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santino is struggling to find his place. he only has his brother and mom.

Submitted: February 08, 2017

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Submitted: February 08, 2017




Protagonist- Santino Stagliano

Santino Stagliano was born on October 5, 2000 in the Irish - Italian neighborhood. He is a 16 year old autistic boy. Santino has 5 other siblings.  Two younger and three older. His two little sisters names are Isabella who is 6 and Gianna who is 13. Then his three older brothers names are Michael who is 25 he is the oldest. Then its Giovanni who is 22. Then is Dylan who is 20. So you can say he is kinda like the middle child. None of his siblings really understood his autism except for Giovanni. The two little girls would laugh at him because he would want to play with toys and not go learn how to drive. He wasn't interested in girls. His own parents had trouble taking care of him. They didn't understand how this could happen to there little baby. They notice by the age of 4 Santino was not talking at all. He would say words here and there but never 4 or more at a time or a full sentence. So they decided to take him to the doctors and this is when he was diagnosed with Autism. From there all it was all about him and the other boys felt left out because he was getting all the attention. And again the only one who understood was Giovanni.  


At the age of 10 his mom got pregnant again. Everyone was excited but this meant that Santino was not the baby any more. Santino was triggered by loud noises. Whenever he heard the tv make a loud noise he would curl up in a ball and shake and cry. This always scared everyone. When the baby came it was like hell in this household. So much chaos it wasn't even funny. Santino would be running , shaking, screaming, and crying because of the new baby and the noises she makes. When his older brother Dylan tried to get him to calm down Santino punched him and that's when all hell broke loose.  Dylan hit him back. Santino started crying and screaming and when everyone tried to calm him down he got more overwhelmed and ended up running outside and hiding in the woods.


At this point of his life Santino was homeschooled because no school would take him they said that he was out of control and they couldn't handle him.  But at age 14 he was ready to start high school. His mom and dad really wanted him to experience high school. They finally found a school that would accept him and help him with whatever he needed. The only thing we were worried about was the bullies. Kids are so cruel know a days. They don't care what they say and they most definitely don't care if they hurt someone's feelings.  So let's just that the next 4 years are hell for him. The only person he can go to and relate to is his big brother Giovanni.


Ally- Lisa

Lisa Viola was born on a nice sunny summer day August 1,1970. She was loved by her caring parents. She was always spoiled she got everything she wanted and anything she ever needed. When she hit middle school she had so many friends but little did she know they weren't going to stay with her throughout high school. When she got to highschool she had no one. No friends AT ALL. All the kids hated her because she had everything. So you would think that she would have been popular nope. Thought wrong. She got bullied day in and day out so she made a promise to herself that if she ever has kids that she won't let anything bad happen to them. But her senior year there was a new kid his name was Michael Stagliano. They became best friends in a week. They eventually started going out. They worried about college but to their surprise they ended up going to the same college. They stayed dating from senior year of highschool to senior year of college and then they moved in together after college . They got married bought a house. They were the perfect couple to everyone around them. Lisa got pregnant with a baby boy they named him Michael after his dad. Then three years later comes another baby boy they named him Giovanni. Who would have thought 2 years later comes little baby Dylan. It was kinda a while till she got pregnant again. 4 years late comes Santino he was a great little baby but they noticed something wasn't right. He wasn't talking at all. He would throw fits at the tiny noises so they took him to the doctors. The diagnosed him with Autism. They had no clue what they were gonna do but love him. Three years later came the first little baby girl of the family her name is Gianna. A whole 7 years later came the last little baby they will ever have. Baby Isabella.  

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