Something About Her

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I am only halfway through writing this story but I wanted to get some feedback. Thanks guys!

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Submitted: February 09, 2017

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Submitted: February 09, 2017



Bubbles bounce like cheerful jellyfish against one another, linking together as they rise, up and up, allowing more atoms inside the gas to explore their new colleagues. Air bursts from the little mouths of thousands of different species of sea life. From purple shining seahorses to yellow and black eels, everything produces light so bright that one would need to squint their eyes in order to see the beauty which lies in the depths. Little ripples form every time an octopus riggles a tentacle, every time a piece of coral breaks off and is devoured by predators.

This life forms when water meets sand. When we aren’t to shut into our everyday lives, and we pay attention to the world beneath the heel of our foot. Somewhere, there are undiscovered species wanting to be discovered, creatures that we can only picture in our imagination. For all we know, there could be invisible fish with rainbow eyes somewhere in the deep blue H20, but no one will ever know because these days we shove our noses behind screens and don’t look up until two hours later. There are those kind of people.

And then there are people who discover for the fame and fortune. There is the kind who will fight others just to achieve the title of a oceanographer. They don’t care what happens to the animals after, whether or not they become extinct, or become guinea pigs for scientists all over the world. They just want people to know their name.

But I was the kind of person who would explore for the knowledge. I used to look at the ocean with admiration, wishing I could dive into its waters and release all stress, all thoughts of my everyday life. There are also those kind of people. But now I glance at the ocean with horror and rage. I will never again explore the thing that took her, skewered her with coral and teeth. I won’t ever see beauty in such a horrible thing again.

It was a humid day, the air dripping with heat. These days are common, here in Miami, but I can say with certainty that it isn’t everyday you get a super hot girl to slip into a bikini and dive into the water with you. Her face lit up with enthusiasm when I told her we would go, and I remember our exact words.

I walked up to her and said hello. She responded with her usual greeting.

“Well, if it isn’t Ethan Parker. How are you doing lately?”

“I’m doing okay. And you?

“A little bored these days.”

“Well, school is almost out, so,” but then she cut me off.

“Actually, it’s not school. Since it is almost summer, I’ve been wanting to take a beach vacation. I love the hot weather, and Alaska isn’t exactly warm. But mom says that isn’t sensible. In her mind, beaches are where girls and guys get a little too drunk, and what they are doing goes a little over their head. That is where girls take inappropriate selfies and guys start to show off their tan. I’ve told her that wouldn’t influence me, but she says we can’ it. At least there are photos of the ocean.” She says the last sentence with a sigh. I look at the clock, and realize school is over.

“Well, I best be going. Mom will kill me if I’m late getting home.” As I start to walk out, I listen her say the best four words I could possibly hear.

“Will you take me?” Her mouth is stick straight, but her eyes are hopeful. I see them glisten in the light.

“But your mother,”

“Won’t care. I will pay with my own money. I will organize. Please? After all, it could be...romantic.”

“If you can’t afford it, then,”

“Ethan Parker, are you avoiding me?” Even though she is only joking, it rubs me wrong.

“Of course not.”

“Then why not?! It could be fun. We will take a car ride, go to the movies. I will chip in.”

“I will take you, under one circumstance.”

“And that is?”

“I pay for everything.” See, the truth is, I had 981 dollars saved up in total. The hotel would cost 200 dollars, food 100 and snorkeling 300. I had enough to give her a magical 3 days.


“Evelyn,” I said, mimicking her in a funny way, “I will pay. I can afford it.”

“See you this Saturday?” This Saturday was the first day of summer. Tomorrow

“See you then. I will pick you up at your house at 8 o’clock.”

“Thank you.”

“Your welcome.”

That night, I found my journal tucked into the 46th book on my first shelf, Sea Life, and wrote and wrote my one fear of taking her.

People aren’t made to breathe underwater. A bubble grows bigger as it reaches the surface. It floats up and up, the atoms in the gas bouncing around like tiny seashells. When they get to the surface, they burst. Now, that isn’t dangerous for the bubble. But if you are scuba diving, you will only receive little bubbles of air and they will make their way into your bloodstream. If you don’t follow a specific pattern as you go up to the surface, those bubbles will expand. If you reach the waves to quickly, those bubbles with explode within you. You will burst.

I pushed my journal back into the book hastily and gasped for air, my throat closing and filling with water. Soon, I was trapped under the surface, seaweed wrapped around my feet. Though I had blurry vision, I could see Evelyn viciously swinging her arms around her torso, trying to break loose. Her entire body began to swell, her ankles bulging. Soon, there was a red splurt and I saw her heart lying on the reef, still pumping. Her chest looked like she had swallowed a bomb. Because of those horrid little bubbles, she had exploded. Darkness came, and right before I never saw light again, I grabbed her heart and dug around her body for a hole. When I found it, I shoved her heart back in her. She would never see light, and it was all my fault.

I had awoken that night, a mixture of sweat and tears running down my face. Looking over at the clock, I realized it was 3 am. Then, I added a few words to my journal to remind me that I must protect her.

If you don’t want her to die, you must protect her with your life. You must be a hero.

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