Better To Wear Out Than To Rust Out

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This is a short story about a man, aged 50-55. He suffers from a heart disease. Doctors suggest him to join an exercising center. He has to leave her granddaughter to do so. The turning point is when he gets all retarded colleagues. Will he be able to see his granddaughter again?

Submitted: February 08, 2017

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Submitted: February 08, 2017



Better To Wear Out Than To Rust Out

I’ll be back in a couple of years. You really do not need to worry.” Stephen assured his granddaughter. “I will be waiting for you, grandfather.” The little girl replied. After having a little conversation, Stephen left.

Stephen was standing outside the Cardio Exercising center (CEC). He went in. Approaching the receptionist he said, “Excuse me, Ma’am. I have an appointment under the name ‘Stephen Quinn’.

Let me check, Sir... You may proceed to that room in the corner with this card.” Pointing at the room with one hand she gave him a card with the other.

Stephen walked to the room. When he entered inside, he was shocked. There were about 20-30 people sitting silently on their respective beds.

May I have your card, Sir?”

Stephen turned back. There was a boy with a dull face, carrying a uniform. Stephen gave him the card and the boy gave him the uniform and said, ”Your bed no. is 51.” 

The boy left. Stephen went to his bed, placed his stuff and asked a person sitting beside him, “When will the exercise start?” After listening to Stephen he burst into laughter.

You must be joking, Youngman!” after controlling his laughter he continued “We don’t do any ‘exercises’ here unless we are young.” “It is not our age

Age? Does that really matter?” He replied.

Listen, Gentleman, we are at that stage of our life where we should enjoy and just relax rather than wasting time on curing the diseases. We are here because our children wanted to. I’m here because my daughter-in-law wants me to be there when she will give birth to her third child. I’ve seen enough in this world. I know I cannot survive any stroke. Exercising is just a waste of time

Well, I have someone too, who is waiting for me. I want to show her that I can improve my health. It is always better to wear out than to rust out.”


After Fifteen years.

Stephen Quinn was sitting in a wheelchair. He had made many friends at CEC. He was happy he had controlled his cardio disease.

Today, he was going to teach his granddaughter a lesson. He took her to a graveyard. Sitting in the wheelchair in front of his CEC friends’ grave, he simply told her granddaughter,

Better to wear out than to rust out


-Vardesh Paliwal


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