The Calling

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Something in the pit of my stomach and smell it in the air. It had a raw crispy scent that cause my head to ache sending a shooting pain just above my right eye.
I lay my head on my desk trying to bear the agony squinting to ease the throbbing. The phone rang and in that instant the feeling and scent disappeared. I felt the warmth of thoughts drift from my body. Almost missing the pounding of my thoughts, I answered the telephone with an attitude.
"Hello, Brand New! We bring new light to a new you. Felicity speaking." No one said anything. "Hello?" Nothing. This isn't the first time I received a call that was still.
Dang it!
I was too frustrated to continue to work on the media kit I was doing for a client so I broke away for a few and headed downstairs to the cafe' shop, "On the Grind". I ordered the usual half French Vanilla cappuccino half caramel macchiato with a scoop of whipped cream and a Asiago bagel with a smidgen of butter.
"Thanks, Abel! When do you go on break? I need to talk to you? "
Abel put up two fingers and took on the next person's order.
Abel was Felicity' confident, her sanity and her best friend. Others found her to be a little scatterbrained and distrusting but she had her reasons. Abel found her to be whimsical I guess that would be the same as saying scatterbrained but, he was intrigued by her way of thinking and thankful for her honesty and loyalty. He was in it for the long haul. Their friendship meant more than she would ever know.

I stared out of the cafe window and up into the horizon. What is going on with me? I don’t have time for this nonsense. Father God! What do you want from me? What? The bell on the cafe door jingled and Felicity looked up. It’s him? Every time!

Jurelle stood in the doorframe with his girlfriend Constance straggling behind him. Ewww! She erks me! Jurelle looked directly over to Felicity as if his main purpose of living was for the sight of Felicity. Bolts of synergy hit every nerve ending in her body. When she picked up her cup she was hit with a surge of static electricity. “Shiii!” Abel tapped Felicity just in time to stop profanity from slipping from her lips. Felicity looked up in a daze her eyes were glossy and Abel saw a hint of smoke in her pupils. He scooped her under the arm lifted her in one tug and they pushed passed Jurelle. When they reached the winter air Felicity shook her head. “What the heck is going on, Abel? Why did you drag me out of there like that? First the smoky scent and nausea, now you got my head spinning?”

“Felicity, you were about to get hell bound. You told me to catch you before you swore another curse word, right?” Before she could answer Abel continued. “And you looked like you were about to shoot fire at Ms. “Take it in the you know what” Constance Kiss butt Tatum. I could have sworn I saw the fire in your eyes.”’

“Right! But dang boy I forgot. Thanks for helping me keep my religion!” She swatted at Abel and they laughed. “Wheew! I was about to get real hellafied on her and the poor girl didn’t even do or say anything. Why do I feel like we are fighting and she doesn’t even know I exist? When I see, her I get this burning feeling in me that ewwwwww!” the fire was stirring up in her again just thinking about Constance. She shook her body and it felt as if she released the negative energy through her arms and out through her fingertips. When Abel grabbed her hands, she cooled off. He always made her feel calm.
When he took her hand a bolt of howls went through him. He thought for a quick second that he heard howls. He held her hand and they strolled to the corner. With his other hand, he took his middle finger and wiggled it in his ear and then released the residue of the howling sound out into the air.

“Where we headed? You made me leave my coffee!” Felicity gathered her coat closed as they walked.

“I have a quick stop to make then we can head back. I took and extra 30 minutes with my break. You looked a little bothered so I knew you had something you needed to get off your chest.” Abel rubbed the top of her hand. “So, Shoot!”

I didn’t know where to start. Abel knew of the constant smells of fire and smoke but I never told him I knew I was not asleep when they occurred. I also never told him that when I turned 15, I had weird feelings every time I saw flames. I assumed the vivid scent came from the reason why I couldn’t recall my childhood earlier than 15 and why I had the odd shaped burn on the center of my back. Abel has been my friend since we met at Harbor Academy. Everyone thought he was a scatterbrain and a bit on the eccentric side but it's what I love about him. We have been friends for about 13 years. I still haven't quite figured him out. We share a nice 4-bedroom apartment above the cafe he owns. It was two apartments but with his books and my clothes we needed the extra space. People always wondered why we had two kitchens but when they tasted his baked good they knew he needed space for his masterpieces to be birthed. The extra living room space served as my office. The two entries allowed me to conduct business away from the other part of our apartment.
Although, I hadn’t had a date since prom I always shared my love for the opposite sex. Even if that word never was a reality for me and I am dang near hitting 30 years old. On the other hand, Abel never spoke of anyone. Not girls or boys since I’ve known him not man or women either, till this day. Whenever I ask him about his likes he always cuts me off saying, “And you? Datey Perry? When is the last time you had a date or your bell rung?” And that would stop any notion of me asking anything else. I wanted so desperately to share my thoughts with Abel but, who wants to weird their only friend out.

“Its nothing! I thought I had an angle for this media kit I am doing for Author Shadress Denise but it's still in the air. I did want to ask you what you thought about me getting an assistant? My clientele is on the rise and I don’t want to have to turn away another potential client because of the work load I already have. So, what do you think?”

Abel’s facial expression said one thing but he said something totally unexpected. “They won’t be coming into the house, right? Will it be a man?” For a second it sounded as if he was a bit jealous. He knew when I got absorbed in my work it got most of my attention. So, whoever I hired would be a part of that time spent.
“I don’t know exactly but I need someone who can multi-task, work my t-shirt press, embroidery machine, sew, write emails, send out invoices, do a little marketing and social networking.”
Abel looked over at Felicity and laughed. “Girl you have lost your mind. You do know that the person you are looking for doesn’t exist, right? And if you should find that person it won’t be human?”
Felicity figured as much. She knew she was asking for a lot but she was still going to put it out there. She walked out on faith for everything else why not super assistant. “Well, i am going to put out an ad on all the internships and job finding sites. Someone will bite.”

That was Abel’s fear. “Yea, bite! That ought to tell you that it won’t be human.” Abel chomped his teeth at Felicity. “Just be safe in posting. Use a google voice number and a separate email other than the one you use for Brand New. For the time being use a different company name too. You never know. Plus, you work from the house. You can interview in the back of the Cafe where the tutors are and I can keep an eye on you.”

“Wow! All that Abel? You are so protective. Over the top I tell you. Just over the top.” She clamped her arms around his broad arm and hugged him. He was her guardian angel. She complained time and time again but she appreciated his big brother instinct. They came to an abrupt stop. She never noticed the small bookstore before today. It was as if it instantly appeared. “The Calling?” Felicity read the sign. The font was ancient. She knew she’d seen it before. Most likely she used it doing promo for an author. It was called Fantastical. It was dreary and dark. Abel always read some of the strangest books. He had a room filled with old books he collected over the years. When he turned 21 a shipment of boxes came to their apartment and that’s when they combined the other apartment with theirs. He allowed her in just a few times but normally it was off limits as was her office. It was the only privacy they kept from each other.

“This place is weird!” Felicity felt the nausea come on and her head started spinning. The scent. It was happening again! Abel felt her body warm up. “Felicity have a seat. I am just picking up a book I ordered.

“A seat? Since when did our streets have sitting areas beside the bus stops.” Abel guided her to sit. She hesitated. But when she felt behind her the presence of a bench was beneath her. They were outside the bookstore, so maybe the new owner had it placed there.

“I’ll be right back. Here drink this. It’s your favorite.” Abel pulled out a red bull from his pocket.
“Ok, now you are weirding me out more than usual. When did you have pockets in this coat?” Abel didn;t answer. He pulled back the lid and handed it to her. “Girl just have a seat and drink this. Did you even take your meds this morning?”
Felicity thought about it. “No! You are right. Maybe that's why I am so dozy! I was working on that media kit and bam! I got got hit with some weird feeling.” Felicity hadn't thought about that. Felicity was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea and narcolepsy which made her have unscheduled sleep episodes. She also had cataplexy. Cataplexy occurred when she experienced strong emotions or laughter that caused her to suffer sudden physical collapse though remaining conscious.

“See, I knew you seemed off balanced. So, sit. I will be out in a second.” Abel disappeared just like that. Felicity sat on the carved bench and drank her Red Bull. She ran her fingers over the wood carved benched grooves and what felt like sparks came through the bench and into her fingertips. The surge was tingling and forced her to jump up. She shook it off.
“If I don’t take these meds I am going to lose my mind. These dreams are crazy.”
Narcolepsy with severe sleep apnea made felicity dose off frequently without her medication. She could have a full-blown dream in 60 seconds. What takes a normal person all night to do? What was freaky was the stigmata that occurred after she woke up.
Abel was taking more than a few seconds so she headed in the store to tell him she was going to take her meds and sleep off her headache for a hour or so then meet him at the cafe for lunch.
When she reached for the door a bolt of energy shot through her. “Ok, now that wasn’t a dream!” She pushed passed the sensation and opened the door. A beam of light stroked her face blinding her and before she knew it it was gone and there stood Abel smiling.
“You are so impatient. Are you ready? I told I was only going to take a few seconds.” He pushed her back and tugged her arm. She swirled back towards the cafe.
“What just…”
Abel pulled his phone from his pants pocket. “Girl come on my assistant manager is having a meltdown. She is such a wimp!” He ignored her partial question and pulled her on. “Come on Felicity, we haven’t been gone all of ten minutes and she is going nuts.”
“What? Ten minutes? Now I know I aint crazy! We had to be gone at least 30 minutes.” Abel showed her his phone.
“Six minutes to be exact. You need to go upstairs and take your meds and get some sleep. You are really offset this morning.”
Confused, exhausted and out of touch with time Felicity didn’t bother to ask anything else. She just wanted to lay down and sleep her headache off. Today was starting out to be more than she bargained for.
When they reached the cafe, Felicity peered through the window front. It was packed. It always was around this time. Normally, it was break time for most workers in the area. Felicity noticed the worn leather book cover. The words were not all visible but she knew they were not in English and they were burned into the cover. Abel had it under his arm as he one arm hugged her.
“Okay, I am going upstairs. Do you think you could go through your spell book and conjure me up an assistant? I’d be much obliged.” She reaches out for the book and Abel pulled back.
“Now you know my books are off limits. You know u can’t even touch them. That’s why this one is wrapped up. You will fool with the authenticity and could destroy anything left from its time era. How’d you even know it was a book?”

“Huh? Duh! It's under your arm, and it's not wrapped.” Felicity looked at the package in Abel’s hand. It was wrapped in paper bag with a string tied around it. The same size as the book she saw. “What the H… hayday? You know what Abel I’m out. See you at lunch. I think I will have the Chicken Caesar Salad with a little Balsamic Vinegar on the side.” She hugged him again and left a friendly kiss print on his cheek.

So, much occurred today and according to Abel she hadn’t been out of the house more than 20 minutes. What felt like hours since her morning rise was give or take an hour and a half. “Maybe I can restart this morning after my meds and nap.

Felicity headed to her bathroom took her medication then sprawled out on her king-sized bed. It was a graduation gift from Abel. Abel had no worries from the time he hit 18. Which was a year before we graduated from high school. Sometimes I think he held himself back because he feared to move on without me. We applied for the same college...same, same, same. We had same goals and dreams to be out of Harbor Academy since we met. He didn’t know his parents and I didn’t know my parents. What seemed strange to most was that I never even asked about them. I figured why dig up old information when i knew i wouldn’t remember it. When we left the academy to go to college I was given a large check that would cover well over 4 years of college expenses, a car of choice and still had a few pennies left over. As for Abel. He was RICH! He was very humble but RICHIE RICH, rich. When he turned 18 he was given ½ of his inheritance, I would get my final installment when I hit 30 years old. I never really had to spend a dime. He never let me.

Felicity found herself getting extremely sleepy. She was used to feeling tired once she took her medication it made her drowsy the first hour after. She didn't fight it she let it take her into a dream state. In just 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 seconds she was in deep sleep.

Drum rolls of sound came from the skies that rumbled the fear that God was not pleased. Some people said that it was God was having an argument with Mary and some said he was putting in a bowling alley in heaven. I wasn’t scared of the sound. I believed in the cliché’ actions speak louder than words. So, when streaks of light crashed through the cloud like spears it made me tremble. I knew for a fact that he was upset and it was me he was mad at. I had failed him with my need to always know why. Okay, maybe it wasn’t my curiosity and it had more to do with The Other. The Other always challenged me on my loyalty. The Other always dared me to do or say things that would invite God to seek me out and unleash karma. It was said that the greatest being was the Father and I am the posterchild for belief. He himself was not a punishing God but he was a teacher and you would learn that to go against him your surroundings would turn on you and they would punish and condemn you.

“You like that?” I peering at the wad of money The Other placed in front of me. The other didn’t say it was stolen. The other didn’t tell me it was dirty money, blood money and taken from a starving family. I felt deep within my conscious that it was. The Other could see the greed consume my veins. Before I could reach out it was snatched back. “If you take it and you know how I got it God’s going to be mad. You know that’s a sin, right?” Although I could not see The Other the lisp in speech was indicative The Other was part serpent. Knowing curiosity killed the cat I still reached out for the money and it abruptly was replaced with laughter. The laughter symbolized the thunder. The lightening was KARMA! Karma watched my every move from the moment I extended my arms out. Always a winner it would only be seconds before it strikes. For some reason, I remembered I should time the sound before the strike to know when Karma was closer. The thunderous clap sounded. It shook me from the inside out. Squinting in utter fear I count backwards. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5. Lightening etched into the skies but its faintness said not just yet.

I don’t know why I am so scared. God is forgiving. I looked around the space I was in. It was familiar but altered. I walked through the room picking up simple objects. As I examine each it then hit me. I am home. Home? Home? I frantically search the room when I couldn’t find what I was looking for I opened a door and it lead to another door and another and another but never a room. I slammed the large oak door the intensity of the slam caused a light breeze that had enough power push me through every door I slammed shut. My room? My room? I clawed at the last door with a need to see this room I was claiming as my own. I looked up and that’s when I realized I was outside. The sky was a bright sunny blue if that makes sense. But it was still raining just the same. I stood on a street with a few kids. They turned to me a I heard them say hello from inside me but then again there was no outside sound. Just moving lips. They had umbrellas and rainboot, some wore rain coats. I looked around to see where I was exactly and why raindrops weren’t falling on me. Then that feeling came over me when this girl stepped into the crowd. It was the same feeling Constance gave me. I wished her would open up and swallow her whole. “Just die Bitch!” I screamed from the bellows of my gut sending a signal to…. Thunder roared, before I could count lightening cut through the skies and I cringed. To scare to move but too scared to stand so I curled up and tried to cover my body with my arms and hands. “Father God, please don’t hurt me. I am sorry for trusting The Other and caring more about the money than you.” But it didn’t stop the bolt from gaining speed. Closer. Closer! The ground before me not but a few inches away was hit with lightening. The stench of smoke and burning asphalt seeped into my nostrils burning with each breath I took. I looked around and was back in My room. Feeling a bit smug that I just looked Karma in the eyes and winked, I then smacked Karma in the face and laughed. I knew God had to forgive me. I said sorry. I begged for forgiveness. I promised God. I laughed again. Although my love for Father God in that nano-second was not waivered I still felt superior of the chain of events. I just manipulated my way out of Karma getting me. Did I just cuss? UGH! As soon as I felt a twinge of superiority the skies darkened. I was somewhat alone but still amongst the crowd and Thunder clapped again. “God Don’t Like Ugly!” was whispered in my ear. When I turned to see who, it was. Within seconds lightening appeared coming at a greater speed that last. I stepped into the cracked asphalt with the notion it won’t strike in the same place twice. Within seconds this premonition came to me. This source of instant info was gonna save me life. The lightening ripped through my hands and …

“Felicity!” Thunder came again. “Felicity!” I woke with a headache that burned and the scent of burnt flesh simmered in my nostrils. “Lunch is ready. You need to get yourself together. You work too hard. You were screaming, “Die Bitch die!” It was echoing down the back steps. You had customers shook!. The alarm…’

My head was pounding. “How’d you get into my room?” Nastacia stood still with blank look on her face. “Just forget it; You can go now! All that banging you were doing I am up!”

“I never banged on anything. The door was propped open. The smoke from here made the fire alarm go off so I rushed up here. That’s the only reason I was yelling out your name. And here you are knocked out and still raising hell!” Nastacia huffed out of frustration.

“Door open? Smoke? But…”

Chapter 2

Ever since Abel picked up the package and brought it into the shop the atmosphere changed. He wasn’t sure if it was just him or his perception because of his calmed mood. There was something the shop keeper said to him that he couldn’t shake. It echoed in his head repeatedly.

The elect shall possess light, joy and peace, and they shall inherit the earth. (Enoch 5:7 {6:9})

Abel’s knowledge of the bible and its verses was vast but never had he heard this quote in any of the bible’s he’s read. The only one to come close was in Mathew 5:5; Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth. Abel knew from the time he was abel to read that he was unlike kids his age. While they were receiving the weekly reader in school ordering books like____,______________,___ and_______. He was at ancient ruin sites with his foster father. Even when his foster father dropped him at the doorsteps of the academy he said one thing before he left. “NEVER leave this place without leaving a return address. You will never have to want for anything
g. Not money, riches or wisdom. I will give you everything! I will always send you findings that will take you with me all over the world gaining knowledge and then understanding.” And he did just as he promised and Abel received all. He knew money and riches were not the same and that knowledge came before understanding. Sometimes you are given gifts that you have yet to understand exactly why they are gifts.

His first gift was sand in a locket . He still wears the locket even though he has yet to understand the meaning behind it. It was a gold vial with a red ruby on it delivered to him around 3 years of age. It was a faint memory but he could hear the quote his nanny repeated each night before he was put to bed. She repeated it until the next gift arrived.

Abel shook off the memory it always brought about ill dreams that raced in his head well after awakening.

“So, I see you picked up a package today.” Tamar reached for the package. Abel swooped in and grabbed it.
“Yes earlier...Let me go put it up. I promised not to open it until my birthday.” Tamar looked down at Abel and nodded. She towered over him standing at 7’1. But her height never seemed odd.
The bell rang above the café door causing the attention from Tamar to shift. Tamar continued to talk about the constant trips abel was making to the Calling. Her voice remained but it was faint, just above a whisper. Abel’s focus was on the two gentlemen that moved gracefully through a crowd of stoic people. Their mouths were moving the sound was muffled and layered by Tamar’s whispers.
“You know what we are here for.”
Abel squinted and stared ahead. His eye lids fluttered with speed opening and shutting with in milliseconds.
“You might as well hand it over.”
The two men stood in front of him and waited. Unsure if what he should say or do Abel spoke. “What can I get for you?”

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Submitted: February 08, 2017

No childhood memory. Scents and feeling. He is a Jr. professor/researcher that does historical book research and findings. Tat on back slowly reveals revelations full grail. That was missing in the last book Abel received. It was what saved her from Jurelle getting the rest of the information to turn her.
Abel hates surprises- he doesn’t believe in planning events for HIM… slow up because the party they have forAabel is where they ty to get the book from him. Jurelle uses the attraction Felicity has for him to get into the house…looking for key elements to get the view of Abels books.
Felicity is battling between the good and evil in her. She is a descendant of a fallen but a stronger faith angel who paired with a weak person of the flesh (a whore) who still had a pinch of faith. So, the need for her to join Neph and Jurelle circle so it can be complete is grave.

Think back to your dreams of the good bad battles and the lightening striking you for bad thoughts…temptation… but you are guarded. Felicity burn also come clear when Abel grows strong.

Skectehd scripture on her back but stops… the rest is imbedded in her spirit. She zones out and her hand just starts writing

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