Bullets Everywhere

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Submitted: February 09, 2017

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Submitted: February 09, 2017



England, 1999, Bob were driving on the misty streets of London, suddenly he passed in front of Archy's, a pub where the scum of the city get together; burglars, killers, money launderers and gamblers. So, Bob remebered that Lenny was owing money to him. Lenny was a gambler, the most treacherous type of gambler. They didn't get along very well.

Entering the pub, Bob quickly found Lenny. He put away his glass of scotch and started running from Bob. Bob pursued him. The two left the pub throgh the back door. On the alley, Bob was surprised, Lenny had some thugs on his side, but Bob did not even blink. Bob picked up his shinny desert eagle and asked politely in a certain way for the money – Give me my money your bastard-

-I don't owe you a penny punk- said Lenny.

-Skip the small talk and pass me the money- Bob replied

After a few words the two sides started the shooting, Lenny hid behind some rubbish cans while Bob and his thugs were trying to kill each other.

One minute later the bullets stopped, Lenny got up and saw everyone on the floor, but Bob was still breathing. Lenny then picked up a gun on the floor and went towards Bob.

-Say your last words!- said Lenny with a big smile

Almost passing away, Bob put his hand on his pocket and babbled something, Lenny bent to hear what Bob is saying.

-...o-ohana...means family... your bastard- said Bob with a grenade pin on his hand.

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