Which, Is It, Dumper?

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Submitted: February 08, 2017

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Submitted: February 08, 2017



This morning, on every news channel, President Dump made his case for why the immigration ban should be reinstated, 'because there are much worse threats out there than the public realizes,' he claims. So, which should we believe, Don-Boy, the intelligence community that you disparaged as wrong, incompetent, and not to be trusted, or the intelligence community that is keeping a wary eye on the threats from around the globe? 


Which is it, Dump? You'll say anything, as long as it suits your interests, and you don't give a shit what it'll mean for tomorrow, as long as you get that candy today! This reaffirms my assertion that you're the word's first 70 year old 5th grader.If it's reinstated, chaos will ensue, but you don't care. Just so you win. Well, which is it, Dumper? The intelligence community is either right, or, like you said about possible Russian hacking into our election, incompetent? And thank you for ruling by fear!

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