Love Her Like Your Mother

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Love any Lady you are fortunate to have who loves you like her brother

Love Her Like Your Mother

(Dedicated to all the good Females out there)


She is more than a gift, again and again

So, treat her not with scorn and disdain

She may love you more than is desired

So make her feel more than just admired


You must know loving you that much

Makes her vulnerable and too fragile

So love her passed any of those such

For many out there will die to make her agile


You need not have a degree in divinity

To know you should love her to infinity

And do not rush to walk into her vicinity

But Godly wait in respect of her virginity


When you finally say “Yes I Do” to her

You can make her feel your masculinity

For now you rightly have the right to her

Love and taste the serenity of her virginity


She is not a ball to be hit with your mallet

Make her worthily ace in fit of your wallet

God created her out of you; so if she errs

It’s a manifestation of your nature; so hers


Could be forgiven and shut into oblivion

Then love her like you would your mother

And she will always feel safe in the union

And not bother that she has left her mother


And father and siblings to start a family

With you; tomorrow she will tear in tears

To birth your child; this is worth your fears

To see her hurt you should rather die happily




When I am in your presence

I feel the meaning of life’s essence

And will forever strive to be the best

So you are safe and can forget about the rest


I will take you to places you’ve never been

To show you all the things you’ve never seen

Don’t worry about the presence of any stranger

Since you’re all that matters to me, I will be your ranger


Today as you become a year older

Those who pray you are underrated

They will see your smiles and become colder

When they realise you more than just overrated


The distance between the deep sea

And the high sky is unequal to

Submitted: February 09, 2017

© Copyright 2022 Terfa Meshach MC. All rights reserved.

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