Black Out

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This is a short story about a girl who takes life for granted. This takes place in 1977, New York City. I hope you like it, I probably have a lot of errors, since I have not revised yet.

Submitted: February 08, 2017

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Submitted: February 08, 2017



There was a girl who lived in New York City. New York city through her eyes was overpopulated and polluted. She thought she had a bad life and always wanted to have new things. But in reality, her life was great, compared to the less fortunate. New York city was not bad at all, compared to other towns.  One day, while the sun sets fast, she was walking downtown, she was heading to a friends house. She passed a man, who was blind, who was asking for money. She stopped, looked, and continued walking. dirty clothes. She laughed. She past the poorer part of town. She looked and said those homes were better than hers.Then, suddenly, everything goes black. She panics, and people scream. People shove her, and she falls to the ground. She hears glass was broken, the smell of smoke from the fire and she feels broken shards of glass on the ground. Car lights flash on and off. The only thing still shining was the moon.Then the girl realized that this must what it feels like to people who can’t afford things. Dark. Chaos all the time. She thought that her home was better than the people down the street. She thought that she has been so rude to her parents, by constantly wanting the next newest thing. She could be the one making her parents work and work more and more. She thought about how she has to change the way she thinks of life, and not be so selfish.The girl turns around, to head back home. On the way, she goes into the bakery to buy bread. She sets money behind the counter. She walks into the clothing store and buys some new clothes, but not for herself. She also saves some money. She walked past the small houses, giving bread to the hungry children. She walked past the children with dirty clothes and gives them the ones she bought earlier and gives them the bread that she had left over. Finally, she walks to the man and gives him $10 and a new blanket from the thrift store. She walks home.

“ Oh Lily, you’re ok!” her mom says, running to give her a hug. Her father gives her a bag, with the new tie dye blouse that she wanted so badly. But she doesn’t take it. “ Mom, Dad, I realized that I been so selfish and I totally don’t deserve anything.” She says, looking at the ground.  “ It’s ok to have things sweetie, but you just can’t have anything in the world.” Her dad says. “ I just want to spend more time with you guys, and try not to want everything in the world.” She states. The parents look at each other and then turn to Lily. “ Well take some more time off work,” her mom tells her. “ Thank you guys, I love you.”





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