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Submitted: February 07, 2017

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Submitted: February 07, 2017



Chapter 1- Our arrival and a loss



Its a few years after the war against Dolthmar. My crew and I were enroute to very odd pulsations we detected as we left geosyncronial orbit around Dolthmar. “I’ve tracked them to a laboratory on Centian 3” my sensor operator commented, “Proceed unarmed, lets’ scope it.”

Upon arrival, we discovered that a viral infection was released. “The squad I dispatched to search the laboratory, dropped dead “Where’s my sensor operator?!” “ He’s dead” My Lutienant remarked, “ I advise you to engage our tracers” Aiden remarked, then as they went to the shuttle bay,  The USS Smith was savagely attacked. “I might be able to shake it” I told the only crew member onboard, and I piloted the USS Smith onto Dolthmar. The enemy orbiter didn’t bother to pursue us, since it entered orbit around Dolthmar.

The orbiter wasn’t of anything you would see in this time period. Unlike the small fighter craft carried onboard cruisers, it was unmanned, and its primary means of attack were 2 canister firing cannons. The canisters that were fired appeared to contain a toxin of unknown origin. “Could it be orions vessel?” “Orion’s dead!” smith remarked, “Let’s find some shelter, or we’ll get infected” I remarked, as the sun began to sink low into the horizon.


WE came upon more survivors, former war criminals I captured a few years earlier during the 2 year peak of war against Dolthmar. “He’s close to being a dead man” The man, named Tibus, explained to me, as I drew my dagger. “Don’t kill me!” The other man yelled, I could tell he was in extreme pain, since every now and then he stared straight into my gaze. He sweated heavily, and ran a high fever. “Can you t” “I’ll have to put him out of misery” I explained, and closed my eyes. The blade of the knife pierced his chest with ease. Tibus rushed over to his companions’ side, and cradled the body. Smith and I knelt down on one knee in respect.

In the man’s coat pocket was a paper that had a poem written on it. “He studied Henry wadsorth Longfellow on his free time. John was a great commander, and a great friend.” Tibus paused for a moment, then, began to read the poem his friend had written: “As one who, walking in the twilight gloom,
Hears round about him voices as it darkens,
And seeing not the forms from which they come,
Pauses from time to time, and turns and hearkens;

So walking here in twilight, O my friends!
I hear your voices, softened by the distance,
and pause, and turn to listen, as each sends
His words of friendship, comfort, and assistance.

If any thought of mine, or sung or told,
Has ever given delight or consolation,
ye have repaid me back a thousand-fold,
by every friendly sign and salutation.

Thanks for the sympathies that ye have shown!
Thanks for each kindly word, each silent token,
that teaches me, when seeming most alone,
Friends are around us, though no word be spoken.

Kind messages, which pass from land to land;
Kind letters, that betray the heart's deep history,
in which we feel the pressure of a hand,--
One touch of fire,--and all the rest is mystery!

The pleasant books, that silently among
Our household treasures take familiar places,
And are to us as if a living tongue
Spice from the printed leaves or pictured faces!

Perhaps on earth I never shall behold,
with eye of sense, your outward form and semblance;
Therefore to me ye never will grow old,
But live forever young in my remembrance!

Never grow old, nor change, nor pass away!
Your gentle voices will flow on forever,
when life grows bare and tarnished with decay,
as through a leafless landscape flows a river.

Not chance of birth or place has made us friends,
being oftentimes of different tongues and nations,
but the endeavor for the selfsame ends,
with the same hopes, and fears, and aspirations.

Therefore I hope to join your seaside walk,
Saddened, and mostly silent, with emotion;
Not interrupting with intrusive talk
the grand, majestic symphonies of ocean.

Therefore I hope, as no unwelcome guest,
At your warm fireside, when the lamps are lighted,
To have my place reserved among the rest,
Nor stand as one unsought and uninvited!


  We dug a shallow hole in the ground, only large enough to place the body in, then I helped tibus’ comrade place the friend into the tomb. “In honor for his bravery, I commemorate this spot to a rear friend of mine” Tibus concluded, before we had to leave the spot.

Chapter 2- The discovery of Smiths’ Log

Our senses were now aware of the threat we each faced. “There’s a hanger not far from here” Tibus informed me as smith attempted to start the jeep we managed to locate, “Hopefully we can board one of the cruisers, and at least escape this planet.” “Good idea and our chance of success?” “Slim once we hit Lowell’s’ lake.” “Lowell’s’ Lake?” “Yeah, legend has it that the lake can only be crossed in a golden boat that will appear if you make it to the shore.” Tibus told me as he got in the turrets’ seat, in the rear of the jeep.

This vehicle was made on earth, and sent to Dolthmar. The dolthmarian army modified its propulsion system to run from a fusion reactor that was in the vehicles’ frame. The seats were solid metal, and only a roll cage protected smith and I, Tibus was completely exposed. It had 4 wheels, and only leaf springs to absorb any bumps.

We made good pace as smith sped down multiple city roads that took us to the northern mountains. The buildings seemed to look ominous, like death was hunting us. The sound of the crumbling pieces from the taller buildings broke the eerie silence, as the chunks of concrete tumbled to the ground. 

“Stop!!!” Tibus yelled, smith applied the brakes, and we skidded to a halt. “I found something, which might be extremely helpful.” smith began to get nervous as I got out of my seat. “These are reports” Tibus told me, and handed me the envelope. The papers inside were in perfect condition, so I sat down and read them:

Science log entry 1

Star date: Monday 8, February 90

Subject: Serum- X


Today I have formulated a theoretical serum that will possibly vastly enhance the species, homo Novus. My lead scientist remarked “You’re going down a deadly road,” I could tell if he was serious, and ignored his warning, like I always have. A few hours ago I completed its molecular compound assembly, and I have also procured a synthetic organism I was given to study from the discovery of an ancient vessel recently found by turner, who, at the time forbid me to do this. My intent is to create a life form so advanced; we would never lose another war ever again.


Log 2

Subject: Serum X

3 days later


Today I received from my security chief advisor that turner was coming to observe my progress, so knowing what he would do upon its discovery, I fled the complex, taking my equipment on my cruiser, my alternate location was Dolthmar, a lifeless rock, and upon my arrival, I was confronted by a sentinel cruiser. I was beamed onboard it, and after showing what I had already achieved, I convinced the sentinel leader to create a hidden sector around the Dolthmar planet, I was told 8 cruisers were going to be placed around the planet, and they were going to search for any of turners’ vessels. The agreement so far has been maintained, I am currently conducting the core of my research on the facility the sentinels have built me.


Log 3

This morning, I was awoke by the sound of one of the screams of the test subjects, the serum was injected the night before, and the subject, was placed into isolation so the effect could be measured, without contaminating the other 4 subjects. The chambers sensors displayed the vitals of the subject. Electrical cells were enhanced so greatly, it was making thousands of computations every nano second; I knew if turner were to find this serum, he’d destroy it. The sentinels’ leader now had gone to war over this issue with turner, in an effort to give me my access to Dolthmar. It’s been 6 hours since I took off from the research base in my fighter.


Log entry 4


The pods that contained the serum I began to drop on the rocky surface, the red gel, according to my first hand observations, began to expand, almost 1,000 times its size every second, only in a few hours was the planet encased, then the process of genesis of life occurred, at first, only plants appeared, then, droves of these advanced beings just spontaneously appeared. 5 days later, however the thought of their destruction became an idea that needed to be contemplated.


Log entry 5

These being I had created, became so advanced, they made an alliance with turner, and I was forced to flee from that planet, that’s how I ran into alexs’ vessel.


Log entry 6

Turner has hired me to work on a project he says can create superheroes, so I took up this deal, and began my research using the serums he’d stolen from other bases owned by his allies. Upon this, I knew that the day would come when Dolthmar would wage war on turner and Alex, so I created another serum, this time; I infused all the serums turner supplied, and my own serums. The results of my multiple trials on test subjects were very promising, increased neural and risen quantum activity resulting in the ability of mind control of objects. The subjects had to be induced with an extremely high amount of current to electrify the serum, once activated; the subjects were able to survive any creature not created by the same serum combination. I had no idea, when Turner entered my laboratory, and I was being confined on the highest crime you could commit, that serum would be used to create the very person that would defeat Dolthmar.


Science general Smith


 I approached smith, and demanded an answer. “I never realized this would happen!” he pleaded, I held up a nearby loaded pulse rifle, and prepared to end him. “Drop your weapon!” I heard a woman yell in the distance. She had long black wavy hair that swirled in the wind, and her voice was like that of an angels.

Obediently I dropped the rifle as she approached. “I’m Katilina, one of your crew members.” She remarked as she helped smith up. “I hear your headed to Lowell’s’ pond?” “Yes we are” I gruffly remarked, as we got back in our vehicle. “You’ll need allot more than what you currently have to survive that trip.” She told me,” Follow me; I will take you to a secret arsenal the Dolthmarian stockpiled before and during the war.” “How do I know you can be trusted?” I inquired her, menacingly staring into her brown eyes. “Trust me, if I wanted you dead, I would’ve killed you earlier.” She told me.

We followed her motorcycle down an alley that led to an expressway. The expressway seemed to be familiar. “Stop, Don’t go!” I yelled before blacking out. “Hold on, I may know where a medical place is at.” Smith remarked, and pushed the lever to the red zone. A small booster in the rear engaged, rocketing us past Katilina, who was taken by surprise.

Smith, with great skill drove the jeep at breakneck speed around numerous turns, and across city roads, while Tibus kept an eye out for Katilina.” Cool, it’s got a music system” smith remarked, and selected the song: Highway to hell. The loud speakers that were installed blared the song extremely loud, boosting both Tibus’s and smiths hopes.

Chapter 3- Smiths’ Laboratory

At 4:33pm, they entered the building garage. “Thank god you know what you’re doing.” Tinus remarked, as he lowered the metal door, closing off the only way into the garage. “What happened? Where am I?” I remarked, confused, as I awoke. “You must’ve had one heck of a flashback” Tibus told me, as they helped me up off the floor. “Welcome to my old laboratory” Smith exclaimed, then it struck Tibus.

“We can finally create a cure for the virus.” “Well, that might not work, since I only have one formula” Smith replied,” Why not?” “It would’ve possibly mutated, I don’t understand its workings.” He commented, as he accessed the file via, a holographic display located to his right.

“All that’s needed is a small amount of nurthum, and the synthesis will commence.” Smith remarked. I searched the room.

It was obviously sentinsal based; since it had all sentinel tech. a bed was in the center of the room, while 4 robotic arms were attached to the ceiling. This allowed for the extremely high healing rate, making Dolthmar a medically advanced place. In a corner of the room was a cabinet that gave off a blue light, which remained constant as I approached it.

“Alright, turn the knob right” smith ordered. I placed my left hand on the valves red handle, and turned it to the right. “Great, we’re out of juice” Smith remarked, as the power gauges displayed only 3% of Negron left to synthesize the antidote. “Warning, bioperimeter contamination present, emergency protocol engaged” We heard via the 5” ceiling mounted speakers.

Chapter 4- Go! Go! Go!


Outside, another event took place. A band of renegades that managed to survive the initial infection, hired 7 snipers out to terminate the creatures. The sounds of the rifles’ bullets impacting the creatures were easily heard once we drove out of the bases’ Garage.

“Go! Go1Go!” Tibus yelled, as he mowed down the hoard of advancing creatures utilizing the jeeps turret, while smith activated its booster. We quickly left the massive pile of dead lifeless bodies behind as we reached a speed of 688mph. smith, with his expert skill, navigated through the city streets. The jeep would only be supported on only 2 wheels during the evasive sharp turns, nearly throwing off Tibus at times.

Soon we found ourselves on the northern expressway. On this highway were abandoned cars, trucks, and other vehicles, while some sections were bobby trapped to explode once a hair thin laser beam was broken. We navigated the perilous roadway until we sped past the last of the towering skyscrapers that were a good 400 miles out from the cities center.

Chapter 5- The Carvines

 The grassy field was a calming sight as the evening sunset cast the last rays of sunlight out over the tall, waving blades of grass. The fresh country air alleviated our fears and we all took a good deep breath. “I believe we’re not far from our exit” Smith excitedly remarked, as he drove down the ramp labeled Lowell’s’ pond. The only road we encountered was a light dirt path that led into a dense fog. “Well, here goes nothing” Smith commented, and drove toward the mist at a moderate speed.  The night sky had claimed its domino over the entire planet, like a blanket that seemed to shield out any light. The jeep we all rode in was the only noise we heard. “It’s just too quiet, I don’t prefer it” I replied, and began to look at the available songs on the jeeps memory core. I came across a song written by an artist named Carrie Under wood and played the songs named: Two Black Caddilacs and Blown away.

The fog silently enveloped our vehicle, eventually growing so thick we were unable to see but only 7 inches ahead. The dirt beneath the 4 knobby tires crunched as we drove over rocks and pebbles. The mountains however were a hostile place to be. Their inhabitants were known as carvines, a savage intelligent race that turned on Dolthmar, resulting in their solitary banishment to the northern Lowell mountain range.

Suddenly, a snare trap brought our vehicle to a quick halt, sending all 3 of us on to the ground a good distance from it. The carvines closed in, destroying our vehicle, and tore Tibus to pieces, eating the chunks of flesh and bones with disgusting haste, blood lined their lips as their sharp teeth gripped and shredded his flesh and bones.

Chapter 6-  I’m A hero

Smith and I got lucky, since during their rush into the shadows of the mountains, we were struck hard by 2 of the creatures clubs as they ran, and we blacked out.

I awoke a few days later in a medical room. I had an IV in one arm, while a nurse changed out a cartridge in another machine to my right. The walls were painted a tan color, while a large window casted in the outside sunlight. “What happened?” I inquired the nurse. “Oh, you were struck in the rear of the head” she told me, but one look at her face revealed a dreaded statement. “I went to scratch my chest, feeling only 5 wires coming out from it.

“I’m afraid your days of combat are over” The doctor remarked, as he stared at his clipboard. “Well, what have you done?!” I loudly exclaimed. “I saved your life” remarked the doctor as he walked over to a monitor on the right hand machine, “WHAT DID YOU DO?” I yelled, now irritated at his arrogance, “I implanted an advanced pump that’ll provide ample blood flow, your heart was too heavily damaged. I also replaced your brain with the most sophisticated processor created, meaning; your thinking time is reduced to 2 seconds, which is impressively fast.” He explained, “This system I have implanted into your body also allows you to access any nearby computer, vehicle, and device. Now, I’d get some rest if I were you.” “What about Smith, is he alive?” “I’m afraid not, he died in surgery.” The doctor solemnly replied, before he left my room.

I lay in that bed, completely taken back at the losses I experienced so far. “Hey, how’s my hero doing?” Katilina remarked, as she entered my room. “Considering both of my former closest friends are now dead, I don’t know what to feel” I remarked, “You’ve got me still” she remarked, holding my hand. It was then that I realized her value to myself. “I will do everything in my power to ensure you remain safe and alive” I told her, and she bent over and kissed me on the lips.

I now relaxed, knowing that she loved me. The days of recovery sometimes seemed endless, while others showed improvement. Katilina gave me her full support, something my crew never took the time to do: I knew now what it felt like to love a person, and to be love. At 2:09am Monday, April 9, I returned to Duty, allowing Katilina to accompany me on the rest of the journey.  We drove through the various tunnels as we neared Lowell’s pond, ready for the challenge that awaited us.

© Copyright 2018 Alexander Tkacik. All rights reserved.

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