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Submitted: February 09, 2017

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Submitted: February 09, 2017



“WE’RE OUT’A CAKES” yelled Dave over the sound of firework explosions, in case you didn’t know “cakes” are aerial fireworks used by professionals; they aren't always called “cakes”, but we’ve been together for long enough to have our own slang. Also, if we were out of cakes we would in big trouble. Cakes are our most used firework and we needed at least seven more to get through this show ; we’re at some rich person’s house, I think the name was Richardson or somethin’, doing a show. We have at least half an hour left maybe more, they did pay quite a lot though. we have all the best fireworks out on their account and they can not complain about our gang today. First off they might not pay us as much and second we might just get the boot, a few too many people have been complaining about us lately.

I started toward the open area of a parking lot where Dave was setting off the fireworks. There was a thick crowd for only being rich folks en’ caterers, and well us. As the crowd shifted I caught sight of Dave, he’s the main lighter as we call em’, and he was busy stalin’ using a mite too much of the little fireworks. As I got up near im’ he saw me and said, or rather yelled “WE GOT ANY IN THE CAMPER?” as another on of the little ones went off. I responded with “I’m on my way to check now, but i’ma get you some more little’uns too.” I guess I wasn’t loud enough because he just gave me a blank look and nodded slowly, he looked, for all the world, like he was humoring a small child.

Kitty should be out by the camper, but I’d bet my best lighter she hadn’t heard Dave yell. I got to the camper and opened the door, Kitty must’ve gone to get a bite. At the moment I turned on the light I knew we were in deep; I thoroughly looked over the stock, only to find no more aerial fireworks we were dead out of everything.

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