Slavery Of Digital Age

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Here in simple note of my days, I like your contribution that we live heartened for the cause digital technology is a passage of one of the infinite gifts we can remake all its solution for the best gift time has contributed. I have only expressed this desire here. :)

Submitted: February 08, 2017

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Submitted: February 08, 2017



In your eyes we predict an indemption of knowledge,

When your creator gave us a source to solve every problems,

May solutions doesnt make us idle to think,

Where we live around may require compassion to act,

In your words we suggest no cause of vulnerability,

When we need to safeguard a home build around convenience,

May all that brings flower here be born to cultivate friendship,

Let us reconnect technology for get together disconnecting its slavery,

Where digital world of tomorrow may be a light away towards true happiness,

In this simple humbleness we create lot more problem ever unearthened,

Where thoughts of this age account less exercise than pills to cure wounds we make in our system,

Let freedom to access new solution doesnt become our tragedy,

May reason we fight will be securing priorities that matter our global market trends,

When we learn from the universe we make as utility to sow our problems created on this course,

In forming a way beyond devotion to the probability that zero does make us towards infinity,

Where slavery has a new name for all knowledge seekers,

May our independence to give a home for our creation doesnt unearthen our cause to exist as social being,

Where we contain travel for new vulnerable events,

Let us be mentors of humanity for serving our loved ones through technology,

In a combination where weapons of mass destruction need new code in the accumulated hands,

When the reason to exist must not only be global but local for all communities to secure freedom to save our loved planet,

May our Earth feel safe with a mirror programmed to act in the right way when the fall of all shrinking ecosystem threaten where we occupy, 

Where home near and far away will be the promised land for all believer,

Let this friendliness be the hospitality to convey human conveniences for an opportunity to excell wherever we are,

In advent of a slavery that mean lot more for our workforce what we asked to grow around a change of this climate,

When window shades our enemity causing more harm than giving healthy solution to the time we feel burning away a candle for all mystic creation God has united us here,

May we spent time more around a showcase we carve as our universe that expand for every human story narrated for a time to give bread and butter to the needy,

Let us furnish a world free from evil redemption that never corrupt mindsets to endure a commitment tomorrow to earn them a dignity living around this space,

May strange world we are going to give our future must be wellness away from illness of all our ancestors made for the vastness of our communion,

Let temple of wisdom become our consultany in natures passionate job to tribute every contribution uplifting living standards through lowest cost and highest quality,

Where today will be found on a tomorrow given for being away from the centre of attraction this collosum may bring us together from all walk of life,

Yet this new name brought to life may question an embrace of peace we seek the longest event search in the meaning of the perfect day again,

I hope we build our voice in this cosmic creation be compassionate till this day has a price again,

Let us remember a way we fought to guide our passion to step beyond this time,

Saving a day of slavery towards healthy questions that need your answers,

In this eyes of an unknown creator that exist beyond my time here,

I ask the vision of all awesome dream to hold us together for the freedom time made us to experiment new ways for all the future we own tomorrow,

May build a destiny where human right to exist together with all creation on this Earth be not vulnerable to any order created in time,

May save a dream where generations drawn to compassionship be not lost to any price made in hatred,

May grant a freedom where all love to sustain may not be hunted to any solution questioned in existence,

May we endure holiness in the source of all souls drawn to meet us in giving an infinite dream beyond the consumption of eternity,

If death is not our end so do slavery is not its gameplay,

If life is our ritual so do freedom is its gift,

If dreams is our birth so do solutions is its blessing,

In everything created to maintain an Earthly order of the cause of humanity here,

Let this shade peace in every land towards the sky hovering a rainbow of a special gift we loved to be here,

May our composition at heart feels everyone who reads this note feel,

Working around concrete wall we work our dreams with the guides of digital world,

Bring us near a light shining inside our luckiest days to learn something new every moment to excel a fun of this gift time has secured our handcrafts to be what is known as our passage of this dreampage ahead,

If you feel we are awakened by the thought a slavery of digital world,

Let us feel the pride all this wonder and its merits in the time we must secure a planet for the sake of all,

For this vision beyond the source of creation our home may welcome a heritage that is going to build our future in time again,

Lastly let us not wait until all this unwind for the darkest reasons we feared till now,

As the choice we make in our daily habit reads its fortune for all,

May the final truth itself remain in the end of a script I have shared here.

© Copyright 2018 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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