Good kids

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This is a rap song I through together

Submitted: February 07, 2017

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Submitted: February 07, 2017



This is for the times we had fun and almost died to muh homeboys.

Yah yah we were poster children of being the good kids never partying even though from the bullies dont get me started on. I remember sipping on brisk wishing we could be on em's shit list. We didnt care about reputation just wanted to travel the nation being famous our sparkling names up in the lights of Las vegas. So we could be seen on the silver screen. Never to keen on being in last place.

Mom and dad didnt always like us, the older kids they wanted to fight us now look at these babys there shitting in diapers. Your darth vader we are blood sipping dripping vipers mud sticking windshield wiper. Good morning to roosters end the night with producers and writers. Bet your bottom dollar off these paper pages we are going to be famous.

Thank God for our tongues we whipped our words so fast we buzzed like bees and stung like bugs. Its a done deal when you put bubble gum in her pony tail. We were the worst students, the principal wanted to pull us cuss he didnt know what to do with us. Thats when the streets caught wind of us and decided to recruit us. We didnt know what we were doing just moving forward like a bowel movement. Secret meetings of grievences for our brothers who broke agreements with the wrong team mates. Before all the chaos and public opions we started with crayons and radios. Coloring blue skys and bobble heads representing our providence. Back packs and skinny shoulder blades grew into blood puddles and shiny colder blades. Life was all about skipping business staying busy spiked hair or frizzy Didnt matter as long as our quick liners got the girls dizzy.

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