Sea of Red

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Sea as red as blood. It wasn't right. There was mystery to unravel...

Submitted: February 08, 2017

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Submitted: February 08, 2017



Each day I looked out to the vast ocean that lay at the bottom of the cliff where my home was situated. Living in such an isolated area meant the I was able to enjoy peace and tranquility away from the bustling city life. Although I often felt alone in my own little world, I was always able to look out through the translucent glass and gaze upon the never-ending horizon of the sea.

My small tudor style cottage that situated on a cliff above the sea had been covered by overgrown vines, surrounded by an array of assorted flowers that covered the ground with a rainbow carpet. 

One day after I had been out watering the garden, I began to feel light headed. Soon  I headed inside and immediately collapsed on the navy lounge in the living room.

When I awoke at what seemed only a few seconds later, I saw that I was not where I had initially collapsed. I was laying on a beach with fine white sand, untouched by the filth that man had created. Standing up I was able to survey my surroundings and noticed that I was on the beach at the bottom of the cliff whith my cottage clearly able to be seen. 

I wondered how I managed to find myself at the bottom of the cliff if only minutes ago I had fainted in my home. Again, observing the beach to see how I may have ended up at the bottom of the cliff, I noticed a pool of red appear in the ocean. I ran out into the water not caring if my clothes became drenched by the salty sea, until I came to a body floating face down in the water. As I turned the body over I suddenly became frozen and was unable to remove my stare away from the face which it had fixed upon. It was me, bleeding from numerous cuts and grazes all over my body. I was dead. 

A long time later after watching the local police fish my body out of the water, I learned that my body had shown signs of toxins found in the onitum plant, also known as the devil's helmet, which I had most likely bush up against when gardening. It had taken a few weeks for my organs to begins to start failing and I had fallen off the cliff as my body had finally given in.

Now, as I wander the earth as a spirit, I will forever be haunted by the image of my body floating in the sea of red.

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