Dark Wounds, Light Heals

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Can Hank save Gus from his past?

Submitted: February 07, 2017

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Submitted: February 07, 2017



Sleeping peacefully in his hotel bed, Hank never thought that he'd be awoken to the sound of two fists pounding on his door like a hammer pounds nails, each one louder than the last. A desperate voice, one that sounded like it had been crying, echoed through the wood of the door and sliced into his eardrums like the howls of a wolf.


Quickly, since it was like 2:30 at night and he needed sleep more than anything else, the captain sighed, slipped out of bed, placed his warm slippers on his feet, and hurried to the door, using his hotel key to unlock it.


There, with a red-tear stained, sad look on his face, tears still streaming down his cheeks, stood his rookie, 18-year-old American-born Dylan Larkin.


“Dyl? What's wrong?” Hank asked, grasping the rookie's shoulders in a grounding hold, lest he lose his balance and fall.


“G-gus...” Dylan's words were cut off by a choked sob and he buried his face into his hands, as if not wanting Hank to see his tears.


Hank drifted one hand upward to massage the nape of Dylan's neck as the other hand circled around Dylan's chin and tilted his head up so that their eyes could lock.


“What about Gus? Did he hurt you?”


Dylan sniffled and bit his lip, unsure of how to word it the right way.


“No, he didn't hurt me, exactly. He's not in his right state of mind, Captain, and I'm scared for him. He touched me in an area he shouldn't be touching but it didn't hurt. He just startled me a little bit. That's why I came to you cause I don't know what's wrong with him.”


Hank's forehead furrowed at his rookie's words. Gus touched Dylan? Why? For what reason? Dylan said he wasn't in his right state of mind but what did that mean?


Hugging the shaking forward close to his chest, he kissed into Dylan's curls and whispered, “I'll talk to him, sweetie. I promise he's going to be okay.”


Dylan sniffled again and pressed his face further into Hank's shirt for a minute, just to calm down, before he pulled away and walked into Hank's room.


“Can I--”


“Yes, honey, of course you can. You just stay here until I figure out what's wrong with our Swedish rookie, okay?”


Dylan nodded and ran to the bed, crying into the pillows as he collapsed on it.


Hank sighed softly, shook his head to clear it, and, closing the door behind him, trotted down the hallway to where Dylan and Gus slept. Nothing like this had ever happened before on the team, at least as long as he'd been here, but there was a first time for everything, wasn't there?


When he reached his destination, he stopped for a minute to take a few calming breaths, before pushing open the door and closing it behind him.


At first, he didn't see Gus, but after a moment, following the sound of loud whimpers, Hank spotted Gus curled up in a dark corner of the room, naked, knees up to his chest and eyes staring straight at Hank.




Hank started to walk towards the little Swede, but was stopped half-way in his journey by a soft, “Just a minute, Pappa. I'm almost ready.”


As he watched, horrified and sick to his stomach, Gus climbed up onto the bed, laid down on his back, and spread his legs to expose his private parts.


“Now I ready, Pappa.”


Hank saw the tears in Gus's eyes and his stomach dropped. He instantly knew how what had happened to Gus without Gus even saying a single word. He understand now why Gus had touched Dylan. The younger man had been abused...apparently by his father, but Hank couldn't be sure.


“Gus, I'm not Pappa. It's Hank, love. It's your captain.”


Gus tilted his head sideways at Hank and whimpered again.


“No, you're Pappa. You have to do it, Pappa. You said this would take place every night, Pappa. Remember?”


-Oh my lord, Gus, please stop this. You're breaking my heart- Hank thought, tears welling in his own eyes.


He carefully sat down on the bed next to the naked boy and gently tucked some hair behind the shell of his ear, trying to figure out how to get Gus out this...whatever world or state he was in. This wasn't good for Gus to be in there.


“Gus, it's Hank, honey. I'm not your Pappa. You don't have to do this anymore. He's not here.”


Gus's lips trembled as a single teardrop rolled down his cheek followed by several more, his face a look a fear or sadness, Hank couldn't be sure of.


“I'll get beat if I don't do this! Pappa always knows when I'm not his good boy.”


Hank turned his head away from Gus as bile rose up in this throat, sick at the abuse his linemate had been put through as a child. Goodness, how sick to you have to be to make a child so frightened that even as an adult, he's doing what he was taught for fear of getting beat? He hoped this bastard was in jail otherwise there would be hell to pay.


“Gus, honey, please come back to me. It's Hank. Your Pappa can't hurt you anymore.” He stroked some of the loose strands of hair off his face, hoping the gentle touch would bring his Gus back to him.


Gus's eyes turned back to their normal color, that pretty blue Hank loved, and he started to sob, his small body violently shaking, like a hurricane.




The captain had large tears welling in his eyes but that didn't stop him from cradling Gus against him and rocking him as his sobs turned into wails and he clung to Hank's shirt like a life-line.


“Shh, shh. It's okay, honey. I'm here. I'm here.”


Hank leaned down and pressed his lips softly against Gus's forehead, the kiss gentle as a whisper.


Gus whimpered softly, longing for that gentle touch, longing for love and affection, and pressed back into it, his eyes fluttering shut, some tears still leaking out of them.


“I'm sorry, Captain.”


“No, Gus. You don't need to be sorry at all. You weren't in your right state of mind. Dylan doesn't hate you and neither do I. I just hate whoever did this to you. You didn't deserve this and none of this is your fault, okay?”


“Yes, Hank. I-I...”


Hank shifted Gus farther into his arms and rocked him more.


“You what, honey?”


Gus played with Hank's shirt and sniffled, wondering how in the world to tell him about this abuse.


“I-I...my dad....he-h-he r-raped me over 21 times.”


Hank gasped and nearly dropped his charge on the floor. 21 times or more? What the hell was that? Why? WHY?!


“You're so strong, Gus. You're the strongest person I know. Don't ever be afraid to tell me anything, okay? I will make sure if that sick son of a bitch isn't in jail that he will be one day. I love you, my little Swede.”


Gus smiled shyly up at his mentor and leaned up to kiss his cheek.


“Thank you, Hank, for being here. I've never had anyone to be there for me like you have been when I was in this state so I'm forever grateful to you.”


Hank smiled back, albeit a slight one, and kissed Gus's forehead again.


“You're welcome, little one.”

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