How to go to work.

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Walk out the door. Lock it carefully. Walk down the hall and press the elevator's button. Wait patiently for it to come to your floor. Realize you forgot your wallet. Walk back to your door, unlock it, get in. Go into your room, then to your bedside table. Forget what you're looking for. Sigh and concentrate. Give up on remembering. Walk out the door again. Look at the elevator's opening doors. Remember your wallet. Go back inside, shaking your head. This time, go look for it in the living room. Find it under the couch. Stop at the door. Wonder whether you should take your umbrella with you or not. Take a quick look out the window and decide not to. Walk out, lock the door again. Watch as the elevator's doors close. Press the button again. Wait for it to go all the way up to the last floor, then all the way down to ground level, without stopping at yours. Look at your watch. Hear the familiar 'ding' and enter the elevator. Press the button. Observe the stillness of the elevator. Press the button again. Press it a third time. Be annoyed. Reach for the button again, but stop as the doors finally close. Go down a few levels, reflecting about the dependence we have created towards machinery in general. Have your thoughts interrupted when your lovely neighbor walks in. Try to be pleasantly responsive when she smiles at you. Fail. Admire her beauty as discretely as possible. Be suddenly aware of how much she's aware of your staring. Try to think of something smart or witty to say. Try harder. Feel like you've been in this elevator for weeks. Open your mouth. Close it. Be relieved when she gets out on ground level. Hesitate. Follow her into the street. Think of something brilliant to tell her. Notice she's gone. Look up to the sunny, blue sky, and be glad you decided not to bring your umbrella with you. Get in a hurry. Go down the stairs that lead to the subway. Try to go through the ticket gate. Be warned by a tiny screen that your pass is out of credits. Groan. Get in line for the ticket booth. Find out halfway through that you're in the wrong line. Get back in line, making sure it's the right one this time. Purchase a ticket. Go through the gate and wait for the train, among a few other people. Think it's a little strange that there are so few people for a Thursday morning. Watch the train arrive and come to a stop. Politely wait for people to get out before you get in. Rejoice spotting several empty seats and pick one by the window. Estimate you will not be that late to work after all. Relax in your seat and watch the stations go by, one by one. Stand up and get out when you've reached your destination. Be surprised by heavy rain when you go back out in the street. Measure the distance between the station and your work place in your head. Consider running to it. Consider waiting for the rain to stop. Remember you so cleverly have stocked a fresh change of clothes in your locker, at the office. Smile to yourself and at your brightness and run under the rain. Get soaked. Stop at your work's building shut doors. Realize it is actually Sunday. 

Submitted: February 09, 2017

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Great, the way your character went back in, forgot what they were looking for, went out and repeated the whole thing. I've been through that same thing many times. And that final sentence.....Brilliant!

Sun, February 12th, 2017 8:04pm


Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed this short bit!

Sun, February 12th, 2017 3:06pm

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