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Short 200 word story focusing on a different vision for where paradise could be found.

Submitted: February 09, 2017

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Submitted: February 09, 2017




By J.E.Eckardt


‘Miranda, come back!’

Ignoring the chasing voices Miranda giggled to herself as she ran over the stony shore hopping lightly from stone to pebbly beach and into the tumultuous waters embrace.

Her light dress wrapped itself tightly around her body, but offered little protection against the icy cold water that took her breath away in a shocked gasp.

The blue sea was calling her with the sounds of crashing waves and the smell of sea salt. It was a call louder than any voice could ever be, for it was one that called to the soul, beckoning her into its watery paradise.

Life! This was what the sea represented. A world filled with exotic creatures that moved and danced to a never ending rhythm. A world of strange and mysterious plant-life, rocks and shells that had stood for years immeasurable and unknowable.

It was a world with its own rules, led by a beautiful mistress cruel to any fool enough to challenge or tame her.

Now floating on her back, Miranda closed her eyes and let herself peacefully drift away.

This was a perfect world and one that was hidden away beneath liquid clouds that is the timeless sea.  

© Copyright 2018 J. E. Eckardt. All rights reserved.

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