The Fall of Syrons fleet

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Submitted: February 07, 2017

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Submitted: February 07, 2017



Attention, all personnel must report to hanger seven, this is not a drill” Aiden, mine lieutenant, announced over the intercom.  The year is 9086, March 5, Tuesday at 1300 hours.  Trintus and a lion war now on our side since our conflict against Trilan up comic.  Syron was the only remaining problem we need to handle. 


“I can’t seem to get all these supply crates in the rear of shuttle one.” But told me, after I had just entered the hanger.“can’t you just beam the stuff down to the planets surface?” I inquired, “no, otherwise it’ll be stolen” “no one is on Dolthmar!” “that is not what the motion sensors are showing.” On a hologram, a red blip illuminated on a sufi local hologram of the planet. “ I’ve requested a diagnostic test, which was ran once I discovered these readings.” “ I’ll go down and searched that area” I assured him.

As I walked over to the hanger my fighter was kept in, I saw a blue flash. It became clear to me that I was involved in a matter that would soon involve the entire power of all fleets.


After I got in the cockpit, and took off from my cruiser, I descended toward the planet. As I descended, my fighters processors were sorting through the massive amounts of data that was placed in the crafts memory banks.


Eventually, I landed on the planets surface, Luckily, I got to the research compound; I noticed items that had been moved from the original spots.  I continued walking into were spotted a person leaving a singles supply crate with a bag of food.


I began to chase individual, as we went down numerous alleys and back roads  which lead us to a desolate field where a vessel sat, the individual managed to board of the craft & escape; I turned on the homing beacon I carry to my left pocket and was headed back to the USS Smith 30 seconds later in my fighter.


Once onboard my own cruiser, minter  approached  me with some info on the small craft. “syrons cruiser just departed?” “one from his fleet left orbit once the shuttle landed.” “I want all info on syrons knowledge of our location.” “none” Aiden reported, 2 hours later.  I was still perplexed by what the complex held and why would syrons try to get inside it. “we’re not leaving geosyncronial orbit until I find out why a one of syrons  vessels came here.”


A small team of five members as quickly assembled and a team and I were beamed back down to one of the four entrances that led to the complexes center.  The sun, now setting in the horizon, seem to cover the oath of silence that came so rapidly, you’d feel the strongest bone chilling sensation possible.  Our footsteps for the sound of the only thing that dared to be out at night.


The entrances thick steel door ground as it swung open.  The lift controls mounted on the latest railing provided barley enough light to allow us  to walk onto its platform.  Once all of us was standing on the platform, we began our descent into the unknown.


“ I’m sure glad there’s light down here.” One of the man, named as we walked into the long, straight hallway.  The hallway  up to a laboratory that had been untouched.“what’s all this stuff for?”  “don’t know until we take all these plastic tarps off.” I remarked and we diffuse to uncovering the untouched equipment.


The room was labeled ASHDL

( advanced superhero development lab). “who ever use this before had no idea what they were doing.” “indeed” I heard some one remark, “I develop this place specifically to create superheroes.” “who are you and whose side are you on?” I asked the man. “I’m sorry is, so far I’ve managed to develop any kind of advancement.” “are you successful in infusing any of the serums?” I inquired again, “null, they were all taken by syron.” Sardius explained as he remembered all that he had seen.


“I’ve received info from a entire scan of  this compound, and” the first man whispered to me, “I think he’s concealing what we’re looking for” “let’s not get ahead of ourselves.  I’m not wanting to cause him trouble” I was sped back, as we left our squad and a scientist in the lab.

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