Dreamy the Very Ugly Creature

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Dreamy is very ugly and loves to play with children.

Submitted: February 10, 2017

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Submitted: February 10, 2017



Dreamy was very ugly. It was very ugly to the point it hurt people. It’s very ugly to the point you just want to tear your eyes out just to stop looking at it. It was brown and muddy and taste like soot. It likes rainbows and sunshine and often go out to play.

It played with children who haven’t quite understand ugliness yet. They played on the swings, the gazebo, the slide and other things. It walked down the street and got hit by a car and the driver didn’t bother to bring it to a hospital because it was so ugly. It’s favorite food is pizza with mushroom toppings.

One day, Dreamy was sick and it went to a hospital. At the hospital, it was put in a room and treated with medicine. Days come and go and it still doesn’t get any better. It got surgery and stitches. One day, Dreamy finally got better and it was happy. It went out and went home. Dreamy was happy and ugly. But now, people are nice to him.



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