john packington and modern greek god: book 1 Two fathers one son

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My name is John Packington and i'm a light forger now you must be thinking what in the world is a light forger well i'm not gonna tell you he if you want to find out read.ok now, I have a serious problem about one of the gods needs a special type of oil to keep a hearth together now it doesnt sound important but these are gods either they're just lazy or they need help (don't tell them i called them lazy) and I need to find it. I have 3 weeks to find it or the world will be destroyed.

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?? ???? ?? ??????? (gods dang it) there is a hole in my apartment

Submitted: February 08, 2017

this is only a short chapter literally it is like 3 sentences. and i am a new writer so sorry if this isn't a amazing book. Read Chapter