The end

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Giving up

Submitted: February 06, 2017

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Submitted: February 06, 2017



Blow after blow

Knocking me to the floor

"bitch, whore,slut"

As I ball up in fetal position

He's screaming out a lot more

"You'll never amount to anything"

"No one will ever love you like I do"

Still curled up, I felt the bottom of his shoe

His fist, his foot, but what did I do

At the end of it all, the last words I heard him say. "You should just do the world a

favor" as he threw the rope on the bed, I knew if this was life, he was right I was

better off dead.

Thinking to myself, is this the life that I want to live, is there another way out.

Told myself this is it.

If I stay my heart will continuously be broken, if I leave my heart will still be broken

and while I'm on a healing path, he'll be working on trying to get me back.

Telling me how he misses me and he promises to never hurt me again.

I'd fall for it.

It would be a cycle, one to never end, so i gave in, this it.

I stuck my neck in the rope and hung the other end from the closet pole as I kicked

the chair from under me I heard him scream "nooooooooooooooo!"


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