All I am Today

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When you wanted to gift this space something you love to do, let God give you all HIS angels as your guardians ultimate gift. May you offer this time for this blessing. :)

Submitted: February 07, 2017

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Submitted: February 07, 2017



In a journey that never ends in hatred,

Inside a heart where love finds shelther,

If this time speaks for your love,

If this heart seeks your care as gift,

For all I am made of,

You make me special in this blessing,

I seek you in my prayer for wisdom,

I follow you in my duty for knowledge,

I care you in my life for guidance,

All I am today,

Is because you loved my simple life so gifted,

In the deepest of all source in my days ahead,

If I open the book of secrets to read your name again,

Away without your light shining far beyond this universe,

All creation sublime the pursuit of happiness in a question unexplored,

You are the life in all forms of creation ever born here,

Yet you always safeguard this materialism for no gain you expect from us,

Unleasing your power in this spirit I am made of,

No fire can ever burn its soul refreshed without your kindness,

Yet I am delighted for all you have given me till now,

If life owes me something in this fortune I am gifted here,

My home submit all grace of heaven I am given here,

A request to support this loveliest space I live care within your hearts space for humbleness in my duty,

Reconnecting this get together in the days I spent here my time,

I may be a promise you have made this home with abundance of all loved grants life have offered us,

May be oneday I may sublime ultimate peace enlightened in this request,

If death brings me eternal consumption towards the final form I am made of,

Where there is no darkness ended in evils will,

Expect your obediance for an uncertain climate we may face like our guests here,

Make my insufficiency to seek your support may not fail in this innovation for our days here,

Today one source of all souls opened the book of secrets before us,

No knowledge melted in its entrance,

No faith ended in its pursuit,

No fire burned in its shadow,

Expect its entrance formed pillars of supreme knowledge,

A portrait of faith danced its ultimate pursuit,

No fire shaded its carnival for our last days here,

Where no soul destined this strength to find its source,

One day when History tell us this passage of our unknown steps here,

This story price a presence in this book of secrets formed in the salt of this Earth,

Long back when its field was ploughed in the avent of harvest,

Faith sowed many colours of forgiven blessing around every creation we are gifted here,

A soul got trapped here withheld in the strings of seasons for a climate of reasons,

Like a consultant God packed many stories as each page of this book was written alike in a difference,

Some say many resolution of this clock go back in time for a memo soughted for its call within,

Each person who formed the stretch of pasture crowded in the garage never went for the mechanist,

For God gave each of them few solutions but more choices,

Their change of habits made our future always unknown but certain in an event at end,

Yet even codes of this epic gave itself a remaking once in a simple grant for a hearts wish,

From this beginning I like your course of time not to form walls but bridge new halls around this space where call within arise for reconnecting us back to the last event,

Every time you close this book a moment ago before you fall on its pages wrapped in events of life,

Someone dispatches the last words of a night before you wake up in this dream again,

You may know all things in existence lead us towards new shores of open celebration,

Someone save this treasure to reunite a grace God has founded in this planet,

The foundations of this epic is living in midst of this supreme creation called life,

Here on Earth it started far away from the mirror of all its constituents,

From the birth of all sources we are heading a race in time again,

New challenges must be the fertilizers of this farming lands,

Let us know God gave us this factory to renovate a seed staged on a play we finally will be back with our creator in a new craft our carpenter owns,

A promise that the light came from a star away in a neverending space owned by the creator who always sings this tale we live as life on this planet,

May we know this gallery bring us happiness only if its shared,

May we know this gift bring us harvest only if we sowed,

For sharing this fruit may sustain a promise given for all its blessing,

Today this tree is our future generation,

We are the creators of this farmland,

How we nourish this sapling with care is our merit being human ?

How we flourish this duty with all in our making brings harvest ?

How we accumulate this story with humbleness in making a lifetime evergreen brings peace ?

For ultimate love is peace within,

For peace gifts us heaven within,

When you know the wage of this life you may celebrate with all this giving from God,

For a heaven of all upbringing shining from the scared space of this lifes holliness we worship as God,

In a new security may we need care as the ultimate love,

Being loved may wake up in this care for all creation,

Let us so humble why we are united for the ultimate need of humanity on Earth,

May this knowledge from the books of wisdom open us towards new gates for this love from our teacher,

In time again let God grant this simple wish for all my today makes dearest heart so sublime in peace within,

Where a mind free of prison may be awesome to enjoy a freedom life has lighted the beauty of all creation given birth here,

For one promise of the supreme foundation let angels gift you all gifts for all I am today here.

© Copyright 2018 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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