What, No Leader?

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How would we feel about it if society became this in 800 years? Don't judge a book by its title.

Submitted: February 07, 2017

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Submitted: February 07, 2017



The setting:

A group of primarily young adults, 12 people in all, six males and six female to be exact, are being shown around what looks like a cultural museum. Their guide is pointing out certain facts and trying to keep the interest of everyone.

This is an odd situation because these young people are not from this time; they are from a time 800 years in the past. But the reason for them being in this time period and how they were transported are the basis for another story, a much longer story. --- Let's listen in...


"I am sorry, I do not understand the question," said the New Arrivals Guide, Shanna Windwillow.

"Races," replied Raymond, a teenage boy, "all I see is people with much the same color skin as me. Don't you have any black or white people here?"

Shanna replied, "My father is from the African continent and my mother is Hawaiian. However, society decided that race problems would continue on an illogical basis since people were of a visibly different color; so society made some genetic changes to remedy the situation. Now all the newborn children have a skin color and tone much like tours and mine, with very slight variations. In addition, the mixing of the races have pretty well taken care of many of the other differences, after all, it has been 800 years sense your time period."

"That statue over there, who is that supposed to be?" asked Tiffany, one younger member of the group.

"That is a representation of Samuel Golden, the founder of our society," Shanna said.

Chad, one older boy spoke up and asked, "Didn't some woman named Trendchent start this society?"

"Yes," Shanna replied, "Angelica Trenchant to be exact. She lead the movement that carried out Mr. Golden's ideas, she and her Centralist Party expanded those ideas to fit a society much larger than Mr. Golden had imagined."

"Well who was that guy outside the museum? I mean the statue at the entrance, the one on the horse," Sandy, another group member asked.

That was General Anton Montrachet. He led the Centralist Military through three wars, The Divisional War, The War of Three Continents, and The World Unification Wars. General Montrachet survived all three wars, despite being wounded twice.

Also, he was instrumental in setting up a system of military and police institutions. They are very closely integrated and they are still being run the way he established them. But the good general had nothing to do with the governing body, or its implementation."

So you only have the one political party, like a dictatorial system?" Raymond asked with a frown on his face.

Shanna smiled and replied, "We have the one, The Centralist Party, but within that Party there are six factions. To the right, there are four that advocates varying degrees of political and religious restraints and to the left, two that advocates varying degrees of personal freedoms. The struggle within the party is often intense, but because they are so fractured and none can hold a majority, they must reach compromises and join in alliances to create the party’s agendas. Other right and left wing factions are outlawed due to their threat to the sovereignty and to the peace of the world. The party's main purpose is to keep order and maintain peace."

Brian asked, "How do you vote in the leaders of each faction?"

"Vote? Oh my word, we don't vote," Shanna replied, then continued, "each of our populous rates themselves on social media about their beliefs within the Centralist system. This rating places them in one of the six platforms and tags them for service to that platform. Everyone has a civic duty to serve their platform, if chosen. Raffles are held every two years and those chosen donate their two years to furthering their platform's agendas. Society recognizes their duty so their full-time employment is temporarily filled until they return to their jobs."

Then Brian questioned, "Is there a president, a prime minister, or any head of state of any kind."

"Good question," Shanna replied, but the answer no. Because we have a one world order there is no need for costly dignitary meetings of any kind. Wars are non-existent and any decisions to be made at the highest levels are done by GOD."

"What, --- you mean the Almighty!" Sandy blurted out.

Shanna giggled a little and replied, "No not God, the Almighty. I mean the Governmental Operations Database, (GOD). It is a master Computer that pretty much runs everything at the top."

"Aren't you afraid that code writers and information programmers might corrupt it for their own advantage?" asked Harold, a rather studious looking young man.

Shanna laughed, ever so slightly, and replied, "No one has access to GOD, GOD is self reliant and gathers its own information; it sees and hears everything."


D. Thurmond / JEF  ---  02-05-2017


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