desperate measures

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Submitted: February 07, 2017

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Submitted: February 07, 2017




“We’ve got a confirmed unknown vessel approaching.” Tibus’s com. Operator replied, as Tibus’s vessel landed at an old military base located on an unknown planet. “Deploy troops and sweep the ruins, locate survivors.” Tibus ordered his Lut.commander, Walter.  Spelling and grammar “attention all personnel, report to your locations.” He announced over the cruisers intercom.  Immediately, the alarm sounded without alerting the crew.  The attacker ordered his ship to open fire on Tibus’s cruiser, one the attack got under way tie bits of the ship began to list to its left side, all that Iowans inside his ship began to slide around creating  A large mess, as it began to crash land on a strange new world.

Once they landed on that new planet they had no idea where they were up and began to spread out and search for water and food, Tibus, however, remained on the ship because he feared the night, due to a bad experience.  Once the crew came back with a location of water and food everyone was somewhat relieved and they began to have hope for rescue, but then that out of nowhere  terrible storm was brewing in the western sky and began to cause severe damage around the crash site.  Later that night, while his crew was sitting around the ship’s lord’s café table tie this bought up the subject of snatching the planet in groups due to the evidence of possible inhabitants, and they began to search the planet in every direction to search for the inhabitants.

Meanwhile, I and my crew were approaching the same planet when we received Tibus’s Cruisers distress beacons’ signal.  “I’m getting some strange readings from the crash site.” “How so?” “Well it appears that there are some more energy signatures coming from deep within the crash debris.” John, my sensor operator, replied as I stared at the sensor display screen, then it out of the blue, another strange vessel approached, this time it wasn’t a weaponized cruiser, “what’s the call letters of that ship?” I asked john, “I haven’t the slightest clue but I’ll be able to look it up on the ships on board database and hopefully there will be a match.” John replied, and began at entering the ship’s call letters into the databases search engine.

Then, all of a sudden, three shots of plasma fire were shocked at our ship and created severe damage to the cruisers computer, then a small boarding capsule attached to the damage side of the ship and a small boarding port E of six people boarded the craft, they appeared to be averaging in their late twenties Allie thirties, and began to fire ak-47s at every one that tried to suppress the fire, then to their leader made his way to the cruiser’s mainframes and mowed down all opposition that he met as he made his way down to that deck, as this was going on, I was helping the people on the bridge try to maintain the ship’s flight pattern because its main engines were at 50% functionality due to the extensive damage.  The 3 shots that were fired, struck the USS Smith in its three main power cores, the damage was so bad those areas was sealed completely off and the cores Were ejected and became unstable as they left the ship.  On top of this, my sensor operator detected a violent subspace disruption 200 km ahead, “Alex, we have time and immediately or will be Ripped apart, literally!” he told me, in a panicked tone of voice.  All around the ship was a cloud of dust that lingered over the left side with the three large gaping holes were located, the clipboard vessel lumbered its weight to the nearest planet and propelled itself into the atmosphere, as it entered the atmosphere I entered the bypassed code and engaged its air brakes and began to lower its air speed down to the safe minimum air speed required to land, and since its computer was damaged eight when it was unable to land itself so I also engaged in its Manual override and preparatory and it manually, then things got ugly.

As I as I prepared to land the U.S. says Smith of all three engines cut off unexpectedly without warning, this created a significant problem since all three of those engines produce the necessary force in the opposite direction and without those three main engines slowing down and surviving was next to impossible, but I had to do it or else we would plunge into the ground at 126,000,000 miles an hour.

I strapped myself into the captain’s trail, and let the two joysticks that had erected out of the chairs armrests, the ship began to buffet due to the immense amount of speed it was traveling and the bumpiness of the air currents as they flowed around the ship’s outer hull, everything inside began to shake one more violently the close so the ship got to the ground, so I pulled the joysticks up until the ship’s hud showed that it was level and began to extend the ship’s landing gear, by now be airspeed indicator had lowered away from the danger zone and began to become steady in the normal zone, Or so I thought, once I was able a safe to get the U.S. says some S. Rand India to make contact with the planet’s rocky surface I heard a loud shearing sound, then along started to go off in the bridge, a schematic of the ship showed red on the landing gear ports, which indicated that that it had sheared completely off.  This presented a challenge, since nobody had ever survived a landing at this speed and, these landings were very rare, I proceeded it and edged the crafts nose down first, but when the nosed touched the ground the whole craft shuttered backwards, so why the airspeed was slowly dropping but was still high enough to maintain flight IE raise the nose up and drop the bottom on the ground, this was enough to bring the cruiser to a halt, as the bottom was being drugged in the dirt I could see out the bridges glass windows and I could see a large frozen lake ahead, this presented a real hazard since we were going at a extremely fast speed and were about to hit ice.  I gave an announcement over the intercom in warned my crew to brace for possible impact as the cruises font end contacted the ice.  It was about 11 55 PM, according to the ships on board clock, when did we came to a halt against a stone wall. “is everyone alright?” IE announced over the ship’s intercom, which is still functional surprisingly after the crash, “we’re all in the ship’s safe room , we moved there when we crashed on the ice, we only have one casualty.” Tom replied, then that out of nowhere the ice began flying around in a cloud of dust, two figures approached, it appeared to be a man on horseback with a second horse beside his horse, “man up, we ain’t supposed to be here, was supposed to be heading towards the city.” I heard a voice reply, “just say and if everyone’s alive seen the crash from 20 miles, appeared pretty nasty.” A second voice told the first voice, as the figures approached I was able to make them out, unfortunately they were not at admirals of any kind, they wore a cowboy outfit, carried a revolver in a holster on the side of the hip, which was attached to their belts, which were leather.  The blend of their hats, but their eyes, so I’m honestly wasn’t able to make them out. “Who exactly are you guys?” I asked the two men, “That secret you don’t need to know, we’ve got a horse for you outside, you need to get away from this wreckage as soon as you can.” The first man told me, as he helped me up to my feet, the second man went to the relocation of my crew and told them that a transport was sent to pick them up, then made his way back out to is horse and upon its saddle. “Where exactly are you taking me?” I asked, since I had no idea who they were.  There was a low growl in the distance, “follow me, we’ve really need to get out of here!” the first man replied, and snap the reins on his horse.  15 minutes later we will all and a full gallop in the opposite direction of the wreckage, when two vehicles came down the cliff face, “we’re nearing an area known as ravens cavern.  Alex you go down the middle will take the ends.” The man told me, as we drew nearer to the three dark ominous caves.  We entered the 3 caves still at full gallop, when the two vehicles stopped following us, they both came to a dead stop and eight black sly and was released from the bottom of one of the vehicles, which was a tank, and that followed my horse at a rapid pace.  The second man nodded at the 1st man  and pulled out a large gun, designed to fire canisters, when the canisters were fired, they turned the black slime-like substance into a powder, about 3 hours later we made it out of the caverns and into a grassy field, we began to pull back on the horses reins and began to stop, we just got shy of plowing lighting tool all old man who was farming the fields.  The man appeared to be in his mid thirties, he was bald, and talked with a loud voice. “Do you have any where we could stay the night?” the first man asked the old farmer, “well, let me talk it over with Ethel, my wife.” The old farmer replied, and made his way back to the old farmhouse. “Honey, we’ve got some unexpected visitors.” “I hope that not those lawmen that have been trying to get our house and farm.” She retorted, angrily, “Now honey, they aren’t lawmen of any kind.” The farmer told his wife, “Sorry, she’s somewhat losing her mind, it’s not often that visitors come ‘round these parts, except for those darn bandits that try to kill my crop.” The farmer said a hint of anger in his voice.

This was perplexing, since, no one I knew of would waste time to take an old farmers crops. “Where’s the nearest law enforcement office?” “Cops are first left once you get into town.” The Farmer told me, “you’ve got any real,” “just the thing.” The farmer told me, and led me out side to his 2nd largest barn. The barn looked allitle rundown, paint was peeling off its wooden shingles, and some boards were falling off, but the barns inside was impeccably clean, “ I knew those keys what around here somewhere.” The old farmer, who was not actually perform a, replied. “If you’re an art form a then why are you living out here, I mean, what’s your whole goal?” I asked the old farmer. “Used to do your job, until we got raided by a bunch of bandits.  They slaughtered my entire crew, stole weapons out of the armory, and stole medical supplies.  After they did all that, my crew and I got in separate capsules and evacuated to different planets.  My capsule just happened to land on this planet, which at that time had a small colony on.  Things were new and I had to get used to living on the ground so I took up farming, I’ve been doing it ever since.” Space the old man told me, I was perplexed by his brief remark and began to question what he told me.

5 minutes later, the old man had found the keys and pulled the couple off of a brand new fighter.  The fighter was made of polished steel, the finest quality steel I might add, it had the highest grade canopy, made of a strong exotic clear material, in was overall in good condition, as far as the exterior.  The fighters’ small one person cockpit had a lead this seat, also the most expensive leather you that money could buy.  All of the displays were high quality as well of. “What’s this?” I asked the farmer, “ Oh, that’s nothing.” the farmer told me and reached into the fighters’ cockpit to retrieve the old photograph, but, I firmly gripped the farmers’ arm, “ someone special you lost?” I asked him, the farmer nodded, “actually I’m  a admiral, lost her when my cruiser got over run by Tritans soldiers , we were on his planet, when ,somehow his soldiers forced into the ships bridge, I tried to protect her,” when he said this he slowly balled his hands into fists, I could tell he wanted revenge, “ so, you want to also find Tritan?” “Yes, and make him pay.” The farmer told me, “ Then get in, I’m going back to my cruiser, the USS Smith.” , eargly the farmer went back to his house, put on a pair of kakis, and a striped golf shirt, then got in the fighters 2nd seat, and the clear canopy lowered. Once it sealed, the fighters’ engines , which were equipped with a auto- start feature, stated, once the fighters power level status read out showed 50% power, it launched, the small farm rapidly disappeared as the fighter rocketed toward space. 8 minutes later, we had gotten within range of the USS Smith. “This’s turner, identify.” I heard turner say over the fighter’s intercom speaker. “This is Alex, request landing clearance in bay 8.” there was a slight pause, “you’ve received clearance, commence landing sequence.” Turner replied, the fighters’ auto-pilot was disabled by the ships tractor beam, as the beam maneuvered the small 2 person fighter for its landing. The landing was the usual 20 seconds.

Once the fighter had landed, and the admiral and I got out of the cockpit, turner greeted us. “How’d you even survive?” he asked me, this was really confusing, “what do you mean?” “Well that planet’s infected with some super mutated virus, its origin, I regret to say we’re still looking.”, I grasped Turner by his uniform, and placed his back against the wall, “ now, I suggest you hurry up and find a cure for it.” I said, “ easy, I know your sensitive right now,” Turner told me, as we walked to the ships bridge, “ that’s why, out of my deep consideration, I’m relieving you of duty for 3 months.” He told me, “what?!, this isn’t a good time!, I swore to protect my crew, which I have, and your relieving me of duty!?”, only for a month, and if anything comes up, your back in command of your fleet.” He told me. I walked back to hanger 2, where my personal transport was stored, and took off from the USS Smith. I entered the coordinates to a biological research base. The flight to the base was a good 5-6 hours, when I arrived at the base, the sun was setting in the west, The bases commander came out, “Smith, long time.” “ Well , ever since I took up the offer to work here, it’s been 3 years, since my last command of my cruiser.” He told me as we walked into the base. “have you heard a,” we were doing research on it, when you came, our lead scientist, thinks he’s found a way to stop it.” “Good, we haven’t got much time.” I replied, as we entered the laboratory, “This’s doctor Schmitt.” Smith told me, the man was slightly chubby, same height as myself, fair skinned, “yes has turner displayed any symptoms of infection?” “He’s relieved me of duty for 3 months, then he left the bridge.” I told Schmitt, “Yep, he’s infected. The virus slowly re-alters the brain to the degree of cannibalistic behavior. I’ve managed to find one of the virus’s 398 DNA strands interesting; it contains the code that orders the virus to destroy itself, all I need to do now is synthesize the beam, and wave length.” “ Hold on, it’s sensitive to a certain wave?” I asked, “ yes, my research has shown the virus’s DNA, can be safely destroyed to the point, the virus is rendered as armless, and is destroyed by the body’s own immune system. The virus has to be struck with a series of 6-second 450 cycle pulses from the artificial gravity system.” “ How hard would it be to re-program the ships system with that wave type?”, Schmitt looked at me, dead in my eyes. “ You’re talking about a contact virus that can wipe a planets civilization out in 15 minutes.” He told me, “and UN fortunately, you’ll have to temporarily side with Tritan, who knows how to make you immune to all 400,987 strains of this virus.” He told me. “Give me the location of Tritans palace.” I replied to Schmitt, “I’m downloading his coordinates into the nav. System on your fighter.” Schmitt replied, and I returned to the bases hanger, my fighter was already prepared for flight, as I got in the cockpit, I remembered more of the attack. I pushed the flash backs into the back of my mind, and left the base behind.

I was reroute to Tritans’ palace when I saw the damage done by the virus, several planets were devoid of human life, according to my fighters sensors, I flew in complete silence, since Schmitt placed a rolling security code on the fighters positron computer, which only allowed access to Tritans fleet comm. Channel.

2 days later, I landed at Tritans palace, 2 guards rushed out on to the ceiling, and escorted me, once I got out of my fighters cockpit, into to the palaces roof top stair case, and I arrived in the throne room of Tritan. “Hey, look who showed up.” Tritan replied, as he circled around me one time. “I hear you’re in need of some help.” “Yes, have you heard about the virus?” “Yep, already have developed a device for it, I call it serum- x, a modified and perfected version of an earlier prototype that I stole from the USS Smith, few years back.” He replied, and smirked. “ Take him to my laboratory, and remove those zero-energy cuffs.” Tritan ordered his 2 guards, one of the guards de-activated, and removed the cuffs, and both of the guards escorted me through a series of doors, and down a 400 foot elevator shaft , which opened up to a hall way the length of 5 football fields, and plasma turrets lined the walls of the hallway. “What’s with the turrets?” I asked one of the guards, “specially designed to only immobilize.” The guard to my right told me, and we continued walking down the hall way. It took approximately 6 hours to walk to the laboratories metal doors.

6 hours later, I entered the laboratory, it was a very large underground facility, and it had the latest equipment, the most experienced group of Tritans scientists, who were constantly doing some kind of work. “Tritan will be down soon.” The guards said , gruffly, and resumed their position outside the doors, Tibus, walked toward me from the far right corner of the laboratory, “well, here’s where my magic happens.” He told me, as we walked to a section where a couple scientist were about to test the vaccine. A creature was strapped down on a flat, metal table, letting out screeches, and moved its body, like it was attempting to escape, the scientists approached it, in a full, white suit, one of them held a 3 foot syringe with a 12 inch needle at the end. “ Administering the injection now the 3rd scientist announced into the closed off rooms speaker, the screens that displayed the creatures respiration, and heart beat, began to return to normal level, while that occurred, the creature, slowly re-formed into a human being. “ sir, I think we’ve just found a cure.” The 3rd scientist announced, “Can you make up a immunity vaccine against this virus?” Tritan asked the scientist, after the scientist exited the secured section, “sure, it’ll be permant as well, won’t wear off, let me check for a pre-made batch.” The scientist replied, entered something into the labs computer on a holographic key board, “ it seems it’s your lucky day, one’s already made.” He replied, and led me to another section of the lab. “Lay down on that table.” He told me, and I laid down on the table, the 2 large chest restraints lowered down until I was pressed firmly against the table, the scientist went over to a control panel, typed in something, and hit start. “ You may feel a bit woozy as the serum is injected.” He told me as he monitored the injection rate, the total volume that was injected was 996cc, the amount the scientist pre-set was267ccs, once the chest restraints  had raised back up, I stood on my feet, “ how much did you inject?” I asked Tritan, “I feel fine.” this was a shock to the scientist and Tritan, “996ccs.” “And your body has surprisingly shown no sign of instability, this’s remarkable.” “I honestly don’t care how much; all I want to do is return my crew to normal.” I told Tritan. “ Oh, the virus will make its host impenetrable for regular weapons, they can withstand even a shot from a pulse rifle, but, my research also indicates that a standard bullet can easily penetrate the skin, I’ve designed a bullet, called a caviler bullet, this isn’t a standard bullet, and it’s like having a needle and a bullet in one.” The scientist explained “but, all you need to know are the multiple combat tactics required to kill these things if needed.” The scientist explained to me, “ Tritan will assist you in your training.” “But who,” ,a girl, about 27 years of age came out, “ This’s your teacher, I must warn you, she’s a fierce fighter.” The scientist told Tritan, as he left. “ Show me what you’ve got.” She told Tritan. Tritan jumped in the air, and pulled out his gun and was about to fire it at the woman, when without even looking, she quickly drew her pistol, and with 2 shots, disarmed Tritan, Tritan fell on the floor, “I’ll be nice, and not comment.” She told him. Tritan got up and walked off. “ Alright Alex, give it your all.” She told me. I did the same thing Tritan did, but, didn’t open fire until I was on the ground, and hid behind a group of empty containers, she was approaching my location, and silently I slipped another clip into my pistol, and held it, ready to shoot. I counted down from 3, by then she had turned her back, now was my chance; I jumped out from my spot and opened fire, the ‘fake’ bullets all struck her in the center of her back. “Looks like we’ve got a winner” She told me, as she approached me , after we got out of the training amour suits, she and I went outside to watch the sun set. “ So,” she replied, tossing her long, blond hair with her left hand, “ what’s your job?” “Not anything really important.” “c’mon, tell me” she said, in a flirtatious voice. “I’m an Admiral, have my own fleet, cruiser, crew, everything at my finger tips, but, ever since that attack on that fateful day, i ‘m more cautious on certain things.” I replied, “Cool, wish I was a Admiral, must be fun.” “Actually it’s quite hard to do, at certain times; I was at a takeover of one of Tritans colonies, it was the most horrific war I’d ever been through, and I still get flashbacks of it occasionally.” I told her.

As the two of us gazed at the sun set, I caught the sillouiet of a large vessel  descending rapidly, at first it appeared like a small black dot, off on the horizon, then 2 hours later, it got closer, and closer to where we sat. We both ran back inside the palace, thankfully the 2 vessels had landed in a safe manner. Their captains stepped off. “Welcome to the resistance force.” Tritan said to the two captains. “Who are you?” the one captain asked, “I’m Tritan, and might I ask who you gentlemen are?” “I’m Tibus” the first captain introduced himself, “I’m j-rod.” The second captain replied. “Our crews contracted the virus, and we had them removed from our vessels.” J-rod replied. As he approached Tritan, smirking, I had uneasiness that I felt when they approached me, but, I obeyed Tritan, and we left the large west hanger, while we were gone, j-rod had Tibus come onto his cruiser, since the hanger

 could hold 4 cruisers easily. “Did you see how Alex reacted when he saw us?” “Well when he’s remembered about our attack, who wouldn’t feel uneasy?” Tibus replied, as he smoked a Cuban cigar, “ no, I’ve waited a long time for this moment, let’s attack.” j-rod told Tibus, “no, let’s go build an empire, we’ll have the resources then to make Alex and turner beg for mercy.” , and Tibus got back on his cruiser, and jrod and Tibus took off from the palaces hanger. They searched every habitable planet they came across, but, slowly recruited people, until they came across a planet torn by constant warfare, centian3. They entered a gestational orbit around the class-Mplanet

“Stop your war, and you will be UN-harmed.” Tibus and jrod warned the planets inhabitance over all means of mass media, and obediently, the fighting immediately stopped, as Tibus and jrod landed their cruisers on the planet’s surface. “Where supposed to listen to you?” one of the leaders sneered at jrod, “or you’ll all die” Tibus replied, “your choice.” He added, and they were welcomed.  “Feels good to have an area to be at” Tibus told jrod, as they sat in the 2 throne chairs, which were side by side, “yep, we just need to make sure Alex doesn’t find us, or tritan.” “I know, hope fully he’s not figured out how to stop the virus we made and released, or we’ll be killed for high treason.” jrod remarked, and one of his scientists, that was on his vessel approached with a series of documents in one hand. “I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news concerning your virus.” “yeah,” “well, my research has clearly indicated that it’s not synthetic at all. Turner was right, it’s almost unstoppable, I recommend we initiate our back up plan.”, when Tibus and jrod heard this, it got their attention, “do you know what a weapon of that strength can do?” “Um, no.” the scientist replied, “it would destroy multiple galaxies, and universes, in order to survive it you’d have to remain in hyper space until its blast was gone.” Jrod explained, “I’d better contact Alex and tritan about this.” Tibus said, got up from his chair and walked into the castle’s east wing, where the communications system was kept, and entered the override code, and contacted me. “Oh, hello Tibus any news on this problem?” I asked, “we’ve found the only solution to fix what’s occurring, we need to destroy everything.”, I was surprised, as was tritan, “let me explain, we need to construct multiple weapons at certain locations in order for this to work .” he told me, and he began to explain where, and how to build the weapons, after he was done, he advised for us to have our entire fleet to enter and remain in hyper space until the blast was gone.  We did as he instructed, over the next 5 years, our fleets scattered every where, in search of these so called ‘super weapons’, and eventually, but slowly over a 5 month period, the searches turned up a large number of super weapon systems. They were like extremely large pulse cannons, the same size, at least, as a class-m planet. “ we’ve located its control room.” I replied, “I’m sending the coordinace to both jrod and Tibus.” I told Tibus and jrod over my cruisers uplink. “ let’s hope this’ll work.” Jrod replied, and terminated his link, “ godspeed.” Tibus told me before he terminated his uplink for the final time. “ al right,” I ordered my pilot, “ engage our hyper drive 10% below its maximum out put, and don’t shut it down until I tell you to.” I ordered, turner, who was also on the bridge gave the order to ever single ship that was in my fleet as well as the other 500 other fleets, and they all entered hyperspace. Just at that time Tibus and jrod had landed on the jungle covered planet where the weapons control room was located. “ a 6 hour walk from here to the only thing that’ll save us.” Jrod said to Tibus, “ why can’t we just use our fighters to get to the control room?” ,jrod never responed, and after they gathered all the supplies they needed, they began the perilous 6 hour hike. 4 hours into the hike they had crossed over a river that was heavily contaminated with the virus via a sturdy vine, and the remaining 2 hours, they crossed over a 900,000 deep gorge on a rope bridge, which brought them to the control room. Finally.” Jrod said as they walked into the extravagantly furnished room, after they each sat down in the 2 big, leather chairs that were at the weapons control panel, Tibus pulled out 2 cuban cigars, and handed one to jrod, who busily entered the multipule activation codes needed to fire the weapon system. “ this’s our ticket home.” Tibus commented as he lit his cigar with a zippo lighter he carried, then handed the lighter to jrod, who did the same thing. “ where’d you get this?, its real old.” “got it at a flea market 6 years ago, just as this all began to happen, some one was sellin’ it for 2 ud’s, as a piece of junk, so I bought it.” Tibus explained, “ ready to fire.” Jrod told Tibus, and the holographic screens all showed ready. “Fire.” Tibus said. “ command accepted.” The system replied. A growing hum steadly increased to a steady hum, as the weapon generated the nessary amount of zero-point energy, then every thing went black. Outside the control room, a white beam was fired in the direction of the other 10 weapons, and the 10 beams met, a ball of intensified zero-point energy quickly swelled, then suddenly exploded with a emence force that produced a blast that, my vessels sensors easily detected while we were still in hyper space, then 5 days later, completely dissipated. As soon as the blast was dissipated, my fleet returned to the new universe that was created by the blast, all the same planets were re-created from the energy produced by the blast , and every ship in my fleet settled on a different, habitable planet, every thing was normal, and the virus was completely destroyed.

© Copyright 2018 Alexander Tkacik. All rights reserved.

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