Your Eyes

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Inspired by a quote from an old friend.

Submitted: February 08, 2017

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Submitted: February 08, 2017



Your Eyes



I looked in to your reflective lends and what I saw was a multitude of indescribable…well, it was indescribable. But let me try my best. I looked and I saw…


I saw years of repression and obsession and depression. I saw memories of a war-torn soldier who had never been across the seas, and a heart covered in even more scars than those on the skin. I saw a small child locked away in a shell of her own design, crying and insecure, teased and abused and unwilling to face the bullies of the world. I saw the sadness hidden away behind black veils that thrived forever with no outlet and no one to diminish it and release the happiness it kept in chains.


But I looked and I saw too that happiness still alive, still fighting, and still hoping for freedom and singing to the sun. I saw what was left of caring and love, battered but still digging for the surface. I saw a barrage of neon colors illuminating the blackness like a swarm of half crazed fireflies freed from their jars and in to the night.


Your lips were sealed, you refused to speak. But I looked in to your mirrors that take in more than they put out and I saw not my own reflection, but rather I saw yours. I looked and I saw

"Your Eyes,  

They say a lot more than you do."

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