the hero

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
short story about a small village and the scary dog /wolf !

Submitted: February 09, 2017

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Submitted: February 09, 2017



The Hero

of dusky  nights , a Poor Man who live lonely  in  scary village working in a farm so he can have money  . All the town's residents fled  due to thánatos (???????) the half dog, his name mean death in grecian and it's JEAN 's one ,thánatos was a human being the  Transformation started after the civil war  when he was appart of Defensive army !  So Jean The man  decided to take a bath in foggy weather to relax,The wind blows everywhere It sounds like a violin that is not tuned ! The windows and the door shaken once  a truck passed next to his house . will say that it's an earthquake ! Cloud after cloud Taste water aftertaste water   it 's seems like a background , wallpaper of Horror Film ,  Jean Plunges in the bath . SUDDENLY a scream launches on the other side ,he  takes a wet  bath cover  and run over the sound to look up  what happned ,He found out thanatos next to a dead bodycovred by blood  and a letter in his left hand written on i will never forgive u iwill never forgive u thanatos i thought u're beside us and i'm here to kill ur shiny star from ur family skyi ruled the world  with these hands i shook people in this  ground and now it's time to be killed if u didn't come to OH5487 u gonna se the worst things happening to ur mother ...  ! !Jean called the police he showed up the letter , one of them remeber his best friend !!!  few hours and after legal proceeding they found a band of killers related to  that they were looking for long time so far  , the police found his best friend it was the hero that he did save lot's of people And the Senior Leader  invited Jean to work and bring his dog his hero to the office . The more you transport the anger of to-day; , The less you take advantage of the beautiful things of today! Jean and thanatos continued there  life full of happiness ! hope you enjoy this short story to be continued !

The hero written by Akira biersack !

© Copyright 2018 Akira Biersack . All rights reserved.

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