. Please never hurt him. Please never hurt him. Please never hurt him. Never let his heart hurt anymore than it has to. Protect him. Trust in him.

Love him hard and never let him question that you do. I would do anything to get back to that place.

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