Who is a Good Teacher?

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Hai, Recently I have witnessed students-teacher agitations throughout Kerala. Here I wish to express my thoughts on student-teacher relationships.

Submitted: February 09, 2017

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Submitted: February 09, 2017



Who Is a Good Teacher?

ANUJA JOSEPH, Trivandrum

“Guys, stop talking, Arundhathi Mam is coming”, they whispered at me. When I reached the door, classroom, and pin drop silence. Oh! Sorry, I forget to introduce me; Myself Arundhathi, Lecturer in Management Studies, native of Kerala. I am talking about my students, MBA students. These days I am totally confused while describing the qualities of a good teacher. Recently we have witnessed students’ agitations against faculties and college governing authorities. Each and every student problems, finally public will crucify the opposite parties. So a question always comes to mind,” Who is a good teacher? I am also in the teaching field past five years. Years ago, there was only gurukulam tradition exists in our country. That time, Shisya (Student) undergoes hard learning programs; finally he became a knowledgeable person. There also prevailed purity in the student-teacher relationships. Nowadays, what happened to this relationship? Why students are considering teachers as their enemies?

In most of the recent incidents, teachers are responsible. At school days, the role of teacher is a parent. That’s why parents are trusted the teachers for their children’s’ future. During college days, I think, the role of teacher is not a parent only, but as a friend, philosopher, mentor likewise be changed. There are three ego states in men-child ego, adult ego and parent ego ; The students were always in adult ego stage, that time, the teachers having both adult and parent ego state. Otherwise teachers couldn’t understand the students’ problems, what they are feeling.

As a teacher, one should have empathy towards their students. Then only, the students will trust and communicate their problems. Teachers and students are not rulers and slaves. Both of them have the freedom to express their views. When the students are moving towards low standard activities, then a teacher can interfere in the matter. It’s a teachers’ responsibility to protect their students’ life .Then we have to define “low standard activities”. It’s quite different for each one. Ones’ positives became negatives for another one. Anything that harms the students’ present and future life could consider as bad. In this, teacher could be in parent mode. When our children made mistakes, naturally we will correct them.  That correction is not for their destruction. It’s the duty of teachers to convince the students whatever they have done for them. Misunderstandings, absence of trust and lack of communication by the side of students and teachers causes problems.

Finally, for teachers and students, “Education is a commitment between dedicated teachers, motivated students and enthusiastic parents with high expectations”.



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