Turners capture

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Submitted: February 09, 2017

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Submitted: February 09, 2017



“Attention! Cryo-containment system is at 34%” the complexes’’ computer alerted through its network of speakers.  The explosion consumed biolab2, sending a chocking black wall of smoke throughout the hallways leading to it. “Sir,” The leader of a containment squad remarked, once they arrived at the laboratory, “It’s here.” “Is the weapon ready?” “That’s the problem! it ain’t here!” He yelled over the intercom. People lost limbs from the fiery explosion, while blood from others who werekilled splattered the walls. The more I observed the conditions it became very clear that Trinitus raided us. “Alert all crewmembers, we’ve got ourselves another war to fight.” I remarked to the complexes’ computer. Deep down, however, I had a gut wrenching feeling this was going to be my last war I would fight. The wailing of the siren filled all hallways and rooms, soldiers rushed to the armory to secure their weapons. “Alex, I’m detecting an enemy vessel approaching,” Aiden, my lutienant announced as he monitored the complexes’ vast sensor arrays.

“Tibus is in command again” minter, my chief of combat operation exclaimed to me. “Let him come.” “Are you MAD? He’ll destroy this place!” “I’ve learned to never move to the offensive until the enemy is weakened, thus, I’m ordering all mines in his domain to be terminated.” I replied, and got up to leave. “I won’t tell her.” “Thanks Minter” I replied, before walking to the 12 man transport shuttle that waited in a nearby hanger. My men were glad about me accompanying them on this mission, since Samantha ordered Turner to forbid that I go on such missions. “Here’s to our success, our new advanced combat technology, and the best admiral there is.” The fourth soldier remarked, before we all drank our beer bottles dry.


The shuttle left the vicinity of the base, heading towards our first target of seven extraction sites. The ride toward the war zone was filled with the cheerful conversation about past victories my men took part in. “Hold on, I’m detecting some strange pulsations located near the mine.” The shuttles sensor operator remarked, after confronting me about another issue. “Is it related with trintus?” “No, nor us. The technology is far more advanced than what I am expecting.”  “Dock with it, at least we can possibly end this violent war.” I replied, and then we resumed our conversation. “Some thing’s not normal; I mean Alex never acts this way normally.” “Look, you’re just over re-acting, everything’ll be fine.” His friend remarked, as the craft landed on the fertile soil of the planet. I led my men off the shuttle, and the trek to the device began. The thick leaves were the perfect concealment, but the heat along with the humidity became unbearable 4 hours later. “What is this?” The third man in the 4-man party commented, as we confronted the golden dome. At the domes top, was a segmented tip. We had no clue about what built it, so we entered the golden dome via a 34-foot tall arch shaped entrance. Inside, was the odd marking of some unknown civilization. “Sir, I’m receiving a signal from our cruiser.” The device powered up, operating from an exotic power source. “Evidently, sentinel devices are advanced.” “But, I don’t know how this even was built.” “Never mind that,” I remarked, trintus is at it again” I commented, and we all stepped into the time bridge.

Trintus already boarded my cruiser, as those who resisted, were killed by the deployment of a nurthum pulse. “Search this vessel for that scepter! Let no one try to conceal it! I must employ its full energy to transverse the time continuum,” He ordered the soldiers that accompanied him. They cloaked their suits, and began their aggressive search. The soldiers brutally slaughtered anyone that concealed its coordinates, until one of them forced a security dimensional override of the files encryption. “Sir, I’ve retrieved the coordinates, what do you want done to the cruiser and its cargo?” “Terminate their existence, for I now know exactly where the system is located.” “Shall we destroy the cruiser?” “No, keep the cruiser intact” Trintus ordered, and his squad opened fire, their weapons were effective since, the crewmembers that were onboard my cruiser were dead by the time my squad and I arrived. “  He’s been here, yet he’s wiped out my entire crew” I helplessly remarked, as 2 men in my squadron carried the bodies to a locked section of the cruiser for storage.

“Sir, I do recall that some of you crew managed to hide in the fighter bays and cargo bays” Minter reported, after he scanned the entire ship for life forms. “He also accessed a file of unknown origin; I’ll have to engage the cruisers’ recursive access program to retrieve any reminisce of what it was on” The 7th man explained, before embarking to the computers auxiliary access cortex room on the Engineering deck. “If I may suggest this one possibility,” “Fine Aiden” I remarked, and intently listened to his explanation. “They bypassed glesis-581D, found out the Rosen-bridges coordinates for its power source and it’s in a zone we’ve never had to enter.” I perked up at this new Intel I was told. “Is our trans-dimensional amplifiers functional?” I inquired over the intercom. “Yes we can only use the system to enter the zone, where we’ll have to locate and stop trintus,” my third Lutienant explained, sitting in the seat beside me. “ Begin entry, & prepare for combat on arrival” I sternly ordered, before dismissing the brief meeting.

My men scrambled around the cruiser. Some entered the fail-safe overload sequence codes, while others adjusted the cruisers systems for entry. “ All fail-safes and systems are adjusted, commence portal entry” My lutienant announced, as I observed the massive blue portal expand in front of my vessel, engulfing us into the zone. “All beacons have self activated” My third general remarked, until a warning was displayed on his consoles screen: ENEMY PRESENCE DETECTED IN ENGINEERING DECK, INITIATING EMERGENCY DEFENCE PROTOCOL TO ENSURE CREW SURVIVAL.

I immediately went down to that deck with my pulse rifle, while a team of soldiers mobilized to seal off the power cores. The room was dead silent; suddenly I saw the target place a small object next to one of the power cores. “DROP YOUR WEAPON & STAND DOWN!” I yelled, advancing toward the man with my gun ready to fire. “No!” The soldier remarked, and pointed a black scepter at me, “I will take out your cruiser!” He yelled aiming the scepter at the closest power core, a blue light slowly grew around its tip, and I knew he would kill himself and my crew. “Fine, I’ll surrender my vessel, just tell us where to go” The man had an evil grin consume his face and lowered the scepter. “ I never thought you, of all people, would surrender to spare the lives of your crew” He told me, I looked away from the satanic gaze of his eyes, “ The one you loved so dearly was a Gliesian informant!” “ I never was told, according to the alliance we created” I replied, only to receive a hard slap across the face, it numbed my right cheek momentarily then I heard an explosion on the deck above.

“ I’ll help get you out of here!” Trintus feverishly told me, as he disengaged the plasma cuffs used to detain me, & we attempted our escape. “Who’s found my cruiser?” “Don’t know, but they say she’s real good at that kind of stuff.” “Let’s find th” trintus pulled me back from the corner. “Half of your crew, if not all of them, are dead by now, that’s what the explosive charge we heard go off a few minutes ago, was for.” “I can issue a code-T destruct sequence” “I’ll try to hold them off long enough for the program to upload into your fighter”.

“Computer, this’s Admiral Alex, Initiate destruct sequence T.”  I typed into the cruisers computer interface, the holographic screen displayed a timer, below it, in bold red letters, and I read:

  •  Protective system engaged
  •  Power core  disengaged from amplifier
  •  System energy is exponentially increasing to critical levels in 4 hours

 We wasted no time. The halls of my own cruiser were home to the Glesians that forced their way onboard my craft. We heard the gunfire from the weapons the Gliesian soldiers stole from the U.S.S Smiths Armory. Fear lingered in the air since we both realized the result of capture, and , believe me it was enough to motivate both of us. “C’mon, there’s not enough time!” Trintus exclaimed to me, as we snuck through the cruisers service shafts. My vessel also connected with numerous service shafts, allowing our escape to my fighter to occur without being caught or noticed by the Glesians. “We’re here, now what?” Trintus whispered, “Get in “I remarked, and he didn’t hesitate to get in the cockpit with me. I piloted the fighter out of that hanger, and hoped we were not detected as we flew away from the hanger and cruiser.

“Have you searched its memory banks for any useful Intel we can use?” The General told his code-breaking specialist. “Nothing, I mean this vessel’s locked up pretty tight.” “This isn’t a sentinel based vessel, is it?” “No, why would that?” The general only pointed at the timer on the screen. “He’s going to detonate its power core, it will be an easy thing to stop since I know the over-ride code” The specialist remarked, and then feverishly typed the code into the dialog box. “Sequence terminated, full system functions restored to operation,” The computer informed the men. “Who exactly is this person?” “You missed the briefing we did” the General explained, giving him the file he held.

“He’s our most advanced subject of study, they’ve evolved to a level, we’re not even remotely capable of” The specialist continued to access the numerous files in my cruisers memory bank, “He needs to be captured for experimental reasons.” Suddenly, after the general left the specialist alone on the bridge, he noticed a message on the pilots’ control panel. Curious, he walked over and sat down in the seat. The message, which was still displayed, was an alert. “Notify the rest of our fleet, we’ve got to move to the offensive.”

“Attention,” The specialist commented over his watch’s uplink to his cruiser, “All vessels commence search and capture protocol” “Roger that, commencing activation” The cruisers lut. Replied. “Let’s leave this cruiser, it’ll serve as great evidence to lead us to his fleet,” The General told the specialist before they were beamed onboard their own vessel. “Should we be concerned about any type of resistance Force?” His commander inquired, once they arrived onboard their cruiser. “No, have you detected any kind of a signature, pulse, anything?” “Nope, not so far.” Now, they really had no idea about the confrontation they were about to enter.


“If we want an effective resistance to any attack, we’ll have to start off on Dolthmar. We’ve been there, so we can use the terrain to our advantage.” “But, they may have tracked us therefore we may be taking a lethal risk” My Commander remarked, we all met in the War Room on deck 13, room WR58. “Look, they haven’t found us” I commented, and activated the holographic display of Dolthmar. “We can easily win if the planetary defense grid is engaged before the Gliesian vessels land.” “ No, they’re way too strong right now” My lutienant remarked, accessing the planetary defense network, most of the planets slowly turned a Deep red, “ They’re systematically searching these planets for something and it’s a aggressive type of search.” I knew if it got to an incontrollable point we’d have to attack gliesis-581D.

“Sir, I’m detecting gliesian vessels on the surface of Dolthmar!” Aiden replied, and I rushed up to the bridge. 15 minutes later, we began our descent.  My cruiser, like an eagle swooping down to capture its meal, caught the Gliesian invasion force by complete surprise. “Deploying plasma mines,” My vessels’ computer remarked, after we landed on the grassy field. My ground troops deployed, entering the battle.

“Target all of their supply vessels,” I ordered my weapons specialist. “Targets locked, and system is firing.” The vibe cannon caused all of the six supply vessels to lose power to their thrusters, resulting in a massive crash-landing.

The explosive force of the vessels lighted up the sky, then, the glesians launched a bomb run on the nearby research complexes as well as the numerous towns and cities. The planetary defense grid fell to ruins as its power sources were destroyed. Massive casualties occurred as we engaged with the hostile intrusion, we knew it would only last only four days. I had seven carriers on the ground and attacking the massive wave of glesian transports, which to our surprise, were placed under the command of the infamous Trilan.

Trilan was THE most wanted Admiral, a thick and glorified record of victories was his during service in my fleet. As those years progressed, he began a covert mission to capture several research bases, killing most of the personnel, capturing those who he did not kill. His extreme superiority aided the formation of his well-trained crew. The one thing he resented was the day I put an end to his ways, and forced him to flee.

“Trilan, I’m detecting the presence of the U.S.S Smith, proceed to target for dematerialization” his weapon operator, a sentinel, remarked, and targeted my vessel. “Hey, Stop!” Trilan yelled, shocking the sentinel. “Leave him for me, he’s mine to deal with,” he ordered, “Sir, we need to mobilize our troops” His lutienant remarked, but trilan had a devious scheme. “Call for a retreat, the Glesians have no further usage.” “What you’re thinking of doing is totally unnecessary! we, your crew, refuse to grant you access to their planets cryo-bunkers!” “Do you know what happens to my opponents?” the frightened crewmember nervously gulped, as he looked into trilans’ cold stare. “They are released from my command, only to be hunted down and terminated.” He responded coldly, and then a grin overcame his serious look. The entire crew got into numerous craft and fled from trilans’ cruiser, while at the same time, we won the battle of Dolthmar. Once Trilan located the zone he was searching for, he opened fire on Glesis-581D. The planetary defense chart was displayed to the planetary defense admiral.

“Attention, we’re receiving strong energy reading from Dolthmar! Planetary evacuation must commence!” The Planetary Admiral told the council of 5 over an emergency hologram message. “Evacuation is not necessary, all defense systems aren’t active” The 2nd council member remarked, as he entered the 56 digit code into the holographic panel. “Project Scythe has now activated” The computer remarked via the council chambers’ speakers in the dome roof.  A Massive orbital cannon began to power up its thrusters, positioning its self for a lock on Trilans’ cruiser. “Commence pulse discharge.”  The 5th council member ordered, and then they fled to their vessel and left.

Trilan received the report from the team sent to take over my cruiser. “Not usable?!! How can you say,” Then a sickly grin creped across his face as a different target came to mind. “Tell my scout teams to bring Alex to me alive, not dead.” “And why would you want him? I mean, you forced us to terminate our alliance with Alex!” The Glesian leader retorted angrily, “Get me Alex or I will attack your fleet.” Reluctantly, the commander left Trilans’ presence. He thought about the truce he made, to never betray my fleet, or myself as he walked to the hanger where his fighter was held.

His own men saw him walk past in a rapid manner, yet weren’t told about his assassin mission. “Computer, status report on fighters hand combats weapons” He demanded once he got in the fighters cockpit. His sleek, delta-wing silver fighter piloted to the hangers launch pad, then it blasted toward its pre-determined destination. In its cockpit sat my closest friend, assigned to kill. The flight was long, until, 24 days later; he arrived in visual range of the USS Smith.

“There’s a inbound fighter, advise precautionary countermeasures.” “Aiden, are you sure it’s Glesian?” “Yes, and I know they’re our allies now, but it’s just been dispatched from trialn’s cruiser.  I’d go nowhere close to this craft.” “Look, it won’t he do anything, he’s probably coming to negotiate a peace agreement.” I told Aiden before I walked down to the hanger where the fighter landed. Upon my approach, the craft appeared to be empty. As I turned to leave, 2 big, strong hands pulled me in to the cockpit of the fighter. “ALL PERSONELL, REPORT TO HANGER 5, OUR ADMIRAL HAS BEEN CAPTURED; I REPEAT THIS IS A CODE RED ALERT.” Aiden announced via the ship-wide intercom. Soldiers immediately ran down to the location, but arrived just as the fighter took off and was out of range.

“Trilan needs you for something” a familiar voice remarked, once I awoke in the 2nd cockpit seat. “When’s the last time you worked with Trilan?” “I’m not doing it willingly.” “Then, tell him that” I remarked, but I realized who it was. “Trilan intends to do something unthinkable; luckily your crew will go into protective protocol until you’re returned.” “So, what exactly where you sent for?” “To kill you” after I heard that response I didn’t speak a word during the whole flight. A sharp pain now raced through my entire body, thus I was in a deep sleep.

Upon awakening, I found myself onboard Trialn’s cruiser strapped to a table. The dim lighting made it hard to see until Trilan entered the laboratory, he was followed by a medic and a scientist in a white lab coat. In his left hand, he carried a syringe and vial. “Do you know about mind control?”” Yes, I do.” “Well, this serum you’ll be injected with will cause you to be so violently ill, you’ll have to stop this war.” Trilan turned to the scientist and nodded. The syringe was placed into a vein, and the serum entered my blood. “Good, infusion was successful, beam him to his ship.” He instructed the Glesian commander.

3 seconds later, I was propped up on the wall outside the armory. “I’ve found him” A Soldier reported to my vessels’ bridge, “Along with a pool of vomit, and blood.” When Aiden received this report, immediately he sent a team of medics to my location. “According to his protocol, we’ll have to inform Trintus of Alex’s condition” One of the medics told Aiden, who also arrived at the location. “Trintus won’t like this news at all”.

Meanwhile, Trintus and a small group of some of his top soldiers were closing in on one

Or Trilans complexes. “Sir, I’ve received an urgent report from the USS Smith” The communications specialist informed Trintus. “I’m trying’ to take this shot, don’t bother me unless some ones dying.” “I’m afraid your presence is requested immediately.” Reluctantly, trintus put the sniper rifle down on the hill side, and boarded the shuttle craft that was sent. On the way to the USS Smith, he looked out one of its windows, and saw the violence below. Explosions sent fire clouds blazing into the air like tall, fiery beats that devoured their prey. The flash of pulse rifle fire could be seen being exchanged by both armies. Trintus wasn’t told about my condition, even though he kept persisting on knowing.

“We’re here” The 3rd commander told him, as the shuttle landed in hanger 2. They ran to sickbay where I was beginning testing. “What’s going on?” “Alex was found in a pool of vomit and blood at 1400 hours yesterday. We have reason to suspect Trilan did something to him, but we’re not sure.” Minter, One of my top Generals explained. “Trilan has always hated Alex ever since he heard of orions defeat. Luckily, you found him just in time, however, you don’t have the antidote” Trilan replied to minter, “Trilan injected a serum into Alex’s body that will definitely weaken him to the point you have to surrender. I, however, have knowledge of where to find the plant that will generate the antidote.” “And exactly where?” “The wastelands, on Cantina 5” Minter knew going onto that planet was never done.

“I’m sure there’s another way” “It’s our only way to correct this and Defeat Trilan.” Minter agreed to this statement. “Fine, you’ll have to take Alex with you on the mission. We’re able to suppress the serum as long as he’s injected with this Nano-med cartridge.” Trintus was shown how to load and operate the cartridges dispenser. “I think can make this work. Is he fit for combat action?” “Absolutely he is not allowed for combat duty.” “Alright, chill down” Trintus remarked, before leaving to transmit his new plans to his crew. His crew beamed trintus and I onboard his cruiser, then we headed to the coordinates. 

“ I’ve ran a scan of that area, and these will also take us to the location of a ancient seinient cruiser.” This gave trinitus an ideal; “How hard can we press our cruiser?” “I’d say we’d arrive at that location if we switched on the jumpdrive modulator.” “ Do it,yet set it  with no restrictions.” “ But we’ll run the risk of breachin’ our cores.” “ Then find a way to get us there while he’s still alive.” After trintus left, the crewman he had talked to went to the main power core. “ Luckily,” A voice told him  through his neural implants ,as he made his way to the core, “ You’ll have access to the powercores safe guards. Shut those off  after they arrive at the planet.” “Agreed, my lord” The crewman responded, then they maintained radio silence.

Meanwhile,Trintus had just entered the bridge, when a massive shockwave rocked the entire cruiser in such a violent manner, all emergency systems were only 56%  operational. “ Someone’s routing a massive energy surge at our cores!” “ What?!” Trintus viewed the security cameras footage,then realized their cruiser was sabatoged by a intruder. “Get off this cruiser now.” “But he’ll breach the cores if all of us go!” “ That’s why I’m taking Alex to that damaged sentiant cruiser that’s been located.” “ But your crew and I? We’ll be captured.” But,trintus left the bridge in silence. All around us the cruisers electrical components flickered on and off, sparks would occasionally shoot down out of the ceiling thus some hallways were impassable. We did successfully manage to board a shuttle craft and flee from the disabled cruiser.

 The planet that this cruiser wreckage was located on was a part of Haluxs’ empire. It was kept secret until Turner discovered its existance while he conquered that planet. As a direct result, he also found logs that Halux had developed a prototype cannon and had tested it on its own inhabitants. Its surface was almost identical to that of Earths. Massive,blue oceans spanned the great distances that its multiple land masses didn’t cover, it was such a soothing and peaceful sight for me to look at.

Our descent came to its end 3 hours later. “Please activate the cruisers own transport system to one of its regeneration chambers.” Trintus told its computer aloud. My bed was pushed along by a machine that appeared almost human yet it was merged with a robot. “ Regeneration will now begin,” The machine told Trintus, and led him out of the chamber. The proccess didn’t take a very long time, which was a benefit to both of us. “I feel like a new man” I proudly told trintus, as I walked out of the chamber using my own two legs. “File access codes accepted,” The droid commented, then we followed it to the ships engineering deck. As we both walked down to this deck, we noticed that the cruisers onboard systems were still in pretty good shape. “ Would it be possible to repair this vessel for combat action?” I asked the droid,expecting a reply. “ Any attempt to repair this vessel will lead to that individuals destruction.” The droid replied back to me. This was the chief reason, I suddenly attacked the droid in such a savage manner. “ Engaging protective action protocol” I heard it replied, and aimed one arm at me.

“Run” We heard someone say, yet we couldn’t determine where the voice was originating from. “ I’ll hold these droids down.” I was about to inquire this stranger, yet Trintus urged me to follow him back to our shuttle.As we made our return, we had to combat numerous droids that tried to eliminate us. We managed to make it onboard the shuttle, and escape from the cruiser. At first, we thought we were clear of danger, until the shuttles sensors detected the increasing power levels of that cruisers cores. “ This’s Trintus, We need some heavy fire-power!”  We soon discovered that our communications systems were jammed. Once we had safley returned to our cruiser, we conviened a top secret council in one of his cruisers 3 confrence rooms. “ We’ve just found out what’s inside that wreckage.”  The presentation,however, was already controlled by Trintus’s Lutienant commander. “ Please inform our security team that we have a delta class security breach.” “ Any special orders?” The voice replied over the rooms intercom. “ Kiil the two individuals identified as traitors.” The lutienant commander replied to the 2 driods. Once we heard them coming down the hall way, I led trintus to my fighter, thus we had escaped for the time being undetected by the cruisers sensors.

We encountered Turner on What remained of a warring Saratona. Turner had been taking a temporary residence in a antique farmhouse located in the most remote location on that planet. It was surrounded by the thickest grove of tall,thick trunked pine trees. As we had descended, we were very vigialant of any vessel that approached us in our direction. Luckily, we lanaded a few miles west of turners cottage unseen. “ C’mon, we’ll walk the rest of the way” Trintus told me. That particular night, a Violent wind storm had begun as we neared Turners cottage. The trees were almost halfway bent over by the howling winds that became almost exccessivley powerful. The groans and moans of all those trees ,however didn’t mask the distinct sound of something gaining entry into Turners cottage follwed by Truners muffled screams of pain. Upon hearing this, we ran over to the cottage, with some difficulty, Unfortanetly we arrived to late. Turner was nowhere to be found , not even in the underground bunker he had added onto the cottage a few years back. Upon entering the house, We heard the most bone-chilling,gutwrenching laugh come from within the darkness of Turners underground shellter, we saw that the doors, which were sealed shut had been cut open with a fusion cutter. Suddenly, we were temporarly knocked out for a few seconds by something that had fled from the underground shelter. I gazed out ,and saw the figure of the creature that had forced its way into the house. Its otuline revealed that ,what ever it was, it we’d better stop it. As a result, we left the cottage and began to hunt down the creature that fled from us, as well as rescue Turner.

© Copyright 2018 Alexander Tkacik. All rights reserved.

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