The power of the Past

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Two familiar people of past, meet in an event, in which they thought, neither of them would see each other. The meeting of theirs is not a pleasant, and the friends, which they had in each other, had been long gone. Read the Prologue to know more about these long lost friends!

Prolog (v.1) - We meet again

Submitted: February 09, 2017

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Submitted: February 09, 2017



The damp air of the cold city street evening, seemed so similar to the days before this one. Whole sky was clouded with grey clouds that were so low, they seemed in your hands reach. Buisy streets seemed like any other typical city, population big enought to be called enough to find money, and big enough in size, to find a reliable house. Today seemed different...

A figure, hooded in a black jacket, moved slowly along the crowds of people, probably going home to their loved ones, which the person lacked. He moved along, seemingly without a purpoce because he already noticed going by the same cornershop he would buy some typical groceries at.

The figure finally decided to stop by the small cafeterria and lean againsts its outer wall, and stared into the crowds of people passing by with their gloomy faces. It wasnt hard for him to overlook all the people coming and going, despite his left eye that was covered by his hair. Often some passerbys that were rude enough called him an "emo'' because of it, but he had reasons of it. Thoure rude people he could understand, he did know he looked like thouse weird teen kids who wanted attention, but he didnt mind.

The figure looked over the crowds for 20 minutes, or so already, and his eyes cought something worth his attention. A middle aged woman that didnt look differently from others at all, but he knew who it was. It was city prezidents wife, but not the woman herself, the contents of her purse. Enough money to last even a year!

The man in a normal paste walked at her direction but the woman started walking away from him, but it ment little to the man. As the man got closer to the woman, he started sprint at her direction, faster than a human is expected. He ran past the woman, fastly snaching the purse from her hands. Woman called out for help but before she could see the thief they seemed to have dissapeared in thin air.

Slightly further away a man about in his 20's with white hair like albinos but red streaks like they were dyed, heard the cry for help and looked around for any suspicious person. He knew he saw a thing other normal humans didnt and tried not to raise panic. The same theif who would seem like any other, hiding from other human eyes, was crawling up a bulding with a help of a black and white stirped scarf, that extended and moved by it's own, like if it did have a mind of it's own.

Man who wanted to help, as well as a thief, turned invisible to the human eye and started chasing after the thief. The thief wasn't in a hurry, but when he saw the chaser, he started moving faster and jumped on the roof. The Chaser was able to jump up to the roof, using the waterpipes on the wall of the building.

The thief was already the the end of the building. about to jump the the next one, when suddenly, the chaser yelled out "Stop running for once!''

The Thief right about to jump, stopped of hearing a familiar voice and looked into the distance of the countless rooftops.

''Do you really think i don't who you are?'' he continued

With hessitation thief replied "...i do know you, who you are Vincent, but the person you knew 15 years ago... is long gone.'' Voice sounded quiet and calm, but loud enough to hear. Thiefs voice send a pair of chills down Vincents spine.

Vincent, with slight pause resumed ''After all that, you havent changed, have you?''

''Only if the word ''changed'' actually means something anymore. It was all your foult Vincent'' a slight hint of sadness could be heard in the thiefs voice.

''Just hand over the bag and stop being the freak you are, Nick'' said Vincent with a sigh and with a annoyance in his voice. He didnt feel any empathy against the person before him.

Nick, the person before Vinsent, turned his direction. Vincent was able only to see his right side of the face, that looked just like the same age he did, and eyes were so light blue, they seemed glowing and his mouth stuck in a permement blank expression. NIck's left eye was covered by his pitch black hair but white tips, only over his left eye.

Nick, wanting to get over this as quickly as possible, threw the bag to the person before him with anger. He spoke ''I know you wont expose me to the police. We are not forgiving eachother, and thats the way i want to keep it''

Vincent lifted the bag by his feet, and looked back at the thief, which was already on the other rooftop. Vincent ran closer to the edge to say something before he leaves, despite that they hated eachother. 

Vincent gathered all the will he had in him and said "I know i will sound stupid, but i actually once thought i missed you, or that you longed for us to meet... Just looking into your cold eyes, were enought to prove me, that you are as empty as ever.'' He made sure that he sounded as scoff as possible.

Nick on the other rooftop just stood there, seemingly looking at nothing. Vincent noticed that the air around him started to get unbelivebly cold, so cold in fact, it could seem that it was a middle of a snowstorm. He knew what was about to happen and swiftly moved away from his place at roofs edge. It wasn't out of nothing, as the same place he stood a moment ago, was covered in freezing cold icesicles, pointing upward to the clouded sky.

Nick turned back at his friends direction, and the expression of his face was slightly fierce but at the same time, so blank and cold as the air around them. He spoke for the last time, ''Yes, Vincent. you have made yourslef an idiot. I will never forgive for what you had done.''  He started sprinting at another rooftop, and jumping to it so easely, it seemed as if the buldings were only a metre apart, and Vincent gazed at the smoke-filled roofs of buldings, as the hooded figure dissapeared from the sight. 

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