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Be scared, very scared!

Submitted: February 07, 2017

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Submitted: February 07, 2017



On CNN yesterday, was a report that Dump sent them a list of terrorist attacks that the media has either under-reported, of not reported at all. You've got to be joking, Dumper--every time there's even the hint of a terrorist attack, Anderson Cooper leads an all star band of reporters in pitching tents at the site, having meals flown in, not changing their underwear, and leaving personal hygiene at the door, all so the media coverage can continue round the clock, for days. My God, they beat a story into the ground. I've long complained about the unrelenting, unbearable downer media coverage, and for Dump to claim they just ignore a terrorist attack, is absolute bullshit.



What he's trying claiming is Nixonian in reverse, and on steroids. He's trying to create a paranoia among us great unwashed public dudes that what we see with our own eyes on T. V. cannot be trusted. Kelly-Ann Conway pointed to the 'Bowling Green Massacre' as proof that Dump's immigrant ban is needed. Only one problem, it never happened, she made it up, later claiming she 'misspoke'. Maybe where she comes from, an outright fabrication is misspeaking, so I'll give her a pass on that one, as I don't want to disparage La-La Land; I'm sure it's nice. She didn't 'misspeak, she knew that hardcore Dumpers' would see it, and believe it.


What I see happening here is not 'misspeaking,' it's a cynical attempt to create doubt and mistrust among us that the media can't be trusted. How stupid they must think we are, and there's some partial truth to that. To-the-bitter-end Dumpers' will believe it. Even if you supported him in the past, you've got to admit to at least a bit of trepidation now. This man is trying to destroy reality, and replace it with 'Dump-O-Vision'. We all should be quaking in our lounge slippers! 

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