Autumn leaves

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Submitted: February 08, 2017

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Submitted: February 08, 2017



I keep thinking about her smile. It spreads across her face like a positive infection, and it infects me too. 

She's infected me with herself. This doesn't make sense, I know. 

Her smile radiates something spectacular that I can't quite name. It spreads her whole face into something so different to every other expression I've ever seen. It spreads her nose out and widens her face. No, this isnt a flattering description, but believe me, its infallible.

Isn't it funny how people can love the most unexpected parts of a person. She knows the areas I love about her body, but it's her presence too. I love everything to do with her. I love her face when we argue, I love her face when she's comforting me. It's so perculiar. 

It's just her eyes, they catch me every second I'm with her. It's like I'm a deer in headlights, shell shocked. It's the angular turn they take when she smiles and how when she's peacefully sleeping, she looks so optimistic.

The autumn trees at college remind me of her, they're like this unnamable mixture of light and dark, they're beautiful and so full of life. Everything reminds me of her. Everything is so symbolic of her and her exceptional capability to amaze me.


Even the 'automatic fire door keep clear' sign on the doors remind me of her. The perfect curvature of the machine cut circle, that has the strange ability to remind me of her hips. I know, I talk about her hips, but they're full and are, for sure the work of a perfectionist. From the small faint stretch marks, to her permanent goose bumps, it's all perfect to me. I'm with a woman and a strong woman at the least, that's what stretch marks mean, they're like an award for being such an unbelievable and exceptional being.

She holds so much power but She never over rules me, she loves me. She loves every part of me with her every being. I talk of reciprocated love, but for once I feel like I belong and I can't tell you, even though I am you, how amazing and freeing that feels.

I don't have to be hard on myself.

I am me and she is her. She loves me for me and I love her for her. She signifies everything I want and everything I need.

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