One Way To Go

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Surely the best writers have lived it....

Submitted: February 07, 2017

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Submitted: February 07, 2017








When you are feeling low

And heavy laden,

And you know not which way to go;

Then find good cheer and remain awaken,

For great news rests with you,

do know !


When we have not the funds

To even pay the rent,

When more month runs

passed your last copper cent;

Then look high,

A golden sun still shines!


When you once had it made,

But now the rains come every day,

When the summer sun cooks and bakes,

And seemingly always you find yourself without shade,

Keep plodding along because that’s what it takes!


When you give out,

And the end seems oh so near,

Then think of times with harvests stout,

And soon into better yields ye shall steer!


When your red hot lover

Leaves you ice cold,

And your kitchen cupboard

Is only filled with mold;

Then one is free to find another

And have exotic adventures untold.


When your mind is only filled with cares,

And your head has not a single hair,

And that mcmansion home has been foreclosed upon by the local bank,

when your last tooth has just came out with a heavy yank;

Then please realize that you now have nothing to fear,

Because when lying flat on rock bottom,

there is only one way in which to steer!








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