david's favourite face

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this story describes david,

Submitted: February 09, 2017

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Submitted: February 09, 2017



David was 12 years old when he got his first mobile phone.
He soon downloaded social media, chatted with friends and eventually discovered emojis. He loved emojis so much that 60-80% of his sentences were composed of emojis.

His friends began to be annoyed by his emoji use and told him that David was overdoing it, but David went on using a lot of emojis and never ever thought about reducing his emoji use. He soon used his mum's credit card to buy t-shirts mugs and emoji phone cases. Many of his friends noticed David got less and less emotional in real life. One of his friends, John told David that he was very easily annoyed when interrupted when using his phone. David told john that there was nothing to worry about. John didn't trust David and called his parents. They were shocked to hear that David attacked anyone who dared to interrupt his phone usage.  

3 days later John was found dead in his room with a smile carved into his face. David was never suspected of anything because only Johns fingerprints were found on the knife so the police assumed he committed suicide by carving a smile into his face. Over the years more and more children with smiles carved into their face's were found but David was never suspected.  Every victim also had a small incision made in their carotid artery to make sure they bled to death. David enjoyed his work so much that he decided to flood the school sarin gas. David distributed the gas by using the central air conditioning system. Sadly, David underestimated the toxicity of sarin gas and died.

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david's favourite face

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