A Free Haircut

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What appears to be an accident at the barbershop turns out to be a well-thought-out plan.

Submitted: February 08, 2017

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Submitted: February 08, 2017



A Free Haircut

BLAKE Buford, a middle-aged man with a head full of hair, had his hair cut once every two months, usually on a Saturday. He lived with his family in a small townhouse near the town’s only gas station. It had been two months since his last haircut, and today was Saturday. So he put on a shirt with a breast pocket, used the bathroom, and went out to the barbershop.

Fifteen minutes later, Blake walked into the barbershop and was told to wait a while since the only barber was cutting another customer’s hair. He sat and started reading the only newspaper available in the barbershop. The television was also on, showing a soccer match. So he was listening to the match while reading the paper.

It was a quite Saturday afternoon and after waiting a while, it was his turn. Blake got up from the chair which he sat while waiting, put down the newspaper, and walked to the only barber chair in the barbershop. It was red and worn out. There was a big mirror and a low shelf in front of him. Displaying on the shelf were barber tools like clippers, scissors, shears, and barber blade.

“Hi Blake”, the barber greeted him.

“Hi Tim.”

“How would you like it this time?”

“A flattop, please. Thanks.”

 “The usual, right?”

“Yes. Thanks, Tim.”

“Sure! One flattop coming right up.”

Blake sat up straight in the red barber chair and closed his eyes. He could hear the soccer match on TV. Tim, the barber, went to work but stopped every now then and turned to watch TV. There was no hurry, and there was no worry since Blake was his only customer now.

It took Tim twenty-two minutes to give Blake the flattop. After that it was time to shave off hair on the back of his neck and his sideburns. Blake liked his sideburns short, even with the upper-middle part of his ears. For this task, Tim used his barber blade and began shaving, but every now and then he turned to watch TV. The soccer match was getting more exciting, so Tim kept one eye on Blake and the barber blade and one eye on the TV.

After the shaving was over, Tim declared “you are good to go.”

Blake checked himself in the mirror and felt satisfied with what he saw except there was blood dripping down from his left sideburn on to his shirt.

“Tim?” Blake blurted.


“I think you cut me with your barber blade.”

“I did? Where?” Tim said while checking his barber blade.

 “Near my left ear.”

“Really? I don’t see any blood on my barber blade.”

“Well, you cut me, and I’m bleeding pretty badly.”

“I’m sorry,” Tim said while using a cotton ball to stop the blood near Blake’s left ear.

“I might have to see a doctor for this,” said Blake.

“I’m so sorry, Blake,” Tim said again.

“I’m not paying for the haircut,” Blake said bluntly.

“What? I said I was sorry. It was an accident”

“I’m not going to pay you, Tim.”

Tim gave it a thought and said, “ok, Blake. The flattop is on the house this time.”

Blake got up from the barber chair and walked out of the barbershop.

Fifteen minutes later, Blake arrived at home, went to the bathroom, and smiled at himself in the mirror. He unbuttoned his shirt and pulled out a small razor blade from its breast pocket. On the razor blade was his own blood stain.

The End




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