Love Is

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What is love? Just my opinion.

Submitted: February 08, 2017

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Submitted: February 08, 2017



Love Is


Love doesn’t just give up.

Love is a persistent bastard that refuses to die like the coniferous pine that stands tall and glows green even in the dull gray of winter, and in fact all year long without fail. Love is a stubborn bitch not unlike the wayward spider that, despite being crushed beneath your boot, is still crawling along.


Love is the unimaginable picture of hope in a hopeless world, Love is the fuel that drives so many to do great and things, both good and horrid, but the point is…


Love is.


Love is power and Love is weakness, Love is a confliction of countless contradictions that don’t exist but affects us more than most things in this upside down world where gravity keeps us grounded and right side up when Love tosses us in the air as if we were just mere molecules and elements to be inhaled by broken hearts and engaged Lovers.


Love is a spiteful, raw, and bitter monstrosity that deals more damage than any physical trauma can traumatize, make us weep more than any willow, or teach us to sing more than any song bird. Love is the cruelest of masters and we its eager slaves under its cracking whip, cutting deep with every snap from the inside out. And Love is the most benevolent and caring healer, able to bind a heart broken in pieces and even clear the scars.

Love is a poets best friend, worst enemy, and greatest muse.


Love is a two way street but both vehicles are accelerating in different directions in one lane, headlong and swerving to get out of the way, but they just find themselves barreling towards each other again in what they can only hope is a warm and eternal embrace and not a crash and burn situation.


It is the difference between making Love and fucking.


Love is an unending compromise that travels down a broken boulevard and fields of poison ivy, where your troubles aren’t your own and your secrets can kill, especially the small ones.

But above all Love Is the sullen boy with the insomnia stained eyes looking in to irises of the girl he thought could never be, and she can read his every emotion. Above all Love is the woman who had all but given up until that man took her by the hand. Above all Love is one soul finding what it didn’t know it was missing. Above all Love is saying “it’s okay” and it actually is. Above all Love is never giving up, never giving in, never admitting defeat. Above all Love is fighting for what you know you need,  Love is compromising not because you have to but because you want to.


Love is changing not for someone, but because of someone.


Above all Love is a persistent bastard.

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