The Mess.

The Mess.

Status: In Progress

Genre: Fan Fiction



Status: In Progress

Genre: Fan Fiction



This is my friend's writing . Let me know if she should write more. I love this story so far.
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This is my friend's writing . Let me know if she should write more. I love this story so far.

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There not rlly chapters it just changes povs alot.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 09, 2017

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 09, 2017



Why can’t my life be… I don’t know a little bit NORMAL?! Okay, let’s rewind a little bit to yesterday. I was out with my girlfriend holding hands walking down the street. Normal right?Holding Hands, Couple, Man, ...


 Well, it was the dead of Winter. I love Winter, Ava on the other hand hates it. She gets cold way too easily to live in Forks, Washington. I was Native American. My tan skin stood out from all the pale faces here. My hair was dark and long. Well, all of that changed…


I am sixteen. The legend of my tribe is wolves. We were shape shifters. We turned into wolves. Of course I didn’t believe it. I mean, who would? The clinically insane. Ava and I were walking down the dark road. He shivering form close to my warm body.  “Alright. Do you want to come in with me? Or I can just run in if you want to stay out here.” I say. “Um. I’ll stay out here. Hurry back.” she says. I start walking towards the coffee shop. “Two sugars!” she calls. “I know what to do!” I call back to her, not turning around. I walk into the coffee shop and order our drinks. “AHHH! MASON!” I hear Ava scream. I drop our drinks and run outside to see a guy pinning her to the brick wall behind her. I saw the glint of a knife pulled out. “Hey, hey, hey buddy. Let’s talk about this. Okay? Let’s just put the knife down, okay? Come on, nobody gets hurt.” I say putting my hand up in a careful manner. I hear Ava sobbing. The guy looks back to Ava and jabs the knife into her stomach, running off. “No!” I run and catch Ava just as her head was about to hit the ground. “Someone call an ambulance!” I shout to the crowd that had now formed around us. “Come on, Ava. Stay awake. Please, for me?” I say softly. Ava opens her eyes and looks at me. “H-hey.” she stutters. “Hey, come on just a little longer. OKay? Help is on it’s way.” I say as I hear the sirens. “Excuse me sir. We need you to step back.” the paramedic says. “What?! No! Thats my girlfriend! She needs me!” I shout as I was getting pushed back. I see Ava getting strapped to a gurney. “Sir, you can ride with us. Keep her awake.” a paramedic says. I climb into the ambulance and Ava’s eyes stay on mine. “Hey babe. Remember that time we went cliff diving?” I ask, bring up my best memory of us. “Yeah, thats where you kissed me for the first time.” she says tiredly. “Yeah. Our first kiss was there. And then we stayed until late that night. We were watching the sunset and then teaching each other constellations.” I say. She smiles and a tear slip out of her left eye.” I love you Macey.” she whispers, using my nickname. “I love you too Ava. I love you so much.” I say, starting to break down.


 After that everything was a blur. We arrived at the hospital and she is taken to a room. I couldn’t go in. “Sir, you’re going to have to wait in the waiting room.” the nurse says. I sigh, tears still streaming down my face. I walk to the waiting room and sit down waiting for hours.


 I saw a nurse walking my way. I stand hoping that she is okay. “Your girlfriend is okay. Dodged a bullet there. You can see her, she’s awake.” I nod thanking her and run to Ava’s room. I see her laying there. Her shirt was bloody and her gray eyes looked dull. “Hey sunshine. How you feeling?” I ask sitting in the chair next to the bed. She chuckles a bit and nods. “I’ve been better. But I’m tough.” Ava says. I smile “That you are.” I say gently grabbing her hand and intertwining our fingers together. “I love you Macey.” she whispers. “I love you more, sunshine.” She smiles and sits up, wincing. “Hey, slow down killer. You gotta take it easy. You just got stabbed.” I say. Ava’s face suddenly falls. “Next week…” she mumbles. “Next week? What about next week?” I ask. She looks at me and I suddenly remember. She has championship’s next week. “Well, if you take it easy you can most likely play.” I say. “When can you leave?” I ask her. “Tomorrow night.” she says. I nod. “Excuse me, sir? Visiting hours are over. We open again at 8:00 am.” a nurse says, popping her head in. “Please? Let me stay. She doesn’t have anyone else.” I say, desperation in my voice. “I’m sorry sir. You have to leave.” she says. I sigh and stand up. I lean down and kiss Ava’s forehead. “I love you, sleep tight. I’ll be here early tomorrow morning.” I whisper to her. “She looks up at me, her grey eyes beautiful. “I love you too.” she says as I walk out the door.


 I was mad. I don’t exactly know why. Just everything was too much. The nurse wouldn’t let me stay. She got hurt. I couldn’t protect her. I feel my blood start to boil. I start running and then….morphed. What? What is going on?! I look down and see that I had paws. Am I a...wolf? The legends are true. I need to get an answer.


I run to my house. In wolf form.  I concentrated on forming back to normal but when I did I was naked. I climbed through my bedroom window and put clothes on. I walk out into the front room and stand there glaring at my dad.  “How long have you known?” I ask him. “Known what?” he asks. I glare down at him, him in his wheelchair. “I suggest you not make me mad. I just cooled off. So I'm gonna ask you again. How long have you known?” I ask. “Ah, so you changed. I’ve known your whole life.” dad says.  “And why exactly did you not tell me this?” I ask him. “You wouldn’t of believed me.” he says. “Well, what am I going to say to Ava? Hmh? I mean she’s already in the hospital.” I say pacing. “Wait, backup. She’s in the hospital?” my dad asks. I nod. “What happened?” he asks. “Do you want me to wolf out again? I’d rather not talk about it.” I say, angry. “Look, Mason. You can’t be around her until you learn to control yourself.” dad says. “I..can’t see Ava?” I ask. He shakes his head no and I run outside into the cold harsh Winter. “I’m a monster.” I mumble. And now because of the curse I might hurt her. Tears start to make their way down my face. “Just know that I love you, Ava.”


 So now here we are, three days later. I met my pack. Turns out it was the guys I was afraid of. I would always vent to Ava about them. The pack was Sam, Jared (my old good friend), Paul, Brady, Collin, and Quil. Sam was really bossy and it always made me mad. I'm the great grandson of the chief that formed our tribe. I should be Alpha, not him. I haven’t called Ava. I didn't even go and visit her. I’m such a horrible boyfriend. She got out at 10:00 am today. It’s about three o’clock now. When she sees me, she’s not going to like it. My once long hair was now short. I barely wear a shirt anymore. And the worst of all, I had to get the tribe tattoo. It was covering my  entire bicep. I had also gotten noticeably bigger, due to “wolfing out”.


 I was just coming outside when I see Ava’s car pull onto the dirt pathway that we call a driveway. She gets out of the car and walks towards me, careful not to slip since it was raining.  When she reaches me she studies my new look. I look down, too nervous to reach her gray eyes. “You cut your hair? And got a tattoo?” she asks. I look up a her and she doesn’t look mad. Just worried, concern painted all over her face. “Was it Sam? Did he get to you?” Ava asks. “Sam is trying to help me.” I say strained. I don’t want to do this. “Then what happened, huh? You just tell me you’ll visit me first thing the next morning and I don't hear from you until three days later I have to come to your house.” she says, starting to get angry. “I’m sorry, but you can’t be here. Not until I say it’s okay. We can see each other Not right now at least.” I say, clenching my jaw, a few stray tears falling from my eyes. “A-Are you breaking up with me?” she whispers, sadness dripping from every syllable she said. I don’t say anything while I look at the ground I say something my voice will break. “Go before you get sick.” I say as I lean down and kiss her head softly and run off in the forest, leaving her standing there.


 I run I run and I run. I run until I come to the cliff where Ava and I share so many memories. I fall to me knees, remembering the cool nights where we would stargaze. I start to sob. Why did all of this happen to me? Why am I lucky enough to get the gene? Why does it have to affect my jlife with Ava? I continue crying until I cry my eyes dry. Even then I felt like I wanted to cry more than I already had. She was always there for me. I’ve never lied to her. She’s never lied to me. Now, I have to  lie to her to keep safe. I lie down on the grass, looking up at the dusk sky, sunset coming soon. I lie there until late at night replaying the memories of Ava and I like a movie. God, I hate this. Just remember… I love you Ava.


(Two days later Ava’s POV)

 It’s been two days since I went over to Mason’s. Why is he pushing me away? We tell each other everything. What is going on? It’s Sam. He probably found out what Sam was doing to the other guys and threatened Mason.  I grab my coat and run to my 1967 chevy impala and drive off to the rev. I arrive forty-five minutes later. I see the boys walking towards Mason’s house I run up to them and glare at Sam. “What did you do to him?” I spit. Paul laughed in my face, my anger getting the best of me I slapped him across the face. Sam put his arm in front of him, Paul’s breathes becoming labored. “Oh, she did it now.” I hear Quill say. “Run, Ava!” Sam shouts at me. I turn, right as Paul morphs into a HUGE wolf. I run as fast as my legs would carry me. I see Mason jump out his bedroom window running towards wolf Paul. “MASE, RUN!” I shout as I see Mason morph into a wolf himself. He had an amazing black coat, just like his hair and the eyes were staring into an endless green sea. He lunged at Paul and I  ran into my car and closed my eyes until the snarls and howling were over.


 I open my eyes when I hear a knock on my window. I look up to see Mason’s familiar dark hair and green eyes. I jump out of my car and hug him tightly. “Why didn’t you just tell me?” I mumble into his bare chest. “I was afraid you would leave me, I thought you would think I’m crazy. I mean, who would believe me.” I hear him gasp out. I hug him tighter and he hugs me back. “I told you not to come back but I missed you so much and you have NO idea how much I wanted to tell you.” Macey says kissing everywhere on my face. “Come on, let’s go into town.” he says gripping my hand and pulling me towards my car.


(Mason’s POV)


 I’m so glad she’s back. I drive her beautiful 1967 chevy Impala into town. The sun was just setting. I pull into the boardwalk parking lot. She loved the beach, even though she doesn’t know how to swim. It’s always too cold for her liking. We get out of the car and we walk to the end of the boardwalk with Ava until we come to the end. I press a soft kiss to her slightly chapped lips. “I love you, so damn much.” I breath out. “I love you too Macey.” she whispers back to me. I chuckle and we sit on the boardwalk watching the sunset and then the stars until early hours of the morning.


 I wake up to voices in my head. “Okay, once again, I’m NOT crazy. When my pack turns into a wolf I hear their voice in my head. It’s how we communicate in wolf form.


Dude, get out to the forest-Quill



 Great, no I have to go because Sam said so. I roll over and shake Ava awake. She stayed the night since it was too late to drive her home.


Take her home it’d be safer than her being alone-Sam


 What did he mean “safer?’

“What’s going on?” Ava asks. “Come on you have to go home.” I say, pulling her up. “Why? What's wrong?” she asks. “I don't know, I can feel it. The pack and I are meeting in the forest. I’m taking you home first.” I say, pulling her outside and into her car. I buckle her seatbelt and slam the door closed. “Hey! Watch it, just because we’re in a hurry doesn’t mean my car has to suffer. “ she scolds. “Okay, just hang on.”  I say before speeding off to her house.


 We pull into her driveway and I get out, rushing to Ava’s side, assisting her. My uneasiness has only grew. I felt like something horrible was going to happen to Ava. Ava walks into her house, her mom at work. “Okay, I need you to stay inside. Lock the doors, windows, everything. Don’t answer the phone. Don’t turn any lights on. Go upstairs and wait until I call. I'm going to ring once, hang up and call you again that's how you know it’s me.” I say sternly. “Mace, what’s going on?” she asks. “I don't know, all I know is that you're in danger.” I pause and pull her close to me, placing a quick kiss to her head. “Do what I say. I love you so much. I’ll be back soon.You’ll be safe again, I promise.” I say squeezing her hand slightly and stalking out the door, transforming and running into the woods.


 I meet where the pack told me to. Everybody was already waiting for me.


Whats going on?!Why is Ava in danger?-Me


Calm down, Mason. This isn’t JUST your problem.-Sam


It kind of is. She’s my mate and I’ll do anything for her. What I don’t understand is why it concerns the whole pack-me


It’s a vampire A vampire named Edward Cullen is after Ava. He wants to turn her into his wife. And you know what happens. Unless you want to get you and your precious little girlfriend  killed I suggest that you let us hunt down and kill this son of a bitch.-Sam


Where is he?-Me


You’re not going to like this but we needed to do it. We needed Ava alone so we could use her as bait The blood sucker is probably on his way there right now-Sam


YOU USED MY GIRLFRIEND AS BAIT?!?- I lunge at him HOW DARE HE. The pack tears me off.


It was the only way to zero in on him without him knowing-Sam


Then what are we still doing here?! Let’s go!-Me


We all run towards Ava’s house, arriving there in about ten minutes, with our super speed and all.

I look at the house, seeing a tall pale man on her roof, looking into her bedroom window. My blood begins to boil even more a the thought of this man, no  not a man. A heartless bloodsucker. That’s what he is. I transform back to myself and put a pair of shorts on. I call Ava, hang up and call again. “Mase? I Think someone is outside.” Ava says scared. “It’s okay. The back and I are in the forest across the stress from your house. We’re keeping an eye on the house. You need to promise not to freak out if I tell you this okay?” I ask. “Okay,” she says. “A vampire is coming to get you, he wants to make you his wife. His name is Edward Cullen and he is outside your bedroom window.” I whisper quietly. “Edward Cullen? Can  you come inside I think there is something you need to know.” she says. “Yeah, I’ll come in.”  say, getting up heading towards the house knocking on the dor and her letting me in. ‘What’s up? What's wrong?”  “Edward Cullen is my cousin.”


 I freeze. “What was that?”I ask shocked. “Edward is my cousin. He’s my mom’s brother’s son.” she says. “Oh, so you don’t know?” a voice come from behind us. I turn to see the pale bloodsuker himself.


Ava’s POV


 “Don’t know what?” I question. “Your boyfriend over hereseem to of figured it out”. “Keep out of my head.” Mase growls. “Your mom is a vampire, so am I, Carlisle, Esme, Alice, Jasper, Emmett, and Rosalie. We aren’t family, your mom promised that you and I would be married. Turning you into a vampire too.” Edward says. “No, you’re lying. If she were a vampire, I should be half vampire, but I’m not.” I say, tears welling in my eyes. “Ever wonder what happened to your dad? He cheated on your so called mom and after you were born he killed both of them, taking you in.” Edward says. “No! You’re lying! My dad died in a shoot out. He was an officer.” I say, sobbing. Mase wraps his arms around me, pushing me behind him. “You need to leave, you broke the treaty by coming here. Leave before I tell the pack and the rest of your bloodsucker friends get in even more trouble.” Mase growls, poison dripping from every syllable. He steps back, towards the window. “I’ll be back. You’re mine, Ava. And I WILL get you.” he says before disappearing. I break down sobbing.



Mason’s POV


 I wrap my arm around her crying figure. Everything she knew was a lie. She’s been growing up with a complete stranger her whole life, not to mention a murder too. “You need to stay with me for now on.” I say, picking her up bridal style and take her outside to her car. I set her in her passenger side and run over to her driver side and getting in, driving away towards the highway. “Wait, where are we going?” she asks. “I’m getting you out of town. You can’t stay in Forks.” I say, not even looking away from the road. “Wait, Jake is still here!” she exclaims, upset. Jake. Her older brother who attended the local university. “I don’t care! I’ll get you out of here and then I’ll take care of Jake.” I snap. “No! You need to turn around. He could get killed because of me.” Ava relatiates. I slam on the brakes and turn back onto our exit. I drive her home and walk in grabbing a suitcase, opening her top drawer and taking random things and putting them in her suitcase. Ava walks up the stairs and she looks at me. “You’re gonna pack. Then we are going to your brothers dorm. Tell him he needs to come with us.” I say, rushing more clothes into the suitcase.”Ready?” I ask her. She looks up at me, tears dancing in her eyes. I sigh as I pull her close to my chest. “Everything I know is a lie.” she cries into my chest. “That’s not true. I know something you know is true.” I state. “What?” She asks, looking up at me. “That I love you.”


 Ava pulls herself together quickly and she grabs her bag, running down the stairs. Me trailing close behind her. We get into the car and I drive off. I drive to her brother’s university. Ava gets out of the car, and starts walking to her brother’s dorm. It was before curfew so guys were just getting out of the shower so they had their towel hanging lowly on their waists. Ava walks fast, her gray sweater handing off her shoulder. Her fringe, covering her left eye.


Ava’s POV


 “Hey, how’s it going.” a guy says, passing me, looking up and down.  “Shut up, pig.” I scoff. I come to my brother’s door and barge in, not even knocking. “Woah! Ava! What’s up?” Jake asks, a towel around his own waist. “Pack a bag. We have to go.” I says. “Alright, just get out so I can get dressed. And your explaining whats going on. And why you’ve been crying.” Jake motions. I nod and Mason follows me out.  I lean against the door frame and I can see the worry Mason’s face, distracting him from the guys staring at me, sometimes even whistling. I keep my jaw clenched. They think they can get any girl because they’re collage guys. I was  obviously younger than them. My young figure  making me look so naive. “I’m ready.” Jake says, walking outside fully dressed and a bag slung over his shoulder. “Alright, let’s go.” Mason says, gripping my hand and leading me out of the building. “Hey hot stuff.” a guy says we pass by. Jake. pushes the guy against the wall and I could see Mason fuming.  I run to Jake’s side. “Jake, come on!” He lands a punch and gets in the man’s face. “That's my baby sister you're talking to. She’s sixteen you son of a bitch.” Jake growls. “Okay man,I didn’t know I-I’M SORRY!” the man begs. “Doesn't matter if you knew or not, you treat women with respect.” Jake says walking away angrily


 I follow him out to my car as he walks to the passenger sided. I unlock it, him letting me slide in between Jake and Mason of the bench seat. Mason drives off and when Jake cools off he speaks up. “So what's going on?” he asks. “Everything we know is a lie.”I say. “Mom isn’t our really mom. She’s a vampire who traded me to Edward for marriage. Mason is a werewolf. ‘Mom’ apparently killed my real parents.And now Edward wants to turn me to a vampire too.” I say spitting out everything. “Jake’s face was blank. Then scared, then confused, then angry.” “What?!” he shouts. I stay silent, looking at my hands. “You’re a..” “Yep.” Mason cuts off.  “Well, at least you can protect Ava.”  Jake says. I elbow him a bit and he grunts. I roll my eyes.


Jake’s POV

 “Do you want to  stop for a while? Eat something?” I ask. Mason had fallen asleep in the back seat and I was driving now. Apparently the werewolf hadn’t gotten sleep the night before so Ava made him sleep in the back. “Yeah, starving.” Ava says. It was about Midnight and the only thing open was a ‘Jack In The Box’. I order what Ava loves and she makes me get something for Mason in case he wakes up. Wee get our food and drive away, pulling onto the highway again. As soon as Ava opens the bag the smell fills the whole car.  “What’s that?”  Mason, says from the back seat, just woken up. “Hey there sunshine! Decide to join us?” I quirk. He flashes me a sarcastic smile and turns to Ava. “What’s that?” he asks again. “Food.” she says bluntly. “Here, I knew you were going to smell it and wake up so I got you something.” she says, handing him his food. “Thankyou, baby.” he says, pressing a kiss to her lips. “Argh! No! Not in front of me!” I complain/tease. Ava laughs and shakes her head. Mason seems like a good guy.



Mason’s POV


 “Hey, let me drive.” Ava says, slapping Jake’s shoulder. “No. You should get some sleep too.” Jake says. “It’s my damn car. Let me drive.” Ava snaps. Jake pulls over and Ava gets out to get  in the driver’s seat. “Oh, running are we?” a sickly sweet voice says. Edward. I swiftly jump out, pushing Ava behind me. “Oh, brought you guard dog I see.”  “Step away, Edward.” Jake’s voice speaks up. “Jake, no-” Ava was cut off when Jake sent her a glare. “ I know what I’m doing.”


Ava’s POV


 “Oh, Jake. Thank you for watching her. It’s been a great help.” Edward says. “What? What is he talking about?” I ask. “I agreed to protect her. I never once said that I would give her to you as a bride. That wasn’t the deal.” he growls. Wait. HE KNEW?! Is he even my brother? Edward stares at Jake for a moment. “We’re taking her. And you’ll be there to watch every moment of it. Both of you. We’ll drain her dry and then...she’ll drain you first. Your own ‘sister’” he says putting quotations around sister. “And then the dog.” Edward says. I can see Mason fuming. It’s too late. “Jake! Move.” I shout. Jake notices he and jumps out of the way just in time as Mason phases. I stare at his snarling wolf figure. His teeth bared, slowly walking toward Edward. Mason lunged and watch in horror as I see Edward wrap his arms around the giant wolf that is my boyfriend and squeezed, admitting a horrific sound of bones crushing. Mason whimpers and falls to the ground. “Mason!” I cry and run to his furry side. “It’s okay. It’s going to be okay. I promise.” I soothe.


Jake’s POV


 I watch as my sister soothes her boyfriend. Edward stands, perfectly fine. I tackle him, using my speed. I punch him again and again until he regains control. He slams me on the ground. “You’re still drinking animal blood.” he laughs. “I’m not a murderer.” I say. “But you're a traitor.”  he says. “I’m not. She’s my sister. I can’t do that to her. I’ve been there for her through everything. Crappy boyfriends, heartbreak, school, bullies, everything. I’m NOT giving her up.” I growl, my eyes turning dark. My fangs withdraw from mouth. “She’s not your real sister. You just alway wanted to be normal. You don’t care about her.” Edward says. “I love her.” I state, bending his head back and breaking his neck.  Take That. I walk over to Ava, wrapping my arms around her crying figure. “Hey, it’s okay. This is what I’m going to school for, remember?” I ask. She nods and I feel Mason’s ribs. “Two of his ribs are a shattered. But he heals quickly. They’re healing the wrong way. I’m going to have to re-break them. “ I say. Mason whimpers and grabs Ava’s hand tighter. An old jacket thrown over his private area. “Are you ready?”


Ava’s POV


“Are you ready.” Jake asks Mason. He nods, his eyes full of pain. He had phased back a moment after I ran to his side. “I’m so sorry. It’s going to be okay” I whisper. “AHH!” Mason

screams as Jake breaks a rib. “AH!” another one. I start crying, seeing him in this pain. “I’m so sorry.” “No...I-it’s fine. I-I’m fine.” he breathes out. His eyes closed.”Okay we’re going to have to get him in the car. Help me lift him. “No, it’s fine. Just a couple ribs.” Mason says. “NO!” Jake and I say at the same time.  Jake and I lift him into the back seat. I rest his head on my lap and Jake drives. Mason’s tan face  glistened with sweat. His black cropped hair slightly in his face. His chest move up and down only slightly. At least he’s breathing. “Ava?” I hear him say. “Yeah? Whats wrong?” I ask worried. “I’m glad you’re with me.And if that day comes where I can’t be with you anymore I want you to move on. Lead a normal life. Mary, have kids. Forget that I ever existed. “Yeah, okay…...I promise.” I say, tears falling onto my cheeks. A trace of  a smile ghosts his face. “I love you Macey.” I chuckle as he brings his hand up to brush away my tears. “I love you too, baby.” he whispers.  “Go to sleep now. I’ll be here when you wake up. I promise.” I whisper. He nods, closing his eyes and I can already tell he was already out like a light.


 “Ava.” Jake breathes out. My attention turns to him. “There is something I have to tell you.” he says. Oh god. “What is it?” I ask, fake bravery lacing every word. “Cut the act.” he says. “I’m a vampire.” he says. My heart stops. No. “W-what? B-but what about everything we’ve been through?” I ask, tears welling in my eyes. “Let me explain. When you were a baby I was told to protect you. Which I did. For about a year I did it because I was told to. But now, sixteen years later I’m here because you’re the only family I’ve ever known. I love you, A. You’re my little sister. I protect you it’s my job. I nearly killed a man because he set eyes on you.” Jake says. But, what about your thirst?” I ask. “I drink animal blood.” he says. “It’s not the best but keeps me healthy, strong and satisfied.” Jake says. “So, I’m not you blood sister?” I ask. He turns and looks at me, his eyes holding sadness. “No, I’m sorry, baby.” he says. “But, family doesn’t end with blood. You’re my family. I’m yours. I love you. And I’m sorry I lied to you for so long.” Jake says. “I love you too, Jake. I would hug you put I have a 100 pound dog on my lap. “That’s okay. Get some rest.” he says. I nod, resting my hand in Mason’s hair and resting my head against the car door as I drift off.


 I wake up when I see the subtle light shining through my window. “What time is it?” I whisper to Jake. “About six am.” he says. “Did he wake up at all?” I ask, referring to the sleeping boy on my lap. “Once, only for a short amount of time.” Jake says. It was silent for a moment until Mason wakes up. “Hey, how ya feeling?” I ask him. “I’m fine. Just sore.” he says, grunting while he sits up. I look at his bruised torso. Guess being a wolf has its perks. “How are you holding up?” Mason whispers,wrapping his arm around me. “I’m okay.” I say, looking down at my hands.


Mason’s POV


 She’s not okay. Everytime she lies she has a  kind of nervous twitch thing. She looks at her hands and brushes her nose with her index finger. “No you’re not. You’re afraid. You’re wanting to run. You’re worried.” I say,gently gripping her hand. “I’m just worried.” she says shaking her head. “Hey, it’s okay. I’m going to do whatever I can to make you safe again. I promise.” I say, squeezing her hand gently. “”It’s not me I’m worried about. It’s you. They already broke three of your ribs. I don’t want to see what else they can do.” Ava says, looking up at me. Her eyes full of fear. I stare at Ava for a moment. “Where are we?” Ava asks. “Wyoming.” Jake says. Ava nods and looks out her window at the passing pastures and cows. She leans her head on my shoulder and I rest my head on hers.I kiss the top of her head and pull her close in a quick hug. I’ll make you safe again, I don’t care if I die, it’s going to happen. Ava retrieves a book from her bag and looks up at me. “Want to read with me?’ she asks. “Sure.” I say. She opens her book and I read over her shoulder and she turns the page as we read in sync.


 Soon we were about half way done with the book. Ava closes the book, bookmarking our place and stretches. “That book is so sad.” Ava says, wiping a stray tear away.II hug her tightly. “Yeah. It is sad.” I say. Lovely Bones. A story about a twelve year old girl getting kidnaped...taken advantage of, and killed. Her ghost tries to help her dad find out who the killer was in order for her to move on and go to heaven. Jake pulls the Impala into a gas station and Ava and I sit up. “We just have to get gas. I suggest you go to the bathroom now.” Jake says. Ava and I get out of the car walking into the shady store and head to the bathrooms. I go, wash my hands and wait for Ava outside the bathroom. She comes out and I stop. “Aren’t you hungry?” I ask. “No not really.” Ava shrugs.”We’re not stopping again for awhile.” I say. “I know.” she says. “OKay, I’ll meet you in the car.” I say. :Okay.” she says, walking out.


 I grab a small vegan sandwich and a sweet tea. I also grab a hot dog for me and a water for Jake. I check out and head to the car. “You need to eat.”I say strutting to the car and handing her the sandwich. She rolls her eyes but has a smile on her face, pressing a quick kiss to my cheek. “I didn’t know what to get you, so here's a water.” I say handing Jake the water. “Thanks.” he says with a small smile and walking to the driver's seat.I get in the car, sitting next to Ava in the back.
“So where are we going exactly?” Ava asks. “A safe house in Lebanon, Kansas.” Jake says. “Okay. Quick question though, why didn’t you guys tell me you had a  SAFE HOUSE?!” I scold. “Sorry…?” Jake says unsure. “Whatever.” I laugh.


 “Turn on the radio. I’m bored!” I say. Jake leans over, turning on the radio, Green Day  playing. I smile, sitting up and rocking out to the music. “I don’t wanna be an American idiot. DOn’t wanna be a nation under the new mania. And can you hear the sound of hysteria? We’re calling out to idiot America!” I sing loudly. Jake and Mason laugh at my frenzied self singing to the 90s rock music. After the song ‘Bleeding Love’ comes on by Leona Lewis.



Mason’s POV


 The lyrics to a song comes on and Jake and Ava start singing the lyrics loudly. “And it’s draining all of me. And you find it hard to believe. I’ll be wearing these scars for everyone to see.” Ava sings the high part and I look at her shocked when Jake looks at her with a prideful look and then smirks at me.


 The song ends and everything goes back to normal but I can’t get the image out of my mind. We drive for another two hours and then we pull onto a dirt road. I look forward and see an old bunker. And then what weirded me out….a 1967 chevy Impala. “Is that…?” Ava questions. “I called some good friends. They’re going to help us.” Jake says. Jake pulls up to the bunker and parks. He knocks on the bunker door and a tall guy with blonde hair and bright green eyes answers the door. “Jake, come on in.” he says. We walk in and I see an even taller guy, maybe 6’4 walk up. “Hey, Jake.” he says. “Ava, this is Sam and Dean. Your real brothers.” Jake says.


Ava’s POV


I freeze in my tracks. “B-brothers?” I stutter. “Yeah, my aunt pulled you away from them becuase  they hunt things. Things like me and Mason.” Jake says. “We’ve been looking for you for a long time sis.” Dean says pulling me into a giant bone crushing hug. “Ow, can’t breathe.” I gasp. “Sorry.”  Dean retracts. “ “I’m Sam. I’m your second older brother. eighteen, correct?” he says, kindly, offering  his hand. “Yes.” I say taking it.


 Sam and Dean. My brothers. Hunters. Hunting things like my boyfriend and hyopethitical brother. “So this is like what, the bat cave? Or some hobbit hole?” I ask, looking around. “Dean breaks out into a smile. “I love this girl.” he says I smile. “This is a secret organization our grandfather was in. This was their hideout.” Sam says. “Well, I’ll leave you to get aquainted.” JAke says, walking down the hall, leaving Mason, Dean, and I in the same room. “Ava, last time I saw you you were a few days old. You disepered after the fire. I thought you were dead. Until Jake contacted us and said you were alive but something was after you.” Dean says. (Mary died ten years later than when she really did. So Sam would be a year 10 ½ and DEan would be 14) A“Well, where is mom and dad?” I ask, excited. Dean and Sam exchange solum looks. “Kiddo, mom died when you were a baby. There was a fire. You were a baby but a demon killed her. He was trying to do something to you. The fire started in your nursery. By the time dad got there you were gone. We think the demon had a deal with the coven of vampires. Dad made me take Sam and run. I thought you were dead… I couldn’t protect my baby sis.” he trails off there and wipes the silent tears the snuck their way down his cheeks. “And Dad. He sold his soul to keep me alive.  We got in a bad car accident and I wasn’t doing good.” Dean says. I look down, “Oh.”


 We hear the flutter of wings and I turn, jumping when I see a man, around the same age as Dean. HE has bright blue eyes and he was wearing a trenchcoat. “Are you an angel?” his gruff voice asks. I feel Mason stiffen beside me. “N-No. I’m not. Who are you?” I ask. “Oh, I am sorry. My name is Castiel, I’m an angel of the lord. It’s just...your soul. It’s so bright. So pure.” Cas says. “Thanks…?” I say confused. “You are welcome.” he says and then walks towards Dean.


 “Cas, that’s Ava. She’s our little sister. And that’s her boyfriend. He’s a werewolf.” Dean says, empasizing everything that made me not avaiable. Cas looks up, nodding at Mason. Mason just stares a glare that could kill. “Ava, this is Cas, he’s an angel. He’s kind of our ears upstairs. Tells us what’s going on.” Sam says. “Okay, by the way. What the hell are you doing having the same exact car as me?” I ask. “That’s just a freaky coincidence.” Dean says.


 It was now about eight o’clock at night and Dean was getting hangry. “Okay, I’m making burgers. Ava, you need to deat too. You look like you eat a damn leaf a day.” Dean says. “I’ll take a salad.” Sam calls. “Me too!” I call. DEan pokes his head around the corner and looks at me. “I’m vegan.” I say. He just groans. “Another one?!” Dean yells, heading to the kitchen. “Good job, sis.” Sam says, giving me a high five. I just laugh as Dean walks off talking about rabbit food.


 I walk up to Mason and wrap my arms around his waist. “Are you okay?” I whisper, looking up at him. “Yeah, of course. How are you? You just found out that you have two brothers who hunt things like me and Jake. You just found out that your mom and dad are dead. How are you?” he asks. Mason was right. He knew me like better than I know myself. “Yeah, it’s a lot. With Sam and Dean. With you and Jake, and Edward. It’s crazy. BUt I’ll adjust, just like I always do.” I say. “You’re strong. “ he says, hugging me tightly. He bends down, kissing my head and whispering “I love you.” in my ear. “I love you too.” I whisper back. Sam rolls his eyes and I playfully punch his arm and he laughs, heading in the kitchen with Dean.


 Mason and I sit on the couch and talk quietly until Dean bursts through the room with two burgers, two salads, a bag of blood. He also had three beers. “Heres your rabbit food.” he says, handing Sam and I our salads and passing the other burger to Mason. “Thanks.” he says as Dean nods. Jake comes in the room and dean tosses him the bag of blood and the beer, giving Sam and himself one too. “Do you have anything else to drink besides beer?” I ask. Dean looks over to Sam and back at me. “Ever tried one before? Either of you?” Dean asks, looking between Mason and I. “No.” I say, shaking my head. He gets up and comes back with two beers in his hand. He gives one to Mason and I. Mason and I look at each other unsure. Then we tilt back the bottle and taste the liquid.


 Mason’s face scrunches up but mine stays normal. “How did you drink that? No thanks, I’ll have water.” Mason says, heading to the kitchen. “Ah, just like her brothers.” Dean laughs and Sam joins in.  “I’m guessing early age drinking runs in the family?” I ask. “Damn straight.” Sam laughs.  Mason comes back and sits beside me as Dean, Sam, Jake, Mason and I talk unil last night.



Mason’s POV

(Around two am)


 “Alright, why don’t you get her to bed. I think she needs it.” Sam laughs. Over the course of the ten hours Sam, Dean, Jake, and I have gotten to know each other. “Yeah, I take back what I said about her being like us. She had a beer and a half, got drunk and passed out.” Dean says, laughing a bit. I force down a laugh. It was pretty funny. I couldn’t imagine if she took a shot of vodka. “Alright, I’ll take her to bed. I’m going to turn in as well. Goodnight.” I say. I gently pick Ava up and she stirs. “Goodnight.” they call as I head down the hall of the bunker towards our room.


 I open the door and look around. There was a giant horse mirral. The big bed up against the wall was covered in a horse bed set. There was a horse on her bedside table. There were countless books in four of five bookshelves. The floor was tile but there was a rug with two horses on the floor. And finally there were glow in the dark stickers on the roof. I carry Ava over to the bed and pull the covers down. Her eyes open and look up at me. “Heeeey, baby.” she giggles. “Hey. You need to go to sleep now.” I whisper. “Okay.” she sighs. She curls up next to me and under the blanket. “Goodnight. Get some rest.” I say, kissing her head.



 My eyes open and I look over seeing Ava still knocked out cold. I slip out of bed, and head to the kitchen to see Sam at the table on his laptop and Dean looking at something in a book. “Morning.” I call, walking into the kitchen. “Morning.” I hear them call back. I find some advil sitting on the counter. I open it and take two pills out and pouring a glass of water.  I walk, out, heading back to our room. I place the water and the pills on the bedside table and press a kiss to her head before walking out.


 I walk back into the main area and see Jake there. “Where were you?” I ask. “Supply run. He just got back. “ Dean says. “Oh. Anybody else starving?” I question. Dean stands and claps his hand onto my back. “Ava better marry you.” he says before walking out to get his coat. “Are we picking something something up and bringing it back or eating there?” I ask Sam. “WE’re eating there. You should proably wake my sister.” Jake laugh and I send him a glare. “Asses.” I grumble walking down the hall. I walk into our room to see an out cold Ava. I step closer. I gently shake her shoulder. “Ava. Ava, get up. We’re going out for breakfast. DEan says it helps with a hangover.” I whisper. No response. Oh boy.


 I climb onto the bed and lean over her. “Ava! Ava! Wake up!” I whisper harshly. Her eyes fluttrer open but a loud wince comes out of her mouth. “Ow, my head.” she groans. “Here, sit up. Take these.” I say, handing her the pills. She takes them and gets out of bed. “We’re going for breakfast. Everybody’s ready except you” I say. “Alright. Get out. I’ll get ready.’ she says shooing me out.


 We’ve been waiting for ten mins when she comes down the stairs. She had black skinny jeans, a black and silver belt, a red flannel and a black leather jacket. She had combat boots on. Her long blonde hair was pulled back in a french braid.  She had black eyeliner on and brown eyeshadow to make her blue eyes stand out. She looked beautiful. “Thanks for the clothes, guys.” she says, hugging Sam and Dean. “ Sam, Dean and I all exchanges worries glances. She looked too good. “Alright, before we leave we’d like to give you something. It’s one of three things you need with you if you stay with us.  “We can’t exactly get you the other two yet but here’s the first.”  Dean says, handing her a black and silver hand gun. My jaw drops and her eyes winden.


 “Dean, I-I don’t know what to say. I-I don’t know what to do.” “You’re not taking it now, Sam, Jake, and I will help you. Maybe Mason if he has a good enough shot. “For now, here is a steel pocket knife. Mason, don’t touch it. “ Dean says, handing me the knife. I stick the knife in my pocket and we walk out the door. We all get into Dean’s Impala and he revs the engine.




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