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what is love is basically describing love from someone's point of view because love has so many different meaning i wrote this one to share my point of view of what love is

Submitted: February 09, 2017

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Submitted: February 09, 2017



A girl asked me one day what is love, how do we know what look like or what does it taste like or what does it smell like or who can fall in love, before I can answer she held my hand and ask me softly does love hurt? Her final question was why do people fall in love? I looked at her at first questioned why asked but I had to give her an answer. Love  has no definition love has no gender love has many meaning love is  basically seeing the bad the good in a person and accepting them for who they are love is someone fighting for you love is someone always dyeing  to see you love is showing all emotions even if you may look stupid love is just laying next that person and  forgetting about everything else love is holding a person in your arms and never wanting to let go love is wanting to the best for a person love is proving to a person how much you yes in love we do anything for that person not because we have to but because we want to love is not about sex it more than that when two people are in love they don’t have sex they make love their bodies come together  and for a moment you look each other in the eyes and you smile you laugh u just tell each other how you feel and then for a moment you wrap your arms around that person and realize how lucky your life is you cannot love a person in a day or a week it takes years to love a person and  love is not just something you get rid of it part of you a memory that can never fade love is what keeps us going you can have love in family you can love in friends love is all around and it is a part of who we are to love someone is the best feeling in the world each time you see that person you always get butterflies and you always feel all weird inside the words so hard to find if you love someone you never care what their past looks like who slept with before or the mistake the make your eyes there perfectly imperfect and that love .

Love is simply saying you would take a bullet for a person and .literally know you would do it love is like feeling pain when the person you love  hurt you if hurts it matters love looks like two people who are broken and fucked up but when they come together make a good team love is look like two lovers who have  been secretly crazy about each other for years then decide to come together love is about opening up to a person love is about being scared to let go being scared to take a risk but you do it anyways love looks like when you tell a person you love them and know that they don’t love you back but you still risk it all love looks like two people that need each other  that can feel when each other is broken or something is wrong love look like I’ll never make you feel down I never want to be away from you I never want time alone I never want to see you cry and  if anyone hurts you they hurt me you love look like her putting on a towel and a vest and still look like a queen because you fell in ln love with her  and not her body love looks like ifwe can just cuddle all day not worry about tomorrow  love can be taste by a simple kiss a simple hug we don’t choose who we fall in love with it just happens we can’t fight it we just have to  live with it love smells like the person no matter where u go all smell is them it creepy but it happens.

Anyone can fall in love at any time I doesn’t matter the gender or the age anyone can fall in love even the weak can fall in love because love is for everyone love doesn’t have a distinct person even animals fall in love so love is not just for people it’s for everyone, love can hurt sometimes people do things and make love seem bad but what hurt is love a person who love you back what hurts is knowing the person you are in love with loves someone else love hurts when you give person a bunch of love but the person doesn’t love you as much one person always love harder than the other and that hurt love hurt when  you love a person but too scared to say anything because you don’t want to get hurt love can hurt but after you get hurt there is always someone else that loves you enough to try to fix that  love is not a bad thing we just give it a bad meaning.

There is never reason why people fall in love there is never an answer we can’t help who we fall in love with and why we  fall in love with them many times we fall in love with the wrong person and get scared to move on to the next but you can’t be scared because life is hurt people come and go and you can’t put your heart on a rock for someone who won’t even cross a puddle for you someone who doesn’t even make you feel as if your worth don’t waste your time on a person can’t even open up to we never know what love is or hoe happens but when it hits you it hits you , you have choice to break the persons heart chase after them and risk it all pain apart of life it is who we are and yes a person can be scared of losing someone it means they care and if they can say or you can see it in the things they do no one knows for sure what and why we have to fall in love but that how it is love is love and love is for everyone no matter how broken you are .

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