teenage mess and mercy

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lovely story of viola drains a messed up girl who destroyed a political party

Submitted: February 07, 2017

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Submitted: February 07, 2017



A new story in the Streets



Here is a story that most ladies won't foward ...I know gents will

Its not bad but its bad

Here is my story


My name is ...oh fuck it I'm ashamed to say my identity ....so let's get into my story, I'm 22 years old and my story started when I was 12

When I was 12 yrs I got addicted into porn and masterbation ..... I masterbated almost daily and I used almost every tool ...vibraters kitchen utensils fingers and all stuffs in our house that could be used as a penis...

Now since I've managed to quit it .....  recently last month I went to a local radio station to share my story ...i was told the radio was packed with programmes that day so they couldn't air my story live .... I was appointed a Dj to record my story so he did interview me a 30 minutes session and we wer done ... I was told my recording will be aired somewhere around 8 pm...


My story begins when I entered home @ around 8:15 from college .... I found my Parents and my smart minded young bro listening to my story on the radio ....they didn't know it was me but I was down and a lil bit ashamed and shy ..u know that look

Now there came a time when I said I could use cooking sticks to masterbate and my dad was like eew  if it was my child Id beat her to death

Next when I said I used to sniff my father's panties ..... My mom was like if it was my child I'd Disown her

Then the interview was over and the three of them started discussing my story ...I mean her story.....all of them where blaming me,i mean the girl on the radio as to she is evil , and should be arrested ...

I was convinced it was a good thing to come out and she didn't.... I mean I didn't deserve jail

So I tried to convince them by explaining my story though I tried to make it look like it wasn't me I'm jus trying to justify


As I spoke my mom said "child (name) u sound jus like that girl ur voice"

Then I spoke and spoke and spoke

Now I ve some phrases that I like using ....like the word -Listen ...Probably .... ....I use those words in most of my sentences ...I guess u see where I'm going .....my smart young bro noted that from the interview plus the voice sync ...so he said  ...."sis (name) that girl was really you isn't"

Now I was stuck ..... My dad was convinced ....my mom and bro totally convinced ..... Family z in confusion now

There was silence in the Lounge for a space of about 40 seconds 


Then my father broke in a harsh voice filled with anger "I will kill you Viola!!!"


Damn he jus said my name


Now ladies won't forward this coz they think u guys will say they wrote it .... I mean I'm using that as a cover too ....my story starts ryt there ...we are gonna have some fun .....


Did u want to learn something from that no no no

Something's are jus supposed to be told

Take it as a movie






I had a masterbation problem that after stopping I decided to go and share my story on radio

My parents listened to my story and somewhere somehow they discovered it was me

They got furious ......




 My father was so furious and he went on to punch me on the face 4 times before my mom stopped him, he really wanted to kill me ......out of fear I ran out of the house into the streets, then I started thinking of where I should go ....my bf was out of town I could ve gone there.


Owk don't blame me the bar was my only option .... Here I am..in the nearest night club and i took two shots of tequila, I'm not that kind of a drinker but that day I had to

Then I saw a familiar face approaching me ....ooh my gosh t was Max ...my bf's best frend

Max had come back from America wer he was duin his journalism studies now he was back and had signed up with a local News paper ....he told his whole story and I told him my Mess

That night he drank for fun and I drank to kill my sorrows

Suddenly it was in the morning... I wake up in a very comfortable room but it’s not mine, I've thisstrong headache

Owk where am I?? On the floor jus beside the bed there are 2 used condoms

Ooh shit Max ....seriously!! ...I just screwed my boyfriend's best friend ????

All he said was u loved it... then he gave me some advice to go home and apologise


I didn't realize this shit was getting this Big.....  My story had hit the streets..... The headlines read LOCAL DEVILISH GIRL CONFESSES HER EVIL MASTERBATION ACTS



????wow now I'm an outcast


Now the stressing thing was, just besides my headlines there where my Father's headlines killing the streets too

This story just got worst


Two regrets now pounding in ma mind

The confession

And the Sex


I'm a Messed up girl oooh Lord have Mercy .........



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