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I wasn't sure if my story should be considered horror or what. It is still too soon to tell. So pardon me if the genre I picked doesn't quite fit the story. haha. Later I will change it if needed. If you have any suggestions about this please let me know. Again, it is probably too soon to tell.

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Reflection

Submitted: May 07, 2017

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Submitted: May 07, 2017




Kailyn tossed and turned around in her bed. If she could count the times Karen groaned and kicked around in her sleep, she would. There were moments where Kailyn was ready to shove her off of the bed, but she tried her damnedest to resist the urge.

"Karen." Kailyn called out, trying to get her attention. There wasn't a response.

"Karen!" There was still no answer. This time she took her pillow and slammed it down hard on Karen's face. "KAREN!"

With a sudden jolt, Karen sat straight up in the bed, knocking the pillow onto the floor without noticing it. It didn't even faze her that Kailyn was yelling her name various times while struggling to get her to listen. Karen was sweating profusely down her forehead and neck. She quickly swung both of her legs over the edge of the bed and ran straight into the bathroom. Kailyn wrinkled her nose as she could hear her sister heaving and moaning into something, hopefully the toilet. She then sighed and flopped her head back onto her other pillow. Then closed her eyes and went back to sleep.

In the bathroom, Kailyn sat there in a collapsed position. Her head was both spinning and throbbing. Her fingers trembled and pushed the strands of her hair out of her face one by one. After relieving herself of the nausea, she slowly attempted to rise on her feet, her legs swaying back and forth like a baby beginning to stand for the first time. She used the edges of the sink to pull her own body weight up. In front of her was a recently washed cup that she would normally use for brushing her teeth. Karen grabbed the cup and forced it under the faucet to let it fill up with water. Three cups of water was nearly enough to energize her and bring her back to a normal state of coherence. She stared into the mirror and wiped away the remains of sweat on her forehead. Then dipped her hands into the running water and splashed her face multiple times. As she examined herself further, she could see that the dark circles under her eyes had grown more prominent from the previous day. Her pupils also looked a bit dilated and her entire face looked sickly and pale. She pulled down the bottom of her eye lids to make sure nothing else was wrong with her eyes before breathing a heavy sigh of relief. She slid the cup back into its original position at the side of the sink and grabbed her hair brush. 

The strands of her hair looked as though they had been ruffled to the point of making her look like a mental patient, she thought. Karen ran the brush through her hair to flatten the brown waves along the sides of her head and behind her ears. She couldn't help but think her pupils were becoming more dilated by the second. Once again she lifted her eyelids and peered closer into the mirror. It was then that the reflection of herself began to smile and slightly part, revealing those familiar fangs she had seen in previous nightmares. The hairbrush instantly dropped to the floor and Karen's body shot backwards from the shock of her own appearance moving separately from her own body. 

"It's time to wake up now." Said the girl in the mirror with a haughty laugh. Karen screamed at the top of her lungs, hopefully loud enough so that some one would rush in and tell her it was all her imagination. As she took a step back further, the hairbrush got caught under her foot. Before she knew it, her whole body slipped down onto its back with a loud thud, the back of her head crashing into the wall. The impact of the wall left her head feeling numb and her legs felt as though they were paralyzed. Her eyes shifted left and right, forgetting which way was the door.  As she struggled to drag herself along the floor with her weakened arms, she could still hear the voice in the mirror telling her to wake up. "Wake up..."

"Wake up!" she called again.

"Wake up!" The voice grew louder and Karen became more and more nervous. She quickly covered her eyes with both of her arms and wept into them. Powerless, on the floor and unable to escape. Crying was all she could do. 

"Wake up!" It continued to grow louder and more persistant by each call that echoed in the small room. "Wake up!" There was hot air beginning to blow into her ear and she could feel a finger brushing her hair back. Their touch was cold and quick. Her heart was pounding in her chest with each passing second. It was at this time that Karen realized the voice was right next to her. "Wake up!" As those same her cold fingers began to touch her skin, she immediately retaliated and shoved them so far that they tumbled right into the bathtub.

"Ow! What did you do that for?!" Kailyn screamed. Karen moved her arms out of her face and lifted her head up. Strangely it was as though she had never moved from her collapsed sitting position next to the toilet. Did she fall asleep there?

Kailyn emerged from the tub and rubbed her backside, wincing at the same time. "You always have the most retarded dreams, damn it. I need to pee. Hurry and get out!" she hissed and yanked Karen's body into an upward standing position. "Go!"

Without having the chance to utter a word or apology for pushing her, the bathroom door slammed shut in her face the second she was pushed out. Karen rubbed her damp, reddened eyes and made her way over to her bedside, still groggily from waking up. There, she sat down for a few moments to piece together what was real and what wasn't.



Kailyn raised her head to a ruffling sound in the supposedly empty school corridor.  It was already the end of ninth period and everyone had already gone home, except her that is. She decided to stay later that day to work on her homework since her sister was sick at home. That's right. Her sister took a sick day that day, so who else would be waiting for her outside the classroom? She got up out of her chair and peeked her head out, only to discover that there wasn't anyone there.

"Huh?" Kailyn turned her head left and right before turning to go back to her seat. Suddenly a figure appeared just inches from her face. She let out a sudden gasp from being startled but her shock quickly dissipated when she realized it was Adam.

"Where is Karen?" he asked, unconcerned that he had nearly spooked the wits out of her.

"W-when did you come in?" His question was clearly being ignored as Kailyn was still trying to figure out how she didn't see him. She also couldn't help but feel nervous around him. He was after all the guy she liked.

He scratched the back of his head and looked at her. "There are two doors to come in you know." He then pointed to the back of the room where the second double door entrance clearly stood out. "Was she sick today?" He continued, instantly switching the subject back to her sister.

 Is she all he cares about?

"Oh.. yeah." Kailyn felt a bit nervous and didn't notice that her hands were fidgeting back and forth in front of her until she accidentally ripped the edge of her notebook off. She bit her lip at her stupidity. Hopefully he didn't notice that, she thought.

Adam looked down at the notebook and smiled. His larger hands reached to take the notebook from her. 

Oh no, he did notice, didn't he?

He then lifted it up and his smile widened even further, revealing his bright white teeth. "I guess I ended up giving you your book after all. Sorry."

Kailyn blinked and quickly took her notebook back out of his grasp. "Ah.. so you knew it was me."

"Actually no. Not before. I knew she had a sister. but I didn't know she had a twin. I'm pretty new to the school you know. I never saw you girls in the same place either. Whenever I saw Karen or maybe it was whenever I saw you, I thought she was you or you were her." He leaned forward and stared deeply into her eyes as if examining her inner being. "Very interesting. I had no idea there were two."

Kailyn averted his gaze and hugged her notebook close to her chest. "How did you find out."

"When Rose said Karen wasn't here today. I thought something was up since I clearly did see her. But it was you." He said with a chuckle. Then, he leaned in closer and with a grin he continued, "It was also you who fell down that day, am I right?"

Kailyn's face turned red in embarrassment and she nodded in agreement.

"Just as I thought... I thought it was strange that Karen seemed to completely ignore me. Now it ALL makes sense."

"Ah? I thought she was your friend."

"Is that a question or an assumption?" He paused for a moment to rub the spot above his top lip. "Well," to be honest..." His hand dropped to his side. "She doesn't seem all that interested in being my friend. But I can be your friend." Kailyn watched as he leaned his body forward and raised his opposite hand to touch the wall behind her. Kailyn's back hit the wall as she felt cornered in. She could feel body try to slide down the more he inched in closer. Adam stared into her eyes intently and whispered something under his breath. For some reason, she couldn't quite make it out, but it felt as though it was directed towards her. 

The cheeks that were already rosy, began to turn even more red. She suddenly felt the need to quickly run over to her desk and pack up her things. Her body couched down just enough to duck under his raised arm. Adam's laughter could be heard from the door. "Well," he said, "I must go for now. I have some things to do. It's good to see your ankle is better."

Kailyn's heart skipped a beat when she heard him bring up the day they met on the stairs.

"See you later, okay?" There was a short pause before he finally added, "You should think about coming to that birthday party that Karen's friends are having for her Since it is your birthday, too. Think about it, okay?"

"Party." The word party echoed in the back of her mind like a, earphone had been wedged into her ear and wouldn't come out. She couldn't help but feel a little strange for a moment. What was this feeling? She couldn't explain it. Was something in the back of her mind telling her it was something she had to do?

"Party?" She asked again, but there was no response. Stuffing her books into her backpack took approximately five seconds, she thought. So. it didn't take her long to turn her body back around to see Adam off. However, without having the chance to respond with a quick farewell, Kailyn found herself suddenly alone in the empty room. She didn't hear the door close behind him, nor did she hear any footsteps of him leaving for that matter.

"He must be a Japanese ninja." She joked to herself under her breath. She turned the lights off to the classroom and headed to the back to slide her gym shoes into a small cubicle next to the two back entrance doors. Passing the doors, she noticed a large deadbolt lock attached to the door handles. Kailyn paused for a moment and gently yanked on the steel lock that wouldn't budge. 

He said he came in through this way, right?



At home, Karen was sitting at the table nibbling on a bowl of bland porridge that their mother had cooked up. She didn't look up at her sister as she arrived back home, but instead flatly said, "I'm sorry," between slurps.

"For what?" Kailyn gave her a puzzled look, then nodded her head as he remembered. "Ah, you mean for pushing me in the bathtub this morning."

"Sorry," She said again, this time with more sincerity. 

Kailyn just shrugged her shoulders and looked around the room. "Where's mom?"

"I think she went on her date with her new boyfriend. Mom made you dinner. It's on the counter." Just as Kailyn went to sit down at the table, Karen placed her spoon down and got up out of her chair.

"You went drinking last night. Is that why you were throwing up this morning?" Kailyn stated bluntly.

"Tell mom and your dead." Karen didn't look back and walked over to the sink to wash her bowl.

"I won't tell mom if you will help me-"

"What?" Karen raised her eyebrows and turned to Kailyn. Both of the girls gave each other disgusted looks.

Kailyn could have sworn she heard the word, "Party" escape her sister's lips. Being the antisocial that her sister was, this was really awkward coming from her. "Eh?" Kailyn dropped her bowl in the sink. "Did I hear you right?"

"Let's have a party together for our birthday."

"What? Are you kidding? I thought you didn't like hanging around my friends."

Kailyn cut straight to the point. "Your inviting Adam, right?"

"What happened to the shy and timid Kailyn? Everyone knows you're such a wuss around boys."

"I don't know why either," Kailyn bit her lip and looked down at her plate, "But for some reason Adam is different. I feel like I'm drawn to him or something. Is that weird?"

"Yeah, man... weird and creepy." Karen laughed at her own blunt statement.

Kailyn began to cut into her pork chop on her plate without returning any more responses. There was a long silence in the room. Karen rubbed her temples and let out a yawn. "I'll go to bed first. Don't put the TV on too loud." Kailyn just rolled her eyes and tried to focus on her dinner. Why did she want to go to the party anyway? She herself didn't even know the answer to her own question. After pondering that question for a while and unable to eat much, she looked up at the clock which hung on the wall just above the small antique kitchen cabinet. The time only read eight thirteen. 

She pulled out her smartphone and shifted though her inbox which read two marked unread notifications. She opened up the first message box which her mother had stated that she would be late to come home. The other unread message appeared under an unknown number.

"Eh?" Kailyn wondered if it was junk mail and clicked the message to open it up.

[ SMS: Unkown: Four days ]

"Four days?" 

  [ SMS: Unkown number: Four days

Kailyn: Who is this? ]  

 Maybe they have the wrong number.

 Kailyn tapped her fingers on the table in front of her as she waited for a response. It didn't take long at all.

  [ SMS: Unknown number: Four days

Kailyn: Who is this? 

Unknown number: An old friend. I missed you. :) ]  

"Why won't they say their name? I don't have any old friends."

That's right... I've only ever had Jenny as a friend.

  [ SMS: Unknown number: Four days

Kailyn: Who is this?

Unknown number: An old friend. I missed you. :)

Kailyn:  Wrong number. This is Kailyn.  ]  

After ending their short conversation, she turned off her phone and dropped it onto the table next to her untouched plate of pork chops. They were most likely cold from sitting out for so long. She had a craving for a nice ice coffee rather than having an appetite to eat solid foods. Wrapping up her supper only took a few minutes, so decided to head downstairs for something to drink at Dunkin' Donuts before her Thursday night soap opera would start on television.

It was unusually quiet for a Thursday night outside. Although they lived in the small town of Hillside, the main avenue would normally be bustling with cars, even after rush hour. Since different towns of Long Island seemed so cluttered together, the avenue was very convenient to travel on and off the Long Island Expressway. Dunkin' Donuts was just around the corner. She made her way across the parking lot and stepped onto the slippery curb just outside the front entrance. It must have just rained a little while ago, she the thought. Ironically, as she thought about the rain, her purse fumbled to the ground and she felt her body slipping. She is quite clumsy, isn't she? Her eyes were shut tight as she was prepared to land butt first on the pavement of the parking lot, but instead of doing just that, two strong hands suddenly appeared under both of her armpits and yanked her back up onto her own two feet.

"Woah!" Kailyn quickly caught her breath and turned to face her savior. A tall man who looked about her age stood there. His sharp blue eyes were surrounded by heavy black eyeliner and he had multiple cartilage piercing on one ear and an ear cuff on the other. Around his neck dangled a long chained necklace with a pendant holding red ink inside of it. The pendant hung over a black shirt with fishnet sleeves. Kailyn never saw such an interesting fashion sense before. He appeared to be quite tall, but it was hard to say because she could hardly make out what shoes he had on as his black and red baggy pants covered them. Next to him stood another man a little shorter than him, but perhaps twice their age. He looked as though he was somewhere in his forties. He had a bald head, long beard and had two noticeably large gauged earrings in both of his ears. Oddly enough, he also wore sunglasses even though it was already way past dusk. His attire was overall similar to the man who helped her up.

The tall stranger in front of her decided to break the silence by speaking first, "Well you look awfully familiar." He then grinned.

Kailyn tilted her head, wondering why she found his comment to be a bit strange. "Th-thanks for helping me up." Kailyn forced a smile on her face as the two of them looked at her up and down, looking a bit puzzled themselves. The tall stranger ran his long fingers through his jet black hair hanging down just slightly over the left side of his face.

"Well," Kailyn gave a nervous giggle and picked up her purse, "I will go inside now. Thanks again!"

She left the two men standing there and entered the store. They both waited for her disappear out of hearing distance. Then they looked at each other before the older man began to speak. "You were right. There's two of them." 

"This one appears to be a bit different. Perhaps weaker." The taller one says with a widening grin. He diverts his eyes back to the direction of the store and laughs under his breath. Why did he find the situation so amusing? Even he wondered.

"But I can smell the same thing from both of them. They are both what we were looking for. How is that possible?"

"I don't know..." The younger man scratched his head and reached for the pendant on his chest. "Somehow, there are two." As if he was talking to the pendant on his chest, he whispers softly into it so it can hear him. "What should I do?"



"Dude are you deaf? I said don't put the TV on too loud!" Karen huffed at the mid section of the stairs. The TV was blaring loudly from the living room, but Kailyn didn't answer. She marched down the stairs and entered the living room. There was a small snack table open next to the vacant sofa. "What the hell? Where is she?" On the table was a small plate of untouched oatmeal cookies, an empty coffee cup that looked like something from the dessert store and half a glass of milk. Not at all tired anymore, the reached down to shove one into her mouth and plopped down on the couch beside the small table. On the television screen was an episode of Tom and Jerry, but the light bulbs attached to the ceiling fan was beginning to irritate her. Although the living room lights were turned on, the room felt quite dim, much more than she had ever seen it before. Her body stood up to reach for the light switch, turning it off and then on again. There was no difference. Feeling defeated, she quit playing with the switch and returned to the sofa to sit down. After not finding much interest in cartoons, she searched around her for the remote. There was nothing on, in, around or under the sofa. "This is not my night," she muttered.

Once more, Karen stood up and began turning the channels of the television, manually clicking the buttons with her fingers. There were no real interesting shows on that night, so she decided to settle in for a movie on one of the premiere channels. It looked like an old classic horror movie, but still a movie she hadn't seen before. This really grabbed her interest. Karen returned to the couch once more and sat down, adjusting the pillow behind her. The scene began with a man talking with a woman inside a house. He offered her a drink, but she refused. Just then, he grabbed the glass from her hand and chugged it down before throwing it across the room. The woman was about to leave, but he quickly threw her onto the couch behind them and crawled on top of her. He then tore open the top part of her blouse began kissing her neck. There was a lot of kicking and yelling. As the woman struggled to break free from his grasp, he pinned her arms behind her head so that there was no chance of her to resist his advances. The man then took his chance and punctured her neck with two sharp fangs protruding from his mouth. As he sucked at her neck, the man's eyeballs rolled towards the camera. He lifted his lips away from her neck and he called the woman by the name Karen in a low, hushing tone. Why did it feel like he was talking to the audience rather than the woman on the couch? It didn't take longer than a few seconds for Karen to compare the movie to her nightmares. In that instant, Karen gasped and ran over to the television to shut it off, but she couldn't. Her hands shook as she reached back and forth, searching the sides and in back of the television for a plug. Unfortunately, it was all in vein because just as she did, the lights above her flicked off.

"No... no I'm dreaming again. This is just a dream." Karen covered her eyes and ran back to the couch to hold her pillow.  She wanted to bury her face in that pillow and never leave it. The loud screams of the woman in the movie fell short. Despite her reluctance, she couldn't resist the urge and slowly peered up at the television that was once blaring, but was now silent. The scene was no longer displaying a movie, but instead her own living room. "What the hell..." Karen's voice shook as she spoke softly to herself in the darkness. Her eyes continued to examine the television screen. Nothing was happening, so Karen slowly got up and approached the television to examine the scene of her living room. She appeared to be laying on the couch. How was this possible when clearly she was standing right in front of the television. She turned her head around to look at the couch once more. There she saw, in front of her very own eyes and in the darkness, her sister Kailyn deep in a slumber. 

"EH? It's not even me." Karen's eyes glanced back and forth and Kailyn and the television, unsure of what was really happening. "Where am I in the room? Why do I only see her?" She slowly stepped forward and inched her way closer to her sleeping sister. Kailyn began to shift on the couch and tilted her head more towards the side of the pillow for a more comfortable position, revealing a clear view of her neck. Something inside Karen made her feel queasy, but her body was stubbornly refusing to retreat. However, this feeling didn't last long. Not at all. A sudden rush began to fill her, leaving that queasiness behind. Between the smell of something sweet the closer she approached her sister and an unfamiliar thirst that emerged from within. She was becoming more and more confused. Karen suddenly felt the need to quench her thirst and drool began to seep out of the corners of her mouth . Quickly, she swallowed her saliva and quietly moved in closer. Her lips were practically brushing up against Kailyn's neck. Karen didn't know what was happening, but it was as if her body was in a trance like state. Like it was an animal instinct that she had finally began to release after so long. Her tight fists clasped onto the sides of the couch and she desperately tried to fight herself and move away. Her arms shook back and forth the more she tried to push herself up. Once more, her eyes drifted upward to look at the sleeping Kailyn . To her surprise, Kailyn's eyes were staring straight into hers. Karen's heart jumped and her body shot backwards, releasing her body from its trance in that moment. A smile formed on her sister's face and she began to giggle continuously.

"Good. You must be waking up soon." She said with amusement. Karen screamed and turned to run up the stairs. She didn't get far and found herself tripping on the leg to the snack table. The plate of cookies, coffee cup and glass of milk came tumbling down to a loud crash, snapping Karen out of whatever dream she was in. The lights switched on and her mother stared down at her two daughters. One was waking up from a slumber on on the couch and the other was laying on the floor next to a fallen snack table.  

Kailyn rubbed her eyes and let out a big yawn. "Was she sleep walking again?"

"Oh my god! Look at this mess... I don't care if she was sleep walking or not. Now I have to clean this up." She let out a sigh and began to lift the table back up onto it's feet. 

"Is everything okay in there?" called a deep male voice from the kitchen. It must be the man their mother brought home.

"Yes... It will just be a moment," she yelled back. She then wrinkled her eyebrows and gently motioned the girls to go up the stairs. "Get to bed girls, will ya? It's two in the morning."

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