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Submitted: February 07, 2017

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Submitted: February 07, 2017



As I sat down at the desk with the book of history's in my hand, I realized that bump on the way here had done something. I had forgotten why what I was supposed to write. Ohh how mad she'll be . . , but who was "she"? I moaned in despair as I tried to remember. The book was a book of history, was I supposed to look something up, was I doing research? "Why am I here?" I said, and soon after a feeling of despair washed over me, I don't even remember my name.
"The book of history's" I said allowed as I looked at the cover "But this is only one book." Maybe, if I read the book I'll remember what happened and where I am, who I am, and who "she" is, and also why she seemed to matter so much.
I opened the book and looked at the first page, it read as follows, " To those lucky few who set eyes upon these pages, may they know all of the past, and to those a blessing of memory." 
Ohh the irony I thought as I flipped through the pages and found , about half way to the back, blank pages. On those I wrote all I could remember, in my own hand, and then went back and read from the seventh to last page. There I found a story of adventure and courage, cunning and grace, also sarcasm and thievery, a story fit for the book of history's, but as I got to the I saw it ended on a cliffhanger, she hit her head, but then what?! I thought as I flipped to the next page in horror, hoping with all hope to see more, all I saw were my words.
  Which fit perfectly into the story of that historical heroine. I felt proud of myself, yet sad that that person was gone, for I was no longer that heroic woman with grace and poise. I stood to leave, having completed my mission if not her's, for that girl was gone, gone into history.

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