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Submitted: February 09, 2017

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Submitted: February 09, 2017



"This is it" I said to Timothy " we're done for." He shook his head in disagreement. 
  The ground quaked and a mighty roar rang out behind us, and even as we turned to look at the dragon, we started to run.
As we ran through the ruins of a once mighty castle we got confused, with all the identical pillars and stairways, and were lost. Lost like the rats in the mazes of the white coats, except there wasn't any cheese at the end for us. Lost like Hanzel and Gretel, except we didn't have a trail of crumbs. 
The dragons claws hit a pillar and shook the ground once more. I saw a door and risked calling out "Timothy!" I yelled " there's a door over here!". I got to the door and threw it open, luckily it was unlocked and leaded to a cellar, which, I hoped, lead out side. I turned to see Timothy running towards me and reached out to swing him in, I stopped, the dragon whined and crashed to the ground. The sound it made was so sad I felt tears. I turned back to look at the dragon that I had been running from only moments before, to see what had caused such a mighty creature to make such a sad sound. 
As I turned I saw a handsome man in a chest plate, holding a rather large broadsword, was standing next to the dragon. At first glance he looked heroic, but there was something about him of a monsters cast.

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