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Status: Finished

Genre: Literary Fiction



When Doctor Michael Barnes agrees to be the interim Director of a fertility clinic, he could not foresee attempted murder, accomplished murder, black market billions, a mysterious organization, all having their beginnings with the sperm donated in his Clinic.
Adjustments must be made.
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When Doctor Michael Barnes agrees to be the interim Director of a fertility clinic, he could not foresee attempted murder, accomplished murder, black market billions, a mysterious organization, all having their beginnings with the sperm donated in his Clinic.
Adjustments must be made.

Chapter47 (v.1) - DISRUPTION

Author Chapter Note

Max Wales cobbles his own destruction. Riddick is summoned. Tony Wales is about to meet his undoing at the hands of Fiona Barnes.
A mole goes to ground.
And Electra, with Tom, continue their improbable advance on the truth.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 09, 2017

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 09, 2017




A Serial

Nicholas Cochran

Chapter Forty-Seven


When the Kosovo brothers were unable to reach Max, there orders were to call Riddick Malcolm. They did. Malcolm called the boss.

“The brothers think they were tipped off. Now Max isn’t answering. I think he’s the one who warned them. Setting up your son can’t be all that easy, I know, but you tell me that this was a direct order from you. I think Max has defied you. He may very well be joining them. What the hell is it? Is there something we don’t know?”

Through the scraping screeches, “I think Max found out something, didn’t tell you or me and then tipped off or assisted his son and June to accomplish their mission.” The staticy screech continued without an accompaniying voice.

“I’ll get the brothers to take out Max if you want.” The full scratching sounds of the voice-altering device continued.


“I think you and I should meet. Things need immediate adjusting. Remedies. We need to go over this in detail, Riddick. We need to plan and punch back. I feel a threat. And with the business doing so well . . . I must talk with you.”

“Think that’s wise, boss? I’ll need a good cover to get there. Maybe it would be better if you came here. As you know, I am secure—super secure."

“Yes I know Riddick, but I feel much more comfortable here. Also, we can get things done with the brothers’ . . . shall we say—eliminations—far easier from here.

"I have total communications with everyone in the organization as well as all moles, foreign facilitators, and a few people in Washington. Be here this afternoon. Three. Thank you Riddick. Do not worry. You and I can get this sorted out. Again. It’s so aggravating; just when everything at the Clinic is going well. Doctor Brand has fallen into line. Our mole there is first on the list of the brothers but that can wait. I need some bloody results. Immediately. Have Bart and Andrew standing by.”

“Christ, boss. You’re not going to, well, you know, tell them, are you?”

“Of course not. I just want them available. We may have to supplement the brothers with our homegrown resources. Three. Goodbye.”

Cool, clear, silence gently draped itself around Riddick’s burning ears.

He pursed his lips while he thought.

Food and drink

Malcolm breathed evenly as his mental machinery warmed. He took his time getting his synapses fired up. Over the past decades, he planned for such an event: the gradual disintegration of the organization. He always imagined that the breakdown would occur with more noise; thunder and screaming; roars.

Nevertheless, he had to face the fact that just as time and tide wait for no man, the total collapse of a billion dollar business could occur in the space of two hours on a sunny afternoon in August. He smiled a wry smile to himself when he realized that the month was indeed August.

However, Riddick Malcolm thrived in crises.

Despite the appearance to others as being a man with a short fuse and a shorter list of remedies for breaches in the walls of the organization, Riddick Malcolm possessed an alarming sang froid when the right moment required his full attention.

He called Max Wales once more. Max did not answer. Malcolm convinced himself at that moment that Maxwell Wales was facing death. Malcolm called the Kosovo brothers and instructed them to get Wales in their sights and wait for his command. 

Malcolmknew the brothers had a full dance card but he thought that they could do a better job than anyone in the families could because the brothers lacked any feeling for the Wales family. 

Homegrown killers obviously did. 

He cursed Maxwell Wales, not loudly but deeply.


“From here, as I said, I’m around the tree and up to that outer hedge. It’s high enough and if I duck walk, even if there is any security patrol—or even anyone looking out a third or fourth storey window---the angle and the hedge should hide me; should hide you too, dear,” whispered Electra.

Tom nodded. He began to get into the spirit of their mission. He remained cool, confident, and poised for a burst of speed or a blur of fists upon any enemy.

Electra once more seemed to vanish into the shades of several trees and bushes, then into a section of the hedge that girdled the estate.

Tom watched her, marveling at the way in which she appeared to meld into the deep greens, and, because she was wearing all black, only a faint glow from her bronzed face created a break in the solid blackish green of the entire street.

Tom, on his toes, with gigantic strides nestled beside her in seconds, where he crouched so low that Electra paused for a moment, disbelieving that a man of his size could shrink himself into an insignificant object, all in black, hidden in the olive murk of the hedge.

*  *  *

The Clinic mole suggested meeting the Kosovo brothers in Doug’s office, three levels below the side door where they entered. 

The bothers plan was to receive information regarding all the other hits on their list, something the brothers believed the mole knew.

“I’ve been fascinated with cryogenics all my life," Argon told Werner as they were walking down the three flights of stairs to the subterranean fountainhead of the organization’s product, “I like the idea of being frozen when you die. Some good guys will be around to talk to, like Ted Williams."

Werner was the practical one of the two brothers and replied in character. 
“Oh, for Christ’s sake, shut up. We’re working. Dream when we get home.”

Argon said nothing. After a few more stairs, Argon spoke again.

“But that’s a new way that Putin gets rid of people. Man, he is inventive: radioactivity, liquid nitrogen, fake heart attacks. He’s a master.”

“Well, he was a goddamned KGB officer for Christ’s sake; they learn all that shit. It’s been their hobby since Beria.”

“Just one more flight.” said the mole. They silently descended the sixteen steps, opened the door, and walked the ten yards toDoug’s office.

Werner had to take a leak but decided to do their business first. 

He grabbed the mole from behind and applied all his strength to render the mole unconscious. His brother took the legs and they carried the mole to a terminal feeding one of the cryogenic containers. 

With a deft movement, Werner unhitched the connection and rammed the end of the tube into the mole’s mouth.

The mole was dead in less than five seconds from asphyxiation. Argon dropped the mole and quickly replaced the disconnected tube to the machine, whose alarm had stopped after five seconds. 


Four floors up, Doug’s phone vibrated and sang as he withdrew it from his pant’s pocket. He placed his Opus One very carefully on the paper Michael had placed over his cherry wood desk. All about him were laughing and chattering groups enjoying the food as well as a perfect wine.

By the time he extracted his phone, the vibration as well as the alarm ring stopped. He waited a moment and then, with a Doug shrug, he picked up his wine, grabbed a piece of banana walnut bread, and turned to chew and swallow into the face of Gordon Johnson, JD—who had left the side of his new love, Elizabeth Gray, to catch up on all new developments that Doctor Brand and Doug were finding every day to tweak the quality of sperm to an even higher potency.


The brothers dragged the mole into Doug’s office. They needed all the time they could find to escape and proceed with the next name on the list. Having whoever found the mole trying to figure out the cause of death would occupy even the cops; possibly a doctor or two before anyone guessed that it was murder.

They banged the mole’s head hard into the edge of Doug’s metal desk, removed a shoe, and both quickly and expertly arranged a slip and fall scene of some artistry.


It was some time before I noticed that the mole was no longer a member of our party. I gave no significance to that fact until later.

At the moment, I, along with everyone else assembled, probably fifteen of us or so, were clapping and cheering Nurse Jackson’s announcement that she was to marry a Spanish Grandee in Grenada, honeymoon in the Himalayas, and return to live inMadrid. 

While her wealthy husband worked all day with several assistants to give away the billions which his family acquired through the sale of a novel biopsy procedure, along with a number of medical apparrati, she would continue her nursing while acting as a medical link to the family’s inventions.

She had never looked lovelier.

I remembered my thought that some young man would be extraordinarily fortunate to have Nurse Jackson as his companion through life. From everything she told us, she had truly found that certain man.

* *  *

Tony Wales eased back out of the family huddle with his concluding summation.

“So; that’s it. That’s all. Tarquin and June were the finders, as it were, and often the ambassadors of good will to discover and cultivate new clients. They also delivered the product and handled any complaints.

“I had gotten along with Tarquin since we were kids. He chose to remember that golden time of our youth and have me be the major recipient of all the insider information he could gather as well as getting me accepted on all the stock exchanges in the world.

"I’m still not really sure why he favored me so much, but I was always a straight shooter with him, and, apparently, the rest of his family---except for Electra and Emily---were often a bit loose with the truth.

“I can never remember Tarquin lying to me—or even trying to influence me with either nonsense or some appeal to family solidarity. He has always appreciated the fact that I decided in our youths that we would try not to lie or manipulate anyone, especially family and, particularly Tarquin. So now, you,” nodding to his mother and father, “are the owners of shares of stock as well as shares in property, mines, and startups all over the world.

"The only thing I should warn you about is that a great number of my transactions on our behalves were accomplished with insider information.That particular practice is not frowned upon in several countries in the world; in fact, some expect it; like a holdover of the tribal or all in the family sort of thing.” breathing in deeply and smiling as he reached for his glass.

I certainly understood the wealth of my Uncle and Aunt after Tony’s explanation.

 I looked to Fiona. She—very clearly—was not convinced byTony’s recitation of the list of things he did to accumulate billions.

“Tell me, Tony,” she began, “how does a lot of stock and some mining properties add up to several billions—for you, and several more for your family as well as Christian and Melinda—and, I imagine, for Tarquin and June? Have I missed something?”

A look of incipient terror began to ease across Tony’s handsome face.

End of Chapter Forty Seven 

© Copyright 2017 Nicholas Cochran. All rights reserved.


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