Without Love

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It's about how vital love is.

Submitted: February 07, 2017

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Submitted: February 07, 2017



Without love there’ll be no conception
Humanity’s doomed; procreation impaired
Moronic beings become repetition
Creatures and humans won’t be paired

Without love there’ll be no art; no music
There would be no poetry except morbidity
Colours would be bland; creativity basic
Intelligence wanes and out crops stupidity

Without love, selfishness will be supreme
There’ll be no charity, sacrifice; no security
Conceit, greed and evil will be extreme
Life would be malicious, colourless; in obscurity

Without love there’ll be no compassion
Meanness will preside and be overwhelming
We will be overcome by lust; no passion
And be lost in a sea of hate that’s damning

Without love the birds will cease to sing
All of nature would be tediously dreary
The peacocks would curl and not be enticing
There’ll be no eroticism; the world’s weary

Without love there’ll surely be no beauty
Forlorn and despondent; all would be doleful
There’ll be no anticipation; only calamity
Hope and faith will die; we’ll be woeful

Without love, we might as well be void
Relegated to a world of darkness
Into damp caves and we shan’t avoid
Infernal bound, no purity; only madness

Without love, there’ll be no continuity
Only reluctance, suspicion and obliteration
Deviation will take root; death to ingenuity
Perversity will take precedence in domination

Without love a pall of gloom will overshadow
And our very existence will be a gross mistake
Life can never be kind, purposeful and mellow
And only in morose deaths, we will accelerate

© Copyright 2018 J. Sam Barr. All rights reserved.

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