Senator Warren's Shrill Cry Alienates Independents

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Senator Warren's yank form the Senate floor makes for good headlines but how does it resonate with independents?

Submitted: February 08, 2017

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Submitted: February 08, 2017



The latest imbroglio coming out of Washington was the silencing of Elizabeth Warren on the floor of the Senate by Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. The act occurred because Senator Warren read from a thirty year old letter written by Corretta King critical of Attorney General nominee Senator Jeff Sessions. If it's like a circus, it is. You can view a clip of the proceedings here.

Senator Warren, CNN, and the usual more liberal suspects are yelling that she was silenced and that her voice will be further amplified by the yank. The hashtags #LetLizSpeak are trending on Facebook and Warren took to Facebook Live to read the rest of the letter.

The question, though, is how effective is this stunt? If the goal is to energize the liberal base of the Democratic party, then I suppose it worked. The usual suspects are up in arms. But to most independents, such as myself, it looks like another stunt, a la Ted Cruz, to garner publicity. I never liked Senator Warren’s harsh, shrill tone, and I like it even less today.

If she does run for President, as many are speculating, I see her as the Ted Cruz candidate, with a core group of fervent supporters but without the support of the middle.

To me, Warren represent much of what is lacking in the Democratic party today. No new ideas, obstruction, shrill cries of indignation. It sounds like they are recreating the Republican party from two years ago. The problem with this, is that the Republican party did not win the Presidential election. Donald Trump did. And he won by presenting a new set of ideas, some of which clash with Republican orthodoxy.

So the #LetLizSpeak hashtags can spread, and the press can cover her speeches, but until she has a message that is more than just bashing the other guy, the guys who win elections, the independents in the center, probably won’t be listening.

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