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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
A fictional script following 2 families.

Submitted: February 07, 2017

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Submitted: February 07, 2017





Dr. Seth Wilcox- The eldest son of Daniel and Dr. Megan Wilcox a successful doctor married to Tara.


Cory Wilcox- The second of four boys, owns and operates The Wilcox Inn, Has been involved with Sydney Lawson since high school. Cory has always been shadowed by his older brother Seth and his younger brother Trey.


Trey Wilcox- The wild Wilcox son, Trey is in love with Ariel, his jealous streak and manipulation of others gets dangerous for himself and others.


Daniel Wilcox- The father of four boys, has recently been divorced after many years, pours himself into his work as CEO and editor of Balsam Fashions. Daniel’s family and the family name are very important to him.


Sydney Lawson- The high school sweetheart of Cory Wilcox, who has become restless in their relationship, employed by the Twin Mountain police, as a special agent. The Siblings heroine.


Tracy Lawson- The absent wife of Phillip and mother of Sydney, Matthew, Tara, Shawn, and Zack.


Tara Lawson Wilcox- The traditional soap opera vixen. The beautiful and temptress wife of Dr. Seth Wilcox. Two things are important to Tara, money and prestige, she’All do anything to get what she wants, and keep what she has. Owns and operates Tara Designs and Boutique.


  Shawn Lawson- The moral support of the Lawson family. Freshmen in college who is struggling with his life and falling in love.


Zackary Lawson- The younger brother of Matthew, Shawn, Tara, and Sydney. An honest and respectable young man.


Phillip Lawson- The tycoon who travels the world, and who has had little to do with raising his children, he now wants to be a part of their lives.


Samuel Garcia- A janitor at the hospital, who has been struggling with his addictions, bills, and society. He loves his family but doesn’t always know what is best.


Grace Garcia- Samuel’s wife of over 25 years, she has stuck with him through thick and thin. Grace is employed as the Wilcox maid and has created a close relationship with the family.

Ian Garcia- Son of Samuel and Grace. Ian hasn’t had the rich life of the Wilcox’s; but has gone along with the crowd. Confused and jealous of what life holds.


Devin Garcia- New detective for Twin Mountain police, put himself through police academy, and has caught the eye of many female residents.


Dr. Perry Garcia- The eldest son of Samuel and Grace, chief of staff at the local hospital.


Jillian Gaines- Single mother of two daughters, works at The Wilcox Inn as the dining room manager. Struggling to keep her daughters on the right track, she herself might fall off.


Ariel Gaines- Eldest daughter of Jill the homecoming queen and destined for an incredible future, some could ruin it for her if she isn’t careful.


Ashley Gaines- Ariel’s little sister and has always been in her sister’s shadow. Ashley has fallen into the wrong crowd.


Lisa Morris- A waitress at the Wilcox Inn, has an eye for Cory. When he finds out the truth watch out.


Kirby Morris- The sister of Lisa, former girlfriend of Zack.


Quincy Steele- A teacher at the local high school, who’s involved with her student Trey.


Dr. John Steele- Quincy’s husband a very dangerous man.



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